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The Capilano Rehab Injury report – Klefbom’s last few games as an Oiler?

Alright so I’ve slept on the weird idea of Klefbom temporarily coming back for a couple days only to have more surgery and be shut down for the remainder of the year. 

There are pros and cons to this. If what Todd McLellan says is true about how there’s no possible way Klefbom can hurt it any more right now, then why wouldn’t he play? He loves the game and would obviously rather be playing than sitting in the press box or at home. There’s no point on him sitting out if he’s cleared to play, especially if he’s not hurting.

Obviously the biggest drawback to this is if a freak accident occurs and Klefbom’s shoulder is hurt worse than ever and he ends up having long-term implications from it. My lack of knowledge on Klefbom’s case and any medical stuff, in general, prevents me from saying whether this is even possible or not. I just write the updates, man!

Jason Gregor had a good take on the Klefbom situation in yesterdays GDB:

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Keep in mind the Oilers open the regular season in Sweden next year and Klefbom is very excited about getting to play a regular season game in his home country. I don’t understand the secrecy over a shoulder procedure. Everyone knows he has a shoulder injury, so why not say what the procedure is? The opponents know he has a shoulder problem, and none have targeted it.

If you haven’t watched McLellan’s update on Klefbom and what their plan for him moving forward yet, you can catch up on it here. Long story short is that he’s back for a few games, and will have another ‘clean-up’ next week which will officially put him out for the rest of the season. We’re not sure exactly when this ‘clean-up’ will take place, but I’m guessing Sunday will be Klefbom’s last game as an Oiler this year.

I ALSO have a bad feeling that it might be Klefbom’s last game as an Oiler on Sunday as well! Pierre Dorion from the Senators spent the last two games in Edmonton watching somebody from the Oilers. Rumours are swirling like crazy right now in Edmonton and if they’re true about the Senators seeking Klefbom then this could be it for him.

With all this chatter about whether it’s a good idea to be playing him or not, Klefbom showed absolutely no sign of injury last night in his first game back. He even gave a little flex to the boys to show that he’s not feeling too shabby after all.

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Matt Benning

In other minor injury news, Matt Benning sat out of last night’s game with an illness. This has been a pretty common theme this year for the team and no one really batted an eye when this news was released. At this point of the season, it’s very expected for guys to sit out for very minor things. I’m not reading too much into this Benning illness, and neither should you. We could very well see him back in the game this weekend.

Jumbotron Update

If anyone remembers from last week’s report, the Rogers Place jumbotron is in dire need of a summer break as it’s continuing to show nothing but black in some parts of its massive screen. Well, unfortunately, it sounds like the jumbotron’s struggles continued throughout the weekend and put on quite a site for the fans at the Oil Kings game.

That concludes another Injury Report for inanimate objects. Don’t forget that if you need some good, friendly physiotherapy services please visit our friends at the Capilano Rehab Center. You can call them at (780) 466-1104 or visit their website!

  • Arfguy

    I understand Klefbom has injury issues, but he’s got a good contract and apparently he has been playing injured. Please do not make a rash trade, hoping to free up cap space to sign another over-the-hill free agent!

    • Big Nuggets

      I don’t think I do that if we have to add a 1st round pick. Also Nuge and Klef are two of my favourite Oilers. Not sure how much longer I can keep cheering for this team if my favourite players keep getting traded.
      Karlson is obviously elite, but I have to think he gets at least 10 mil on his next contract. McDavid and Karlson together could be legendary but damn thats a lot of money in just a few players, especially when you factor in Lucic. It’s a tough call. With Karlson we might immediately become cup contenders, but there is not much room to fill out the roster. I don’t know, if I was Chia and I knew Karlson would resign I would probably do that, but personally I like the build through the draft philosophy with an occasional free agent. Chia’s philosophy appears to be keep swinging on big trades and hope to connect on one.