Real Life Podcast Episode 88: “Retro” jerseys and rap beef

Another week means another episode of the Real Life Podcast, and this week, the room has emptied out a little bit and the terrific trio was back to discuss all things Oilers and, of course, the rap beef that’s happening on Instagram.

To start off this week’s episode, the boys took a few minutes to talk about last week’s interview with Brandon Davidson and went into the backstory of how the interview came together and what happened when the mics were turned off. When the Davidswoons finally ended, the boys got back to what they do best — talking about pointless rap beef and Napster downloads. Looking back on their youth, the guys recounted their first mp3 downloads while also reminiscing on their style from high school. Needless to say, Wanye and Baggedmilk were horrible dressers in those days and you probably won’t believe how bad their fashion ideas truly were. Speaking of fresh threads, the boys got into a jersey debate about the “retro” jerseys the Oilers released for their 40th anniversary while also looking at the fact that Al Hamilton was left off the anniversary patch that accompanies those jerseys.

Check out the episode below!

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