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Looking back at the 7-15th picks from the 2012 NHL Draft

Do you remember the 2012 NHL Draft? I bet you do. That was the year that Nail Yakupov pulled an Oilers jersey over his head with the first overall pick. Needless to say, that pick didn’t really work out as expected for the Oilers fans or the organization itself, but that’s a story for another day. On this day, we’re talking about the guys that were picked with the 7-15th selections to see if there’s anything we can learn when it comes to the 10th pick at this year’s Draft.

My friends, I welcome you to the 2012 NHL Draft.

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Mathew Dumba (7) – D – Minnesota Wild

2017-18 Season: 82GP – 14G, 36A for 50 points
Rookie Season (2014-15 w/ Minnesota): 58GP – 8G, 8A for 16 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

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“Dumba has the potential to be an electrifying player in the NHL, but he still needs to round his game into form before taking that next step.  He is an energetic player who can score the big hit or the big goal, with his offensive game being more advanced than his defensive play.  Dumba has good speed and uses it to rush the puck up the ice, and once in the offensive zone, he has a quick release and a good shot.  His defensive game could use some work, but that may not be his ticket to the NHL, anyway.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Minnesota Wild NHL 82 14 36 50 41 15 5 1 1 2 4
NHL Totals 310 44 84 128 163 26 3 5 8 14

Derrick Pouliot (8) – D – Pittsburgh Penguins

2017-18 Season: 71GP – 3G, 19A for 22 points
Rookie Season (2014-15 w/ Pittsburgh): 34GP – 2G, 5A for seven points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Pouliot is an exceptionally mobile offensive defenseman with elite vision and puck-distribution skills. He has a blistering shot from the point, can transition the puck with his head up, and can play a lot of minutes in all situations. Although not a tall player, he is bullish in the corners and difficult to knock off the puck. He possesses a strong, wide base and is an explosive skater who is able to quickly rush the puck up ice. Outside of getting stronger and faster, which is something that practically all prospects need to do, there is little in Pouliot’s game that could be considered a weakness. He will need to continue to improve his defensive play, but his game will always be predicated around creating offensive chances and taking some degree of risk.”

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Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Vancouver Canucks NHL 71 3 19 22 39 -22
NHL Totals 138 5 31 36 49 2 2

Jacob Trouba (9) – D – Winnipeg Jets

2017-18 Season (2013-14 w/ Winnipeg): 65GP – 10G, 19A for 29 points
Rookie Season: 55GP – 3G, 21A for 24 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Trouba is a defenseman with size that really thrives in the physical game. He can lay some bone-crushing hits and is never one to back down when challenged. Trouba is a fierce competitor and plays with a good deal of confidence. Part of what makes Trouba such a highly regarded player is his ability to use his large frame and physicality advantageously, particularly in separating opposing players from the puck. And that attribute will become even more evident as he continues to fill out his 6’2” frame.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Winnipeg Jets NHL 55 3 21 24 34 9 17 2 1 3 17
NHL Totals 326 34 95 129 239 21 2 3 5 19
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Slater Koekkoek (10) – D – Tampa Bay Lightning

2017-18 Season: 35GP – 4G, 4A for eight points
Rookie Season (2016-17 w/ Tampa): 29GP – 0G, 4A for four points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Koekkoek is primarily an offensively-oriented defenseman possessing a heavy and accurate shot.  He also has solid playmaking ability, with the ability to make a good first pass out of the defensive zone as well as accurate passing in open ice.  At this point, Koekkoek projects as a second-pairing defenseman with some potential to be a power-play quarterback.”

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2017-18 TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING NHL 35 4 4 8 18 4
NHL TOTALS 76 4 9 13 30

Filip Forsberg (11) – LW – Washington Capitals

2017-18 Season: 67GP – 26G, 38A for 64 points
Rookie Season (2014-15 w/ Nashville Predators): 82GP – 26G, 27A for 63 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Forsberg is an exceptional all-around player with no real deficiencies in any aspect of his game. He is a very cognitive player with a great sense for the game and how his abilities can impact it. His puck moving skills, flash, and creativity are top class, and his shooting abilities are also tremendous. He has the size for the NHL at 6’2, can skate well, and is a responsible player in his own end. Forsberg is capable of playing all 200 feet of the ice, and plays it well. His success has come at various levels throughout the Swedish leagues so far and he has been a force when playing for Sweden at the international junior level. With a little bit of increase in strength, he should have no problem adjusting to the North American brand of hockey.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Nashville Predators NHL 67 26 38 64 38 27 13 7 9 16 2
NHL Totals 331 117 138 255 145 55 22 20 42 22

Mikhail Grigorenko (12) – C – Buffalo Sabres

2017-18 Season (KHL): 45GP – 10G, 13A for 23 points
Rookie Season (2014-15 w/ Buffalo Sabres): 25GP – 3G, 3A for six points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Grigorenko is a gifted offensive center who possesses great patience with the puck and the ability to thread passes all over the ice. He is a smooth skater and has the potential to be a top scorer in the NHL. Grigorenko has been criticized for inconsistent and disinterested play in the past, though he has played through injuries.”

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Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/-
2017-18 CSKA Moscow KHL 45 10 13 23 14 15
NHL Totals 217 22 42 64 30

Radek Faksa (13) – C – Dallas Stars

2017-18 Season: 79GP – 17G, 16A for 33 points
Rookie Season (2015-16 w/ Dallas Stars): 45GP – 5G, 7A for 12 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Faksa is a big, strong, young center that has pro size and strength.  An all-around talent with a good head for the game he has value all over the rink and at any forward position.  He thinks the game very well and it makes up for his overall lack of flash.  He’s an adept passer that finds seams in the defense.  He has a good selection of shots that he can use from anywhere, including the point on the power play.  Faksa is a useful penalty killer with terrific anticipation skills.  His overall commitment to the game is noteworthy and he’s a good, smart worker on the rink.  Faksa uses his body and dishes some punishing hits but doesn’t do it as often as his ability would dictate.  He uses his big body to shield off would-be defenders but doesn’t have breakaway speed.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Dallas Stars NHL 79 17 16 33 36 21
NHL Totals 204 34 44 78 119 13 3 2 5 2
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Zemgus Girgensons (14) – C – Buffalo Sabres

2017-18 Season (2013-14 w/ Buffalo Sabres): 70GP – 8G, 14A for 22 assists
Rookie Season: 71GP – 7G, 8A for 15 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“A two-way player who is a tenacious forechecker with good speed, scouts rave more about Girgensons’ defense than offense. A hard worker without a standout skill, Girgensons projects to be a second-line center in the future and the perfect complement to Buffalo’s more offensively-oriented forwards.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Buffalo Sabres NHL 71 7 8 15 26 -12
NHL Totals 348 44 57 101 103

Cody Ceci (15) – D – Ottawa Senators

2017-18 Season (2013-14 w/ Ottawa Senators): 49GP – 3G, 6A for nine points
Rookie Season: 82GP – 5G, 14A for 19 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Ceci has developed into a good defensive defenseman with some definite offensive skills, evidenced by the fact that he has played a prominent role on both the power-play and penalty-killing units for the Ottawa 67’s.  Ceci has the size to compete with the bigger players in the NHL, although he may not always use that size effectively.  Ceci is a potentially complete package who could have a fair amount of upside to his game.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Ottawa Senators NHL 82 5 14 19 12 -27
NHL Totals 366 25 67 92 70 25 3 3 2


Well, if you’re looking for a range of Draft picks to prove your point that the Oilers should move the 10th overall pick in an attempt to improve now then the 2012 class could be for you. Sure, there are still some excellent players in here but there is an equal number of guys that make you go ‘meh he’s alright, I guess.’ That’s not exactly confidence inspiring stuff, but it’s also important to remember that not all Draft classes are created equal and that some years would be deeper than others. Even so, you think the Sabres would like to have a re-do on the ol’ Grigorenko pick? He barely played for the Sabres before being traded and ending up back in Russia, and I remember days when he was being considered as a first overall option. Weird how things work in the Draft sometimes. It’s voodoo, I tells ya, voodoo!

What do you guys think?


  • a lg dubl dubl

    I still think Merkley is the dark horse of dmen drafted this year. 10 might be a stretch but if PC can trade down a few spots, get a prospect and a 15-20 pick to draft Merkley, I’d be happy.

  • 24% body fat

    Reily is decent but he still the most overrated player in the NHL, talk about him going to play in the olympics or World cup for canada is a joke. look at his stats, terrible defensively and finally just became and offensive D man, there is so many better defense for canada and he isnt even close to top 8. Foresberg is the best from this draft in a full on redraft

  • Make Another Bad Trade or Signing!!

    Top tier teams have historically built through the draft and supplemented their team by trading picks / prospects when they are competitive for a cup run. Picks are not a sure thing, but it is a sure thing that you need them to build a good team (Vegas is the obvious exception). The more picks you have, the more likely that you will end up with quality players in your line up. Don’t trade the pick and continue saga of poor trades and signings that the current Oiler regime has going for it. Build a competitive team through the draft and development process.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Grigorenko was a disaster!
    Grigorenko turned out to be a better pick than Yak.
    This is a large part of the reason the Oil remain epically bad, without McDavid the Oil would have been 31st last year. Those new asst. coaches will sure help. Help deflect blame from where the real problem lies.

  • Bills Bills

    There are some fantastic players on that list. Just like every year and at every draft position. Hits and misses, so if that is your justification, then why ever draft? This is pointless. If you believe the guy you can get at your position is going to be a keeper, then keep it. Personally, if this team wants to “do it right” you keep your draft picks. Especially if it is top ten. With any luck there won’t be another for a very very long time.