Real Life Podcast Episode 91: Leon Draisaitl is a Jerk for Ruining Connor’s GQ Day

Another week means another episode of the Real Life Podcast, and this week the boys were thrilled to welcome comedian and former WHL linesman, Norm Shaw, to talk about the Oilers, life, and the time he got hit in the head by a Zdeno Chara slap shot.

With the NHL season just around the corner, Wanye starts things off by talking about his preseason excitement being at peak levels. McDavid is doing McDavid things, Nuge is already on fire, and Ty Rattie is shooting the lights out, and ol’ Wanye is having a hard time containing his excitement. This leads to a discussion about whether or not the Oilers are poised to make their return to glory, or if the guys are looking too much into preseason results. From there, Norm tells the boys some tales from when he was a WHL linesman, including the time he was hit in the head with a Zdeno Chara slap shot in his first North American game. Hearing Norm’s Chara stories from back in the day are pretty hilarious because it was obvious, even then, that this guy would be special.

Next up, the guys couldn’t help but talk about Connor McDavid’s GQ interview and all of the glamorous pics and gifs that were included. The guys also speculate on whether or not Connor should be upset that Leon Draisaitl stole his thunder with the news coming out about his $1.2 million donation to local charities. After those jokes wound down, the guys wanted to touch on Tiger Woods’ 80th PGA win and whether or not him being back is best for golf. Lastly, the guys get into their best and worst of the week and Baggedmilk rattles everyone to the core with a look at the Philadelphia Flyers’ new mascot, Gritty. As always, it was a jam-packed episode of the podcast and an excellent use of your time and ears.

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