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Top five Mcdavid cellys of the 2017-18 season

The playoffs, draft, and free agency weekend have come and gone and we are now into the fun stuff of the summer. I’ve already covered Connor McDavid’s top ten goals from the past season, as well as Leon Draisaitl’s top five goals. My next countdown? All of Connor’s goal celebrations of course!

Connor McDavid’s goal celebrations have always been a favourite of mine. Hockey cellys are a beautiful form of art and I could watch them all day long. Connor’s good for showing some raw emotion after scoring big goals, and that’s exactly what you want to see from the best player in the National Hockey League. Credit to All NHL Goals on Youtube for providing all of Connor’s goals from the 2017-18 season as well.

Take a look for yourself!

#5 December 21 vs St. Louis

This is just a classic drop down to one knee and fist pump celly from Connor. It seems to be a favourite of his. A favourite of MINE is when he adds some flair to it. Unfortunately this is the best camera footage we could get of the celebration, but I think we can all imagine how nice that bear hug was at the end with one of his teammates.

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#4 February 5th vs Tampa Bay

This goal was the cherry on top of one of Connor’s hat tricks earlier this year. His celly is a classic knee-drop-fist-pump again but this time he tops it off with a friendly Leon high five. How cute!

#3 March 10th vs Minnesota

This is the oomf I’m looking for in goal celebrations. Connor’s right fired up after scoring this goal against the Wild and finishes it with the double arm, reach-for-the-sky, AND THEN adds a knee-down-fist-pump. WHAT!? If someone could add some Vince McMahon voice overlay to these celebrations it would make me very happy.

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#2 October 4th vs Calgary

Nothing could make a guy more excited than scoring the first goal of the season during the Oilers home opener! Connor’s celly itself is pretty casual but the excitement he shows afterwards is what makes this goal so special. You could tell he was feeling it this night as he went on to score two more goals to shutout the Flames. What a time it was to be alive back then!

#1 November 7th vs New York

He’s only played three seasons in the league but this will forever go down as one of Connor’s best goal celebrations. Rightfully so, it was from an intense overtime against Jordan Eberle and the Islanders. They just turned the puck around after a Barzal missed opportunity and Drai fed Connor a spin-o-rama pass to pot upstairs. Connor’s celebration afterwards was a piece of magic and everyone back in Edmonton jumped with glee together.

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After watching all 41 of Connor’s goals from last year, I’ve noticed that he rarely celebrates a goal on the road. Obviously this makes sense, as you’re way more hyped up scoring with your fans and goal horn behind you. The above goal is one of the lone goals where Connor actually showed some emotion and celebrated in another team’s building. Rightfully so, cause it was a huge goal.

Here’s to more goals and more awesome cellys from Connor next year!