Norm Lacombe had his Stanley Cup ring stolen from his car

Former Edmonton Oiler and Stanley Cup champion, Norm Lacombe, is looking for some help after he had his Stanley Cup ring stolen from his car over the weekend.

Lacombe, a veteran of 319 NHL regular season games, won a Stanley Cup with the Oilers back in 1988 and now his priceless memento from that win is missing after someone jacked it from his car. Lacombe told CTV News that he was golfing near Spruce Grove over the weekend and that he took his ring off before his round but forgot to put it back on when he was done. When he went back to his car in the morning, the ring was gone.

From the CTV interview:

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“[I’m] sick to my stomach. It’s obviously sentimental value. My name is on it, my number. You can’t replace a Stanley Cup ring. [It’s] probably one of my favourite memories playing in the NHL.  Everyone dreams to win a cup and I did and I have a ring, and I’d like it back.”

Obviously, having someone steal your Stanley Cup ring is not only horrible because of the personal meaning and value but also because of the violation of some rando going through your stuff. While it might be easy to say that Lacombe shouldn’t have left the ring in his car to begin with, I know that I’ve personally forgotten plenty of stuff in my whip and it’s not hard to see how it can happen.

Despite the theft, Lacombe hopes the thief will have a moment of honesty and return the ring back to him. According to Lacombe:

“I’m very optimistic. That’s my nature anyway. I’m optimistic someone will bring it back.”

I hope you’re right, Norm. I hope you get that ring back and that I’m able to do an update on this story and tell the people that that baby is back on your finger. And if you know anything about this, the Spruce Grove RCMP is investigating the theft and will be offering up a cash reward to anyone with information that leads to its return.

Source: Nicole Weisberg, CTV News, 5/29/2018 – 4:00 pm MST

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  • Glencontrolurstik

    The “loser/pigeon” that did this probably doesn’t even like hockey is my bet?
    I sure hope some faithful hockey fan that knows about it does the right thing.
    I don’t live in Northern Alberta anymore, but, what the heck happened?
    It seems the crime rate has gone crazy with these petty criminals with no respect for others. What happened to my City?

  • CDNinATL

    WTH is this thief going to do with the ring? Pawning it is a fail as it’s reported stolen. As soon as any pawn shop sees it, it’s going to get reported to the police. And his name is inscribed it!!

  • Beer_League_Ringer

    The person that stole the ring is luck Norm didn’t catch them in the act. Why? I’ll tell you…

    When I was a kid during the Oilers dynasty, my dad worked at CFRN and one time after seeing a game we were invited into the dressing room. Normand Lacombe was standing among a group of teammates and to my 13-15year old eyes at the time, he looked like he was chiseled out of granite. We’re talking Mr. Olympia type-stuff here. He stood out like a sore thumb, even in a room of pro athletes. Guys like that can rip pineapples in half with their bare hands, let alone some loser out for a quick buck. I bet even 30 years later, Norm is still a beast.