Road to Sweden — Germany: I’m here

When I last left you fine folks I was in the Montreal airport getting some drinks with new found friends.

Where have you been!? I’ve got so much to tell you. Let’s go shall we?

Lufthansa to Munich

I did end up getting that drink, a pretty bad Caesar poured at one of the bars. The boys with me got drinks and food. The weird offer for me to hear was when the waitress asked if they’d like some mayo as a side for the fries. Like gravy in Alberta, mayo is the fry dip of choice.

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We made our way to the Lufthansa gate just in time to be boarded and as a guy who has only ever been on domestic flights, let me tell you, this plane was something to behold.

Its a little disheartening walking past all these amazing lounging chairs on the way back to the economy session was a little saddening but I was lucky enough to book the emergency exit row, or so I thought (more later)

The leg room was luxurious and my seatmate was already all settled in and coughing so we were ready to go.

I won’t bore you too much with flight details because I will sound like the biggest geek ever but being handed a hot towel made me feel like I was king of the castle. The food was delicious (pasta, Caesar salad, roll, cheese stick and strawberry cake for dessert; and then muffin, granola bar and yogurt for breakfast) and the drinks were flowing (beer with dinner, four or five glasses of apple juice/water/orange juice throughout the night and a glass of Baileys with ice as a night cap).

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After the night cap was when the real show started. It was like that was the moment when everyone on the plane decided to perform their evening constitution. I swear there was a line of never-ending bathroom goers. Of course, in mid-rush we hit some turbulence and everyone had to sit down. This turbulence lasted for what seemed like 45 minutes. The ensuing war with the flight attendants was a show in of itself. I was glad that my streak of never having to use a bathroom on a flight lasted through this flight.

Sleepless in Munich

Getting off the plane I knew I was headed for Customs. The girl at the counter tried to trip me up asking where I was headed before going back to the USA. You have to wake up pretty early in the morning to trick me into heading back to the USA. What was wild was the second part after being cleared where they ask you if you need to declare anything. It’s entirely trust based, and you take the green side (nothing to claim) which just heads you down a staircase and out you take the red path which sends you into a room with guards.

As a Canadian, I have to say I will never get used to seeing security guards in the airport carrying guns I have only ever seen in video games.

Exhausted, I was absolutely lost in this massive airport. I walked from one end to the other looking for where car shares (Uber) can pick you up (Spoiler alert, I didn’t) and after about an hour of aimless meandering, I settled on taking a cab.

Masked for a guy who would take credit cards. What followed was a 40-minute drive of me sweating it out as he refused to follow google maps for directions. I drove through the countryside, wondered if I was going to survive this and then got charged 150 Euros for a trip that was supposed to cost 90.

You live and you learn and for everyone who is doing this going forward, I warn you to negotiate a little before.

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Breakfast Sausages and Beer

A lot lighter in the pocket I arrived to join my friends at Mi1a Business hotel, greeted by my friends Lars and Ansa. They were ready for breakfast and so we headed to a local pub for a traditional German breakfast of sausages, pretzel and beer. Delicious food and a lovely barkeep named Elsy who gave us all kinds of tips and tricks as we planned to head to Oktoberfest.

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Ticket Nightmares

Flight: Part One

The coughing woman next to me on the flight has given me her cold. I ask you keep me in your thoughts as I write this before heading down to Oktoberfest on day two.

Stay tuned as I recap the craziness that is Oktoberfest and meeting all kinds of people who love the Oilers. If you’re here in Munich and want to meet up, let me know.

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