Oilersnation, are you there? It’s me, Dustin Nielson

What say you Oilersnation? It’s me, the new guy. You may have heard me on the radio, you may have seen me on TV, but you have never had an opportunity to read anything I’ve written unless of course, you use to visit HockeysFuture.com back in the late nineties. If you did, you would know that teenage Dustin Nielson was a huge fan of Kootenay Ice goaltender Dan Blackburn.

But don’t worry, the Oilers didn’t have a chance to pass on him — he went three picks before Ales Hemsky.

I’m writing my first post for ON while I’m watching Pineapple Express, and I must say James Franco was brilliant in this movie. If you disagree come at me in the comments section.

I figured I would start off my tenure at The Nation with a list of the Top Ten reasons I’m hopping on board. I’m going to list them in order from 10 to 1 to create drama, which I believe is something that writers do.

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Top Ten Reasons Nielson Has Joined The Nation

10.  Because… Line Combinations

I could post ideas for line combinations every single day and I’m pretty sure you would love it one day and hate it the next, so here is day one.

Nuge – McDavid – Puljujarvi

Lucic – Draisaitl – Slepyshev

Caggiula – Strome – Rattie

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Pakarinen – Khaira – Kassian

Those are the line combinations I would like to see for the next five games. When Aberg is ready to go, he draws back into the line up for Rattie. I know there is a major love fest for Rattie right now, but let’s be honest an empty-netter and garbage goal don’t change anything.

9.  Because… Referees Suck

I’ll be more than happy to become known as the guy who tries to hold the subpar officials in the NHL accountable. If you listen to my morning show on TSN 1260, you will already know that I am not a fan of referees. Yes, they have a hard job and blah, blah, blah but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to do it poorly.

For example, at my rec league game tonight, I got two for roughing, two for unsportsmanlike and a ten-minute misconduct. Did I deserve the extra two and ten? Sure, but that doesn’t mean the first call wasn’t complete garbage. Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest.

NHL officials aren’t any better, more on this in the future.

8.  Because… They Asked Politely.

The crew here at Oilersnation contacted me in a polite manner and kindly asked me to hop on board. I have a hard time saying no to anything, with the exception of vegetables, and this seems like a relationship that could work out well for everyone involved.

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7. Because… Gregor, Lowetide and Brownlee

I’ve always enjoyed reading what those guys have brought to the table here at Oilersnation, and I’m happy to get an opportunity to help with and continue to build on the great foundation those guys have created.

6. Because… Entry Draft.

Who better to write about the NHL Entry Draft than a guy who has covered every one since 2006 in Vancouver? 

The Oilers will be in a very interesting spot in Dallas this June. If they end up picking in the top five this summer I would likely keep the pick, but if they are picking in the 6-10 range, it would be a failure to not move it for immediate help on the wing.

I’m talking two picks for Reinhart type of failure.

5. Because… Poetry

I think the Nation needs some more poetry so I hope to provide that once in a while.

Rose are red.
Violets are blue.
I think the power-play sucks.
What about you?

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4. Because… Jesse Puljujarvi

I’m not sure you will find a bigger supporter of Jesse Puljujarvi in this city than me.

I was sitting next to Gregor at the draft and when the Blue Jackets selected Pierre-Luc Dubois and he probably saw me jump in my seat — it was actually more of a bounce. I was shocked that Puljujarvi was still on the board at four, and I’m shocked with the way Todd McLellan has been using him so far this year.

I will have more on the curious case of Jesse Puljujarvi late this week.

3. Because… Beets

If Mr. Baggedmilk can continue to crush beets the way he has been, why can’t I write about this team a couple of times per week?

2. Because… Connor McDavid

Just like you, I watch him and just like you I am amazed every night. Connor McDavid makes multiple plays on a nightly basis that ninety-five percent of the players in this league aren’t even capable of making on their best day.

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McDavid is just showing us the tip of the iceberg right now, and I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like writing about this guy for the next decade or until the boys here at the Nation will no longer have me.

1. Because… Vegas

I had a chance to take some listeners down to Vegas in January and while we were there myself and my co-host Lt. Eric organized a little pre-game gathering for Oilers fans. It was amazing. Hundreds and hundreds of Oilers fans gathered at the pub for an experience like no other. Thousands and thousands were in attendance, and all of a sudden a game in mid-January during a lost season felt like Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

I was completely overwhelmed by the fan support that had followed the Oilers down to Vegas and it was the first time I actually realized how powerful and impressive Oilersnation really is. I’m looking forward to being a part of it.

To the person in Vegas who had me sign their Oilers jersey, I told you it was a bad idea then and you probably look at that thing every day and think the same thing now.

Take it easy,

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      • tkfisher

        Don’t worry too much about it. Oilers fans enjoy ravenous fury, venting, screaming hot takes, blatant shots at officials (and the Canucks), over the top metaphors and similes and scolding indictments of the 4th line far more than they care about subject verb agreements, a well placed semicolon or spelling. Just let it fly. Don’t let things like proof reading dampen your fire.

  • Heschultzhescores

    Welcome to DOD-side. I really like your lines. JP has been used by TMac like a fool, bit so has Nurse and many others as well. Also agree with your assessment of the Rat2. He has no businees with McD while he is in a scoring race! Speed and Skill line. Cycle line, checking line and a second cycle line. Well thought out! And TMac MUST go! I have inside info of how he abuses the players on a daily basis. Never a good thing to say. Gotta build the guys up, not crush their confidence.

  • McDynasty97

    Dusty!!! Welcome to ON! Long time listener! First time man crusher! Love your energy and no nonsense, no holds barred opinion! Your humor and sarcasm are second to none! I look forward to reading your stuff as much as Brownlee, Gregor and BM’s! Spelling and punctuation be damned!

    • Heschultzhescores

      Ya, we are hockey guys, not scholastic nerds! You either played the game a lot and missed English class, or you were in English class while you should have been sharpening your skates and your skills.

  • NealH

    Good to have you aboard; do you giggle as much when you write?
    I hope you’re not one of the blind “fire the coach” guys who think the poor widdle millionaires need to be “motivated” better. Instead some rational arguments for firing the coach (PP, PK,etc)! And whoever else in the org…

  • bleedingcoppernblue

    Welcome! I like the look of your lines as well and am interested to hear your take on the head scratching use of PJ by our head coach! Only line change I would make is to reunite JJ Khaira and Strome. Then 4th line centre, who really cares because coach doesn’t play them much anyway, but throw Caggs in there if you wish or try Malone in a call up… JJ and Strome have played great together, time to reunite them!

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    Thank you Dusty for coming aboard ! I listen faithfully every morning at 6 am to your radio show and it’s he only thing that keeps me from going insane !!

  • VK63

    I was so hoping for a loaded bus driven over the U of S Huskies. Like.
    What a choke job…. almost a rite of spring… the Golden Bears beat the Huskies in some mind boggling display of Sasky ineptitude…. EVERY……..DAMN………. SPRING.
    Maybe its the Saskatoon water…… LOL Blades!!

    Dusty, as a man who has witnessed a bunch of these Sasky choke jobs.
    what is it man…..Coaching? Culture? Discipline? Black Sox? Voodooo?

    I swear the Bears could stand a mannequin behind the bench to coach and some way or other the Huskies will spit the bit. Its mind boggling. Really.

  • OilersGM

    Welcome Dusty, I listen to yours and Lowetide’s show everyday and have to say you guys are far and away the best sports radio shows in town IMO and the reason is because you and Lowetide say what’s on our (fans) minds.
    It’s nice to know someone shares our views.
    Baggedmilk is pretty good as well.