Recapping all of the first goals from last night

Last night was a roller coaster of emotions. This morning I’m feeling generally happy, but still disappointed that the Oilers even HAD to come back from a three-goal deficit. The comeback was incredible and I love everything again, but it’s hard to forget about those first two periods. Anyways, back to positives. A lot of “firsts” happened last night for the Oilers season and I’m going to talk about it. 

Ty Rattie’s first goal

Ty “The Answer” Rattie hasn’t had the scoring production as we expected him to have after scoring what feels like hundreds of goals in the preseason, but in reality, we shouldn’t expect him to continue that kind of production. Well, he finally got the monkey off his back after three scoreless games by potting his first of the season last night.

When something unbelievable happens, you never really know if Connor McDavid truly intends to do it. He’s so insanely skilled that you can’t really put it past him because it’s very possible he meant to do it. McDavid’s assist on Rattie’s goal last night was one of those times. Connor dangled as Connor does, but then “accidentally” fanned on his shot. Ty Rattie picks it up and then fires one upstairs for the goal. It was a beautiful shot, and likely an accidental pass. But we’ll never really know will we?

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Jesse Puljujarvi’s first goal

Jesse did it! He finally scored. Jesse Puljujarvi is probably one of the most rooted for players on the team. He’s such a loveable guy that watching him succeed is a fun hobby for Edmontonians. After three games, Puljujarvi potted his first of the season off of a beautiful play from Nuge & McDavid. I mean, sticking anyone beside #McNuge is a good idea to get them a goal, so I’m glad it finally happened for Puljujarvi.

Jesse’s facial expressions make my whole life, and his celebration after last nights goal didn’t disappoint. He makes me so happy!

The Oilers scored a goal without McDavid

For the first time in three games, the Oilers scored a goal without Connor McDavid being on the ice. The goal ended up being the overtime winner involving an end to end Darnell Nurse rush, so it was kind of a big deal. Before that goal, Connor McDavid broke an NHL record by being involved with the most consecutive team goals to start the season. In the Oilers first eight goals of the year, Connor had a point in all of them.

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If you’d like, we can go back even further to the end of last year. If so, Connor’s streak would be at 12 goals! Talk about team depth, amirite?

Darnell Nurse’s first goal

Speaking of Darnell Nurse’s end-to-end rush, it was his first goal of the year! I couldn’t believe my own eyes when he pulled off the toe-drag and scored upstairs. Frankly, I still can’t believe he did it. See for yourself below.

Nurse isn’t known to score a lot of goals, but with those hands he showed off, he might be beating his record of six/season real quick this year!

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  • Stinky Mitt to the Face

    How did Jesse get on the ice with Nuge and Connor? It must have been an extended shift…or Tmac is a coaching genius by double shifting him! I think that was the only time they were on the ice together.