Man climbs sculpture outside of Rogers Place and promptly gets arrested

This is breaking news that you’re going to want to tune into. And by breaking news, I mean that it happened on Thursday night. After the Oilers overtime win, this man decided to celebrate by climbing one of the art sculptures that stand proudly outside of Rogers Place. 

The story was reported on by CTV Edmonton. The man climbed to the top of the red, circular sculpture, and decided to set up camp for a while. When police politely asked for the man to come down, he refused. This forced EPS to call in a fire truck lift to force the man off of the sculpture. If there’s one thing I ask you to do today, it’s to watch the video below.

Yes, the man was high on drugs if you were wondering. I have many favorite things about this video:

  • The man was writing in a notepad with his legs crossed in the most casual fashion ever while perched on top of the sculpture. What was he writing in that notepad at the time? We will never know.
  • The man tried to avoid the police by wrapping his legs around the bars… as if that would stop them.
  • The man had to be wrestled into the lift with force by the Police.

How did he even get up there? I’ve seen that sculpture many times and I never thought it was possible to monkey your way to the top. He found a way through, and I salute him. The man is facing mischief charges as you can imagine, and I’m sure he’s in deep trouble with the police. This whole story is entertaining, except for the fact that he probably cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars for this stunt of his. This guy will go down as the first person in Edmonton history to climb the red piece of art in the Ice District.

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