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Report: GM’s vote against change in offside rule

The long-awaited GM meetings are finally taking place this week in Florida and we have our first breaking news out of it from Elliotte Friedman.

Now this is a pretty vague statement and doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but what I can only assume is that the NHL hates us and wants us to suffer some more. Friedman’s tweet doesn’t state specifically if they’re referring to the offside review, but I’m going to say that they are.

If Bettman and the rest of the gang actually thinks that there’s nothing wrong with the system, then we’re going to have a problem. This comes just weeks after the NHL requested that players and coaches stop complaining about the review system.

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Friedman is tweeting updates on this as we speak, so we may get some more information about it soon. As much as I hate it, the offside rule is objective. Sure your skate is 1/4 of an inch over the line, but by the rulebook, it’s still offside. There’s no denying it. I hate it, but it’s true. It sounds like the GM’s agreed to this thought and found no reason to change the ruling.

Next up: Are they going to do something about the goaltender interference review?

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Source: Elliotte Friedman, Verified Twitter Account, 3/20/2018 – 11:22 am MST

  • 50 Flex

    “you should know the rule.” So how come you can’t challenge an icing call? I am sure everyone knows the rule, but I am 100% sure that players have iced the puck a centimeter before the red line, but it was waved off and resulted in a goal.

  • Becauseoilers

    I have been on my soap box several times this season explaining to my beer focus group that we need to make the blue lines twice the width. The game is much faster than when the original lines were created. This would allow a larger margin of difference entering the zone, plus less need for video reviews. Also, a player is allowed to cross with a skate off the ice. (ala Kassian dissalowed goal earlier this year). I have had a couple more ideas to increase goals, but I will save those for another day.

  • bored

    I don’t hate the rule, but I hate the fact that this can be reviewed. The rule doesn’t need to be changed at all, but my thoughts are that if the linesman can’t tell from the naked eye, it’s not that big a deal and the play should go on. There are many worse infractions that do not get called that are not reviewable, there is no reason for offside to be reviewable. It has zero impact on the play.

  • belair

    Change on the interference rule should be regardless of how many times the Oilers challenge the ruling, it should always fall in our favor for the next three years. Because no team has been screwed over more consistently, and at the most inopportune times than the Edmonton Oilers since the video review was introduced. Bite me, Bettman. And get rid of those stupid I-Pads.