Connor McDavid wins Ted Lindsay Award

Connor McDavid has been voted the league’s most outstanding player by his peers for the second straight season. McDavid finished first in Lindsay voting edging out Colorado center Nathan MacKinnon and New Jersey left wing Taylor Hall, both were also finalists for the Hart Trophy unlike McDavid this season.

Despite how poor the Oilers were, McDavid posted another fantastic season. McDavid scored a career high 41 goals and 108 points this season. That total was better than last season when he won the Hart Memorial Trophy, but the Oilers missed the playoffs in 2017-18 which no doubt altered voting for this year’s awards.

McDavid is the first player to win the Ted Lindsay Award twice before the age of 22.

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McDavid was the only Oiler nominated for an award this year.


2017-2018 82 41 67 108 20 26 5 20 1 4 7 2 274 15
NHL Career 209 87 169 256 46 70 11 61 2 6 18 4 630 13.8

  • Dapper Dan 3099

    This kid is such a f*ing champ! I love how he gives his teammates credit for his success, when it’s blatantly obvious HE is the one that makes everyone else better. I love how he acknowledged they stunk this year (no fault of his) and appreciated how the fans wanted to lose their minds with how the season went, how he addressed the city, you could see how determined he is to have success on this team again, enough to make a promise.

    I still can’t believe how lucky we were to get this kid, and one can only have nightmares about where this franchise would be if we didn’t win that lottery.

    Despite a consistent show of incompetence by this organization, mcdavid still gives me some hope…

    • Dan 1919

      Interesting that NHL.com has already changed the wording of the Hart to no longer include “most valuable to his team’s success.” It now says “art Memorial Trophy is an annual award given to the player judged to be the most valuable to his team.”

      The word the media was clinging to was “Success”. They collectively made their own award definition under no direction from the league and stated that the word success must mean playoff appearance. #fakenews.

      Now that, that success word is gone, doesn’t the Hart become even more of an “asterisks” award. The players decide who the best is via the Lindsay, and the “most valuable to ones team(Hart)” is even more gimmicky/unneeded now.

      Personally I think they should just combine the award, LindsayHart award, and have the players vote for the most outstanding player, plain and simple.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Yes, you my friend are fantastic… Thanks for reminding us that fact. I hope you continue until we all realize we should all be thinking,… “What would Spyder do or say?”

    • Anton CP

      If Hall is still with the Oilers that he would never win the Hart not because he can’t achieve successes in Edmonton (ok,partially) but he cannot possibly win with the best player on the planet being on the same team.

  • 18% body fat

    Chia traded two major award winner for two stay at home dmen. One who is not even good in the AHL, and he still has his job.

    You can say culture all you want. The bad culture is the men that are not fired and just reshuffeled after years of failure, and a man who thinks hockey is about punching instead of skill

    • Anton CP

      Doesn’t matter who the GM would be for the Oilers, Barzal would never be the Oilers. Fanboys please stop claiming the “IF” scenario about Barzal because no GM in the league with the right mind would draft two Cs at the same draft especially when the team already have 2 suitable Cs in their roster.

      • 18% body fat

        hey anton, if they didnt trade the pick or not, it doesnt matter, the fact that they werent going to take barzal and were going to take Ek is part of the problem of this management. They look for size and their thoughts of what intangables are. Not hockey skill. Its a new day! Evolve or die, and right now if we didnt have connor, we would be extinct.

          • 18% body fat

            thats what stauffer kept saying, the were drafting Eriksson Ek, oilers didnt need another left handed center, they needed skill right handed forwards,

            They have no clue how to run an organization. At the draft you maximize your assets. If i put a nickel, dime, quarter, 50 cent piece, loonie and toonie in front of you. do you take the quarter to complete your coin collection or do you take the toonie, than exchange the toonie for a loonie and 4 quarters.

          • Anton CP

            I would take Bob Stauffer’s insider with a grain of salt. If you look at draft about what Chiarelli was trying to go after then with Chabot still available that he would be the likely option anyway. Since Chiarelli traded away the pick before he has the chance to make the selection then I guess you can take Stauffer’s words for it.

      • 18% body fat

        not draft two centers? Ek is a center, and so you woulndt have drafted eichel after mcdavid if we had the first and second pick.

        Always Draft BPA, thats what Tampa and Winnipeg do and they are loaded with skill on their roster and prospects.

      • OTOF2

        Really???Any (competent) GM in the league with the right mind would have picked Barzal with that pick. The Isles picked him with that pick didn’t they? Why even try to convince yourself that the rest of the mgmt in the league is as terrible as the Oils? These guys are historically terrible. I’m amazed by all the “fan boys” who can’t see it and defend the trinity of suck.

        • wiseguy

          Actually you’re wrong. By saying any gm in their right mind would’ve chosen him discounts the fact that gm’s with picks 3 through 15 didn’t pick him. In fact Boston had the immediate 3 picks before Barzal and didn’t choose him. So all those gms should be fired!

          • 18% body fat

            actually they said with that pick, which was 16. How do we know boston wouldnt have taken him had they had 16 as well.

            also it is widely known boston messed up their draft as well. If it werent for debrusk and carlo, they would be getting slammed harder.

            Barzal was ranked 7th, so if he was passed on until 9 that is still in range. So really 10th 11th 12th and 13th (still only one GM) teams were the ones that full blown passed on him.

            When a high scoring player ranked 7th falls to you at 16 you run up and take him. See Taresenko.

          • wiseguy

            The point you’re missing is that Barzal is better than the previous 13 picks so all those GMs failed to identify him as well. So he question that Chia would’ve picked Barzal instead of another player when being inconcievable you is absurd.
            As for Barzal being ranked 7th, some guy named Rob Shremp was ranked in the top 10 and the Oil were ecstatic to get him at 25. How did that turn out? Just because a guy is ranked higher and available at a lower number doesn’t make him a slam dunk. Magnus Paajarvi dropped to the Oil and Chia was sprinting to the podium when Puljujarvi dropped to 4th. They didn’t turn out to be the windfall it appeared to be initially.

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      1. While you’re slagging Chiarelli, why don’t you go spouting off on other GM’s who PASSED on Matthew
      2. That trade has Old Boys club written ALL over it
      3. Hall was NEVER Hart worthy at the time of the trade.
      4. MOVE ON! Stop talking about. It’s idiots like you who run players out of town

      • 18% body fat

        1. other gms other than snow are not ruining the oilers and pissing away mcdavid, so i dont care about them, also there are maybe 3 other gms in the league as bad as chia,
        2. yes it had old boys club all over it, why did someone who was not capable of being the GM get kept by chia than? why was he and them not fired? maybe chia wasnt allowed to fire them, but than why would you listen to them? no judge of good management either
        3. a first overall pick that was not put in a position to succeed may not have been hart worthy, but this is not a reason to not get full value for him, as well as he just turned 26. He still had a lot of room to grow when he was trade as seen today.
        4. its not us that run good players out of town, maybe bad ones like lucic who come here for their payday, than cant handle some criticism from the paying fans and has to cry his way out. It the culture set up by the arrogance of the old boys club who pubic ally trash their player in order to save face, (and their media puppets) that run players out of town. See Hall, Schultz, Dubnyk, Hemsky, Souray etc.

    • Svart kaffe

      He sure did and the Reinhardt trade was absolutely horrible. But still, Hall wouldn’t be the player he is now without getting traded. He grew up, obviously. Maybe he’ll get picked to play for Team Canada as well in the future.

      And 11 other teams passed on Barzal as well (assuming Edmonton would always pick McDavid and Buffalo always picks Eichel). He wasn’t looking like a Calder contender at the draft. The Islanders developed him into the player he is now, something likely not to happen if Edmonton would have kept that pick and chosen him.

    • Anton CP

      You guys who believed Barzal would be an Oilers IF Chiarelli was not the GM are the problem why this team is still suffering. The detachment from reality is so strong with you guys that because of your constant crying that local sports medias fed off your negativity and thus pressured the team to keep making dumb mistakes. Please stop following the Oilers so the team can finally be better.

      • Anton CP

        Just like the Islanders. Guess the Oilers fanboys are bunch of fantasy players. Islanders defense were to terrible that once their offense cool down that they just collapsed in 2018.

        • 18% body fat

          no one here is saying they dont need defense, they are saying these idiots dont know how to assess what an NHL d looks like (its not the griffin reinhart type) and dont know how to value and properly use their assets.

          Out D personal would be the same whether or not they drafted barzal instead of the trade. So honestly if barzal was on the team we would have been better defensively as the puck would have been in the offensive zone more.

          • Anton CP

            It is funny that the whole thing happened in 2015, about 2.5 years ago but it wasn’t an issue until 2018. The way you guys speaking of Barzal almost sounded like the Oilers can develop the players as same as the Islanders.

            Also, that is so ridiculous about claiming the defense would be better if the puck are at the offensive zone often…it didn’t work for the Islanders so what made you believe that would work for the Oilers?

  • TartanArmy

    TSN has an article from Frank Seravalli titled “Hall’s hart validates a night to forget for the oilers”

    Whatever. I like Hall a lot, was disappointed to see him go, but I’ll take McDavid and his Hart, 2 Art Ross, Ted Lindsay, and Lady Byng 100 times over. Why a night to forget? I’ll have more nights to remember over the next 10+ years with McDavid being McDavid. Good for you Hall, I truly am happy for you. Just seems Seravalli is trying to stir the pot, sorry Seravalli, there’s nothing to forget other than that dreadful season we all suffered through.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    All this talk of “what if the Oilers kept Hall and selected Barzal”. What you people fail to realize is that IF the Oilers kept Hall and IF they drafted Barzal they’d be no different then they were before 2015. High-end skill on offence, a dumpster fire on offence. Or have you all forgotten Edmonton had Hall, Eberle, Nugent-Hopkins, and Yakupov (all high end skill guys) with bush league defense.

    I’m sorry, but the Oilers have thus far JUSTIFIED the deals. The Reinhart deal had OBC written ALL OVER IT (former Oil King) and even Chiarelli brought in Keith Gretzky the next season to make sure the drafting was better. Sure it sucks that he was claimed in the expansion draft, but Reinhardt didn’t look bad at all when he was here. And trading Taylor Hall is justified for 3 reasons.

    1. McDavid was going to become the face of the franchise and Hall wasn’t.
    2. Larsson has been SOLID since coming over. He’s defended well, been physically engaging, and he’s moved the puck well out of the zone.
    3. The Oilers haven’t suffered offensively. In the 2 seasons without Hall, the Oilers have scored more goals than they ever did WITH Hall. Oh and they’ve allowed fewer goals too.

    Now shut up and MOVE ON! You’re like a broken record. Oh and I can GUARANTEE you! When the Oilers are succeeding next season, when they storm back into the post-season, you’ll all be singing Peter’s praises. Just like we did in 2016-17 when none of these “bad deals” were an issue.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    God no wonder players want out of Edmonton. All of these comments below justify the entire team wanting out. Go and heckle them in public some more you ungrateful whiners

  • 99CupsofCoffey

    O’Sullivan was adamant yesterday on Sirius NHL radio that McDavid would not win, because you have to take in the year they had. How do these media guys not understand the wording of the Lindsay award? (Besides him being 100% anti-Oilers) Can’t wait for today’s show to listen in lol

  • Northernlights

    On another note … How does Klefbom name keep coming up. He is still a good young player who still hasn’t reached his prime and he is on a value contract?