Remenda and DeBrusk switching roles?

Hidden deep in the depths of the Edmonton Journal was an interesting tidbit in regards to Sportsnet’s Oilers TV broadcasts. According to Jim Matheson, Louie DeBrusk and Drew Remenda will be switching spots for certain games.

Louie DeBrusk will apparently be handling colour commentary duties with play-by-play man Kevin Quinn on Edmonton Oilers Sportsnet TV broadcasts this winter with Drew Remenda doing between-periods commentary for their Rogers Place home games. When DeBrusk works a weekend HNIC game, Remenda will be providing colour alongside Quinn.

Remenda slid into the Oilers’ colour commentary role back in 2014. Previously, he had spent many years doing commentary for the San Jose Sharks. He also previously worked as an assistant coach for the Sharks during their early expansion days.

Remenda replaced DeBrusk who was promoted into a role as the main colour analyst for the late night Hockey Night in Canada games on Saturday nights. Based on Matheson’s report, DeBrusk would continue doing those Saturday HNIC games and Remenda would replace him in those instances.

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Oilers fans, for the most part, can’t stand Remenda. Earlier this off-season, Remenda appeared on a Sharks podcast and spoke about how much he was disliked by the Oilers faithful:

“I don’t know if you know this but you can go and Google and search it up, and my kids love to do it because they think it’s the funniest thing in the world, Edmonton fans hate me. Like hate me. Sharks fans, not so much. Sharks fans are so good to me all the time.” – Source. 

I really don’t think Remenda is as bad as his reputation around the Oilers community suggests. He’s got an extensive colour and radio background, had a coach’s perspective, and is comfortable being critical of players. What Oilers fans seem to find offputting about Remenda is how often he talks about the Sharks, but why wouldn’t he when he has such an extensive background with the organization and Edmonton’s current coach spent multiple years in San Jose?

I’ve seen many criticize Remenda for seeming like he’s cheering for the other team, but I’d personally much rather have an impartial stance than a homer analyzing my team. I also think it’s more interesting if the commentator gives thoughts on the opponent, but that’s just me.

Regardless, if Matheson’s report is accurate, Sportsnet clearly listened to the angst of Oilers fans. DeBrusk, a former Oiler, has always been popular among fans here while Remenda can likely thrive doing analysis in between periods.

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  • Tyler83anderson

    Thank god! Drew Ramenda just doesn’t work in this market. He is better suited for a market where the fan base has less knowledge. My main beef with him as he was trying to coach and explain the games, but most of the times he seemed to know very little about what he was actually talking about. Louie has lived it, and his son still plays in the NHL. He is what Oiler fans deserve. Would still love to have Ray Ferraro back though….

  • Truth

    I still cannot get over how he calls hand-eye coordination eye-hand coordination. Plus he always seems to be explaining hockey to people in a South American country, and doing a rather bad job of it. Poor man’s Pierre McGuire. I’m sure he’s a great dude and I wish him well, however. Just not the right guy for an extremely knowledgeable hockey market.

  • chezzychez

    I wasn’t a fan of Drew. Sure, he was pretty negative, but mainly he was consistently wrong on the play call. Couldn’t see what happened as it happened. Even on replays he didn’t seem to get the call right. Didn’t deserve all the hate though.

  • OriginalPouzar

    Remanda certainly knows the game of hockey and does have value as a color guy, however, personally, I just don’t like his style and his approach as a color commentator. I’m also a big fan of Louie – although he’s not as knowledgeable, at this point, as Drew, he is quite good (in my opinion) and his presentation is simply more to my taste.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Oilers fans will find anything to whine and moan about so I’m not surprised. Me personally? I like him and I wish he stay for as long as he can.


  • dsanchez1973

    My concern with him has never been that he talks about the Sharks. It is that he doesn’t add any color to the broadcast. He’s a former coach who’s spent more time on the ice around pros than any of us – when he breaks down a replay, he should be telling us all the things we aren’t aware of. Instead, he’ll enlighten us with comments like “Watch how fast Connor is going around the defenseman” or “look at Talbot reach out and catch the puck with his glove” – all things that anyone with two eyes can see. More talk like “look at McDavid’s feet and how he’s crossing over twice for every once the defenseman does, and see the defenseman giving him twice the gap that they give Lucic” or “see how Talbot is covering the post with the reverse V, which keeps his weight on his left leg so his glove hand isn’t needed for balance and can react more quickly”.

    If you listen to Remenda do color, and compare it to any NFL color guy, the difference is stunning. They don’t say things like “look at Brady throw the ball and look at Edelman catch it.” They say “look at the defensive line running a stunt, and how the right tackle and guard pass off responsibilities, giving Edelman and Gronk time to run a rub play downfield. As a result Brady has time to survey the field, and Edelman is open and then it’s game over.”

  • Soundwave

    Now if we can just get rid of Quinn too, we’ll be all set. He’s been on the tv broadcasts for so long, I associate his voice with losing and I have to listen to the radio for audio.
    Say what you want about Jack and Bob, but every once and a while they are forced to say something halfway intelligent because they don’t have any pictures back them up. Quinn and Ramenda just spout stupidity for 2 hrs straight.

    • NewPants

      P.S. and Cam, having a home team guy calling the home team is the way it should be otherwise go call a different team. I agree it’s important to see both sides but call the games for and with us!!

  • charlie manson

    Hahaha Christmas came early!!!
    He’s the worst..some many “wows!”,always interrupting,hate that he always calls the players by their first name when talking about them…send him back to San Jose if he’s so like there…they can keep him

  • Mel Kozun

    I seriously have to ask, “Who’s wife does Drew Remenda have nude photo’s of?” Not a SINGLE person I know in the Edmonton market can STAND him!!! Especially when the Oilers play the Shartks, the team that fired him ….

  • It cant be said enough, MLB commentators have this role completely figured out. You get invested in watching the development and progression of the players and criticisms are always done in a classy constructive way.

  • BringitbacklikeSlats

    Gene is an embarrassment and and an annoyance. I mute the tv whenever he comes on with his tired schtik. It’s like he watched and revered Ron McLean and then thought he’d put his own spin on the use of the pun. The difference being Ron is articulate, brilliant, and has perfect timing. Gene’s a Kmart ripoff that ls 90 IQ points down the witty meter. I cannot fathom how he’s lasted this long but I’ll be pleasantly surprised whenever they move him along. I would have thought they’d teach the monotonous and repeated “uh’s” out of his on air spiel, or get him to stop asking players how they “FEEL” about a period or a goal. He’s as lame as lame gets