Leon Draisaitl to donate $1.2 million to local charity

Good guy alert! It was announced today that Leon Draisaitl will be donating $1.2 million to the WE Movement in Alberta, as well as Hockey Helps Kids.

You can read the official announcement here. In the agreement, Leon Draisaitl will be donating $150K per year to the charities from his salary over the next eight years. The donation is also being matched by the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation at 50%. The WE program is teaming up with Hockey Helps Kids, founded by Chloe and Harrison Katz, to bring together junior high schools, charities and hockey clubs to give youth a chance to be active participants in their communities. Having Leon Draisaitl as an ambassador will be a great contribution to the charity.

“I want to give back to the Edmonton community, because it has given me so much. It’s important to me to support youth learning about how to give back and be active in their communities in order to have a positive impact. I have seen the effect Hockey Helps Kids has as a team captain for D. S. MacKenzie School last year. The students were so dedicated to their cause. They were inspiring. WE also encourages youth to get involved and gives them the life skills and experience they need to make a difference. I am happy to support both initiatives, and see the impact they have on youth and our community.”

How great is this? I am a big fan of hockey players getting involved and contributing to their community. The fact that Leon Draisaitl is donating this much to a local cause and he’s not even from this country shows a lot about him. Leon is a very generous, compassionate person who is showing pride in the place he’ll call home for the next seven years. Good on ya, Drai!

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