It’s a Connor McDavid offseason update!

I was SO happy to see a Connor McDavid interview written by Luke Fox at Sportsnet when I woke up this morning. It’s so refreshing to get an update from him on his thoughts on the summer moves and current season. Connor’s the leader of our team and the leader of our city. I think it’s just what I needed to get me revitalized after a fairly boring offseason 

McDavid is currently skating at the Power Edge Pro camp with other players like Connor Brown, Dylan Larkin, Boone Jenner, Alex DeBrincat, as well as Canucks prospect Quinn Hughes and younger brother (who is projected to go first overall in 2019), Jack Hughes. This is where he spoke to the press in Toronto, and I’m so relieved that it happened. If you missed it, I’ve written off-season updates on Kris Russell, Jesse Puljujarvi, and Cam Talbot.

Before we get to a couple interview notes, CHECK OUT THESE CONNOR DRILL HIGHLIGHTS!

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Connor on the Oilers offseason moves

…nothing too promising came up [for Chia]. That’s good. You want to keep the group together. We were a good team two years ago, the team we were last year wasn’t up to our standards, and it’s important we get back to our level.

This was a well executed comment by Connor. We all know the elephant in the room is Milan Lucic. Our captain has confidence in the same team that took us to the playoffs two years ago, and he wants the core group to stick together. Oh captain, my captain! But what do you think of the two new signings Peter Chiarelli made?

Very excited to bring both those guys on. Rieder with his speed and offensive flair, he’s going to get chances in our lineup. He’s a guy that can complement the number of centremen that we have. Then you look at a guy like Brodziak, who’s been in the league so long, who does everything right. I’ve heard he’s an excellent guy in the room, and that’s definitely something we could use.

This is great. Connor seems stoked to about Rieder and Brodziak, and if Connor’s stoked, I”m stoked. It was also said that the captain reached out to the new guys via text message. Although Chia didn’t have a ton of cap space to make any huge moves, there is still one more big thing on the checklist for him to take care of. That is the new contract of Darnell Nurse.

He’s definitely a guy that’s a key piece to our puzzle. He’s going to need to be there. I’m not sure the extent of what they’re talking about, but he definitely needs to be there.

Couldn’t agree with you more Connor!

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Connor on the team bouncing back this year

There’s just got to be a point in time where you get sick of losing, and you just don’t anymore. Guys came together. Guys were sick of how the year was going and came back to playing hockey the way it should be, the way you need to. It’s a good learning experience, but one you never want to go through again. We talked about it so much now that it doesn’t really need to be talked about again.

Connor, you’re making me emotional!

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Connor on his future linemates

It’s funny that we talk about it, and it’s been three years now. I was able to find a little chemistry with Nuge and Ty Rattie at the end of the year, so you hope to come into that. Or maybe someone new. You hope to come into training camp and stay with someone and try to build your game with someone.

There are a lot of unanswered questions and storylines to look for as the season approaches. Connor McDavid’s linemates are one of them, and the one storyline I’m most looking forward to seeing answered. It’s good to hear Connor likes playing with Rattie and Nuge. That doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what’s going to happen though. I think we can safely say that Nuge and McDavid will be paired to start the season. I don’t think Rattie has the third spot on that line locked up. He’s going to have to earn it.


  • Big Nuggets

    The Oilers are going to be good this year. I understand being negative because last year sucked, but I think the team will rebound strongly.

    The first reason is Connor found a new level last year despite getting the flu for a month. This year will be Connor’s most dominant season to date. Nuge will provide him with the support he needs to dominate.

    Secondly, Draisaitl will probably beast out at some point. It took some time for him to return to form after that concussion. Now he will be ready to prove he deserves to be regarded in the elite.

    Of all the players counted on to bounce back this season I think Talbot is the surest bet. Maybe he won’t have career numbers but better than last season for sure. And we have a new backup as a wildcard.

    The penalty kill and power play will both be better next year. The PK improved late in the season and Brodziak and Rieder will give more options. PP can’t get any worse and with the talent on the roster and new coaches in charge it is a near sure thing to improve. Not to mention the Oilers got the fewest PP opportunities in the league which seems outrageous considering we have McDavid skating around guys every night.

    The defense will be better as well. I don’t know if it will be better because Sekera returns to form, or Klefbom re-establishes himself, or Nurse takes another step in his game, but one of those things will happen and it will ease the pressure on the others.

    The new assistant coaches are one of my personal favourite reasons for optimism. I like Vivieros and Yawney, Gulutzan has experience too and it seems to me some fresh voices would really help in some areas.

    I think the biggest factor heading into the season is player motivation. Last year they didn’t have it for whatever reason. I know people write off motivation because people making millions of dollars shouldn’t need anymore motivation, but that is just not how people opperate. Brief tangent: in many old tales of war there will be something that inspires the men to fight harder. Julius Ceasar joining his men at tye front of the line and they all get a boost and win the day… Guys fighting for their lives shouldn’t need anymore motivation either but it is just how the brain is wired. This season the players will want redemption, including the best player in the game, this will be the biggest change from last season. We will see these players competing harder and winning more.

  • ubermiguel

    “I’ve heard he’s an excellent guy in the room, and that’s definitely something we could use.” Not to encourage the rumor mill, but what does this mean?