Oilers take the ice for the first time


Happy September everybody, it’s preseason month! For the first time in what feels like decades, a few of the Edmonton Oilers have taken the ice together for an informal practice at Rogers Place. It appears to be Nurse, McDavid, Jujhar, RNH, Strome, Kassian, Yamamoto, Caggiula, Russell, Lucic, and a few more guys on the ice. Is your blood pumping yet? Mine is.

It’s been a very long summer and the excitement of seeing Connor and the boys skating together is almost overwhelming. Also, how about those light blue practice jerseys they’re wearing. Maybe we’ll see them as a third jersey one day? *hides under rock*

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We also have to talk about Connor’s flow. Is this going to be a new thing now? Will we see the McTuft come out at all if he’s got McFlow going? I have so many questions. I really hope he continues to grow it out. If we can get some flow AND tuft going I may lose my mind.

With Nurse on the ice I can only assume his contract will be announced any day now. It would be pretty awkward if he’s on the ice with the guys and then finds out that his agent is unable to get a deal done with the team. As Bob Stauffer pointed out on Twitter, it’s good to note that U of A Head Coach Ian Herbers is running the skate.

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32 more days!