GDB -3.0 Wrap Up: ANOTHER Preseason Win

I am guilty of not reading Jason Gregor’s GDB this afternoon thoroughly enough. If you look real close you’ll see the ugliest word that Oilers fans have had to become accustomed to this preseason, streaming. The arena’s name rights are owned by one of Canada’s sports network mother-ships. Sportsnet owns the NHL broadcast rights from now until forever but we are left to watch a stream of the scoreboard like we’re Calgary *shudders* or something.

I digress, a hockey game was played tonight between the Coyotes and the Oilers. With two preseason games (and one exhibition in Cologne) left to go, there is still a 6D to be decided between up to four different options (depending on who you ask). The spot behind Talbot is ostensibly still up for grabs even with Koskinen’s considerable tab to be paid ($1.45 million buried). Lots to be decided so let’s see how they did, shall we?

Period One:

I am not sure what happened in much of the first period because silly me was looking for the game on a television broadcast.

I put out a call to help me recap the first goal against, and you the Nation delivered.

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So that’s not ideal. “Right through the wickets”.


  • As I got the stream going finally at a point where I could watch, the Coyotes seemed to be outplaying our boys.
  • The push back from the Oilers came with a “shoot anywhere” mentality that was good to see.


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Period Two:

  • Oilers had a little push to start but the Coyotes keep pinning the Oilers deep in their end. Even Connor can’t seem to get it out.
  • Connor, who admittedly had a slow start (seems like the puck is jumping tonight), breaks out after stripping Oesterle and going 2 on 1 with Goligoski playing the pass perfectly, sniped, 1-1 tie.
  • Pontus is having a slow game (Stauffer even said with this performance he may not have a spot on the team) and he takes a careless high sticking penalty. On the ensuing powerplay, Keller finds Fischer in the high slot and the puck isn’t on his stick for more than a tenth of a second before he rips it home, 2-1 Dogs
  • Rattie with a golden chance to tie it up again.

  • Koskinen gets beat high but Keller catches all bar.
  • To keep that post in the topic of discussion Bear rings a clapper off it too.
  • On the subsequent rush down the other end Bear is forced to take a penalty, tired and out of gas.


The Oilers seem to have two real pushes this period that both got stymied by taking penalties. That is going to have to change as you’re just asking for last year’s historically bad PK to rear it’s ugly head. Koskinen allowed a goal on a laser beam from the high slot on the power-play and then got beat over his huge shoulders. He also made some solid saves but we’re going to need more from him. Bear making his push to be the first call-up at the very least so far. Rieder has been solid this period.

Period Three:

  • The Oilers are alive as Strome and Rieder break out on the PK and on a great move/pass by Ryan, Tobias pots it, 2-2 tie

  • The #McNuge and Rattie combo has a glorious chance but no goal, yet.
  • Koskinen has made some good saves. Listening to the radio team tonight they seem high on him. Could it be he is being penciled in already?
  • Klefbom and Larsson are geared up and ready to start the season now.
  • Aberg draws a penalty to give the Oil a chance to go up late, an appearance for him on an otherwise forgettable night.

Extra Inning

  • The return of McDavid and Leon (with Bear on D)
  • End to end action with the Oilers almost scoring then the Coyotes get a huge chance. The Oilers again and then….

The Wrap

Stauffer said it on the broadcast, this was the least emotion in a preseason game in a long time. Lots of guys feeling like they’re just ready to play for real I guess. The ice is poor, don’t think I have seen this many bouncing pucks since the last Nation holiday party shinny game.

Koskinen had another yo-yo outing. Some nice saves, a goal that he had little chance on, a goal that he has to stop. It will be interesting to see what the plan is for Saturday afternoon before the team takes off to Europe.

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The Oilers survive the chaos that is the overtime 3 on 3 and with the captain getting more open space than a shootout shot, he buries the game winner.

Moving on to Saturday afternoon with  Calgary with only one loss to show on their quest for the coveted preseason championship banner.

Other Notables:

Jesse Puljujarvi: The young man has had a monster preseason. Tonight, inexplicably he was not given much ice time. Gord willing it was just to give him an easier workload, I didn’t see an obvious injury.

Pontus Aberg: Not good. I had a lot of high hopes for this preseason and season of him taking the ball and running with it. He looks disinterested to my untrained eye. (This was written just before he had a burst of energy to draw a penalty and then wide open in front of the net just misses the open side)

Ethan Bear: I like Bouchard’s offensive game but I am really falling in love with Bear’s complete game. His shot is sneaky good and he is definitely playing better in his own zone.

What did you think Nation? What stood out for you? Who got ground your gears?

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  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Koskinen was solid tonight and arguably the best Oiler for 90% of tonight’s game. Lucic continues to impress me, though I think it’s time we swap Jesse and Kailer around. McDavid’s line was great as always, Klef-Larsson was solid.

    But yeah, this was a snooze fest for me. There was so little emotion, that even when the game was tied, it felt like the Oilers were losing. Still, happy to have gotten the W.

    • Nation Dan

      Agreed on Koskinen. He was markably (is that a word?) better today than anything else we have seen. That first goal had me saying woof but the rest was the cats meow.

      • Dallas Eakins Hair

        I will admit I was a a litte worried about Kositsin ( cause its in ) when he let in that first one, better in periods two and three, but I am hoping if he doesnt play the calgary game that he plays the full or part Devils game. I would like to see more of a body of work from him before the Oil decide if he should back up Talbot right off the hop or go to the AHL and play a bunch of games.I wonder if tehre isnt a communication issue with the defence though, there were a few times where he looked like he didnt know whether to play it or cover it up, language barrier maybe?

        Rattie seems full of confidence just making things happen, he and Jesse were flying tonight, even though Jesse didnt have any tallies to show for it, even Yamamoto came close. I was not very impressed with Aberg or Cagguila, like zero effort and even less of anything accomplished on the ice. Strome’s foot speed seems to be a concern in my mind, he seems like he is two steps behind everyone. Bear continues to impress with that cannon of his from the point, man I hope the Oil work with him on the things he needs to improve in our end, because that kid can skate and shoot, if they can get him doing things in our end better that kid could be another Nurse one day. Love the breakouts but what was going on in our end at times, it seemed in the latter part of the 1st and into the 2nd we were having trouble getting out of our end. The coyotes are a bad team, but man they kept us hemmed in a few times that made me wonder what the heck was going on. Guys not used to the new systems or partners maybe? I dont know, but I hope that isnt going to be a trend. Was kassian even playing? If he was he was invisible

        • OilerForLife

          I think he’s still adjusting to the rink size and the style of play, and hasn’t peaked yet. The first one was bad, but from that point on he was pretty solid. Still some battles going on, especially in the bottom 6. The play and intensity is ramping up, as the season draws near.

        • daryl

          Strome’s groin is really bothering him they need to sit him until he is healthy again. Yes it was a stinker loved that Conner took it on to win it for us but even he was having an off night and the ice was terrible.

          • Glencontrolurstik

            Sit Strome until he’s 100% & play Khaira. Strome is valuable when he’s healthy. When not healthy the fan’s will turn on him, we don’t need that early in the season. Good vibes are needed. Do not play Kostkinen in Europe on the big ice. He’s a small ice guy now, let him embrace the change & stick with it… DO NOT give him anything familiar…

      • Dallas Eakins Hair

        if you ask me I would say the Oilers keep Garrison over Jerabek, Jerabek other than that one block hasn’t been memorable and his foot speed concerns me. Garrison can blast it from the point, he isnt afraid to defend his turf in our end and he can skate, Garriosn isn’t flashy but he seems very steady eddy in his play and that is one of the things the Oilers sorely need with Sekera out

        • Glencontrolurstik

          McClellan says that he is not at all worried when Garrison is on the ice,… that’s a great feeling to have for a lower defense pairing. As well, he is an extremely likable personality. His way with the media & presence in the community goes a long way, a fantastic mentor for the kids…. Sports in general seems to be slowly losing that? It’s valuable to a team, we tend to forget that?

  • Lebronzo

    Pretty boring game but some real pro’s to fish out. Takeaways:
    1) Koskinen being that good was a 2.5M relief
    2) If we haddddd to take one of Cagguila and Aberg (and I wish we didn’t), I’d go with Aberg based on tonight. Maybe a C+ to Cagguila’s C-
    3) Yamo and Rattie both battled hard and played responsibly even though no offensive results. Was impressed again with both of them
    4) I love me some Bouch, but if I had to answer which of Bear and Bouchard helps the team more right now, its Bear. I suspect the answer will be different at this time next year

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      Cagguila and Aberg have both been un impressive so far. You would think after landing so far down the depth chart and being in TM’s dog house Aberg would come to camp a little more pump to rty and be a regular part of the roster, but it really doesnt appear so. Cagguila was one of the guys Chia was hoping would step up last year, now I know Cagguila was hurt last year so I will cut him some slack for that, but this camp with new contract in hand he would want to improve on how things went last year, so far I have seen zip from Cagguila that impresses me, like if it wasnt for getting mentioned in the telecast you wouldnt even know he was in the game. I am thinking Chia is going to waive him, especially when Chaisson has been better. The Oilers need guys that want to step, and they need them to especially after last season, Cahhuila doesnt seem to want to be a factor

  • Lyxdeslic

    I was at the game tonight and I had a few observations:
    1) Bear looked great with the puck on his stick, him and Garrison had a solid night by my eye
    2) Reider is fast, I loved his speed but thought he could of made better decisions with the puck. He seems to love to throw the puck at the net from bad angles when there is a guy open on the doorstep.
    3) Koskinen played well enough to win the game, he let in a softie but stood tall when he needed too
    4) Draisaitl was quiet, his line didn’t do much but Lucic made a couple noticeable nice plays that lead to great scoring chances. On the flip, he also turned the puck over several times.
    5) Puljujarvi is fast, looked like the fastest player on the ice not named McDavid. However, his playing time is limited, and he never got any ice time in overtime (T-mac chose Strome over Puljujarvi and he got dangled HARD for a grade A chance that Koskinen stopped leading to the McDavid goal). Seems like the kid can’t buy ice time, he will have to go above and beyond to earn any gravy time under this coach.

  • GK1980

    Not a bad game. Looked more like a regular season game. Tight checking not as many plays. Edmonton outplayed them though and Koskinen looked a little stronger after letting the first one in. Drai needs to get going, that is my only concern right now.

  • daryl

    Terrible game by the Oil if this is an indication of what to expect in the reg season we could be in trouble. The ice was bad not sure why we can’t get the same ice as at the old barn shame really. The Fin however looked like he just might be worth $2.5.

  • rivid

    I don’t care if it’s preseason or not but Lucic looks brutal out there. Get him off the second line he killed it. The puck died every time it came to his stick. Play him to his ability not his pay check. He should not be in the top 6 and that includes the power play.

  • Spydyr

    Anyone else notice the cheap shot crosscheck that Rattie took late in the game. It drove him head first into the boards the ref was twenty feet away and did not call it. That really peeded me off. It looked like the Oilers NHL players are getting bored with the preseason and want the year to start. They played just good enough to win.

    • GK1980

      The oilers had a league lead in least amount of penalties last season. Not and excuse for a poor PP but it sure didn’t help. The oilers better get more calls and PP opportunities this season.

      • Dr

        I heard a stats guy on the radio the other day. Not only did they have the lowest number of PPs in the league, it was a historically low number. Last year was a year of strange anomalies. They let in the first shot of the game 16 times, they lost 18 straight coaches challenges, they had the worst PK at home, but the best on the road, and their PP finished in the 31st place. They couldn’t repeat all of those things if they tried.
        They also lost 19 one goal games, not including empty net goals. So, I think they’re in for a good bounce back year.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006



    “Lucic hate train now arriving at preseason game #4. Lucic hate train now arriving at preseason game #4”

  • That's My Point

    If I was a BILLIONAIRE owner I would market the BEST player in the WORLD by televising all the Oilers games.
    I’d have my own Oilers broadcast crew announce the games NOT Calgary, Vancouver or Winnipeg homers.
    EVERYONE would want to buy a McDavid jersey after watching him on TV around the world.
    Or I could be like Katz and keep MacDavid all to myself so no-one outside of Edmonton’s arena could see him??
    This team is not run like a top notch organization.

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      No. He runs it’s like a country club. That’s all the Oilers are too Katz. A nice little retreat to meet up with past players and relieve the “glory” years

      • Glencontrolurstik

        It may look like that on the outside… But correct me if I’m wrong, I seem to remember the Oilers were extremely close to leaving Edmonton before ol’ Katzie came to the rescue? Not only that, they were just running on the seat of their pants. I remember the team not knowing where they would be from one season to the next?
        Cut Katz some slack, he can do what he wants it’s his team afterall? He is trying to improve it?
        Why don’t you apply for work on the Oiler’s payroll & try and make some changes to your liking?