The Capilano Rehab Injury Report – Cammalleri day to day… still

This past week has been a good one for guys returning from injuries. If you remember, we had quite a busy injury report last week. In my opinion, the more healthy players we have finishing off the season together the better it is. It has to be a good morale thing right?

Our weekly injury report is brought to you by our good friends at the Capilano Rehab Center. You can call them at (780) 466-1104 or visit their website!

This past week we saw Zack Kassian return from his head injury, Sekera return from his lower body injury, Drake Caggiula survived another near facial injury, and Al Montoya came back from an undisclosed minor injury. So many injuries within the span of seven days!

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It’s nice to see all these guys bounce back quickly. Unfortunately we’ve still got two more guys sitting out of the lineup at the moment with injuries. Who are they? Well Oscar Klefbom and Michael Cammalleri of course!

Michael Cammalleri

Something happened to Camo Larry last week and no one knows what it was. He’s missed four games so far and has been considered day-to-day with an “undisclosed” injury. Is he sick? Did he break a toe? Did he have surgery? Nobody knows! I don’t even recall a time during a game where he left and didn’t return. Maybe he’s faking it and doesn’t want to play with us anymore? Your guess is as good as mine.

Even if Cammalleri recovers from his mystery injury and comes back to the lineup, is there a spot left for him anymore? He obviously won’t take Rattie out, Pontus Aberg either. Anton Slepyshev would be the next guy on the list to replace but I don’t think that’s going to happen either. My guess is that Cammo’s not really THAT injured and they’re just scratching him and calling it a day to day thing.

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Oscar Klefbom

Oscar Klefbom is done for the year, as you all know. He had his second shoulder surgery last week and will be taking the summer to rest and rehab. It’s a shame that Klef can’t finish off the season with the team but all we really care about right now are McPoints anyways, right?

Klefbom’s situation has been pretty mysterious all year and for the past couple months all of Oilersnation was left wondering if he was injured or not. I’m just happy that the truth is now out in the open and we know what’s going on behind those doors. I’m glad Klefbom and his abs are getting the rest they need and are not at risk to be injured anymore.

  • Connor McFly

    Why would they bring back Camo at all for 4 games. He’s accomplished squat since his arrival. Klef has had two shoulder surgeries recently or are you counting the earlier procedure?