Inside the Nation: Saying goodbye to Aberg, preseason lineups, and Evan Bouchard questions

Welcome everybody to episode three of Inside the Nation! What is Inside the Nation? It’s the Facebook Live show where our very own Dustin Nielson dives deep into the Internet machine to talk all things Oilers and answer your questions about what’s going on with the team we love. This week, Nielson talks about the Oilers traveling to Germany and prepping for their two international games, as well as the recent waiver transactions and trades the Oilers have made in the last couple of days. 

He kicked off the video by discussing the two pieces of breaking news out of Oil Country this morning. After being placed on waivers, Pontus Aberg was claimed by the Anaheim Ducks. Dustin was a pro-Pontus Aberg fan and really wanted to see him get a shot on the top line with either Connor or Leon. After that, Dustin goes on to speak about Jakub Jerabek getting traded to St.Louis as well as other Oiler training camp lineup questions. Where will Yamamoto get slotted in the lineup? Who’s going to be better, Jones or Bear? Where will Rieder get placed in the depth chart? There are so many unanswered questions right now to be discussed.

Moving onto other league news, the Devils just won their preseason game against the German team overseas and Dustin Nielson talks about how the Oilers will fare on the big ice in their preseason game this Wednesday. He also speaks about the Tom Wilson hit and what he expects the league to give him as a punishment.

Finally, Dustin Nielson talks about the most important question of the day. How many games will Evan Bouchard play in the NHL this season? Watch the video below and let us know in the comments!

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