GDB 5.0 Wrap Up: Make it three in a row, Oilers win it 3-2 in OT

Leon Draisaitl, come on down. You’re the next contestant on “Connor McDavid rules the world.” Final Score: 3-2 Oilers in OT

Finally, a home game! It feels like forever since we’ve seen the boys skating at Rogers Place and I almost forgot what their home jerseys looked like. Okay, so that’s an exaggeration but you know what I mean. It’s so odd to me that we’re more than halfway through the first month of the NHL season and the Oilers are only now playing in their first home game tonight. It’s quirky, ya know? With the opening ceremony out of the way and the game finally underway, you’d have been hard pressed to know which team was the one that played last night. The Bruins were all over the Oilers throughout the first period and had it not been for Cam Talbot, this thing could have really gone south in a hurry. The bright side is that good goaltending can cover up a lot of mistakes and the Oilers were lucky to have it tonight. It allowed them to bend without breaking, and that safety net gave them the time they needed to settle in and actually get to work.

As the game progressed, the Oilers started to find their groove and were actually able to start trading punches with the Bruins rather than getting pinned in their own end for entire shifts at a time, hanging on until the storm passed. To their credit, they managed to get the saves and luck needed to make it through those early onslaughts and get themselves back into the fight. I’m not sure why it’s taking some time for the boys to get going in these past few games, maybe it was the anxiousness of finally playing a home game, but, like in Winnipeg, they seemed like a different team in the final two periods than they were in the opening twenty. They were more confident with the puck, they didn’t easily give it up in transition, their passes were on the tape, and it’s an honest shame that they weren’t able to do it for all 60 minutes because it was much better to watch and a lot more for the Bruins to handle.

Even when Pastrnak scored to tie the game up at two, the Oilers didn’t panic and kept battling until the final buzzer sounded. And when it got to overtime? Forget about it. Connor and Leon on a 2-on-1 in OT is money in the bank.

We wrap.


  • Huge shout out to Kailer Yamamoto for scoring his first NHL goal, a complete snipe I might add, after receiving a beautiful stretch pass by Adam Larsson that he was able to pick up with speed and cash in on Halak. I love seeing guys score their first and the elation on Yamamoto’s face was pretty awesome to see.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins kept his point streak going with a big power play goal (his 2nd) in the third period that gave the Oilers their first lead of the night. Since having a quiet first game against the Devils, Nuge has turned up his level of play and the guy is really starting to heat up.
  • Leon Draisaitl won it for the Oilers in OT after he was the business end of a perfectly executed 2-on-1 with Connor McDavid. McDavid pulled a little dangle around Marchand and he walked in alone with Draisaitl and the duo made no mistake.
  • Add another two assists to Connor McDavid’s pile of fantastic that he’s building here. The guy was great again tonight and it’s amazing that he can made yet another two-point night seem so casual.
  • The Oilers should be buying Cam Talbot an edible arrangement after bailing them out on more than one occasion during that first period. Had it not been for him, the Oilers would have headed into the first period down at least a pair of goals and he kept that level of playing going all night long. Great night between the pipes for Dadbot as he finished the night with 27 saves and a .931 save%.
  • I really liked Milan Lucic’s game tonight. He was throwing his body around, had a few solid chances on net, and did a fine job of making his presence known. That’s the guy we want to see. If he had thrown a fight in there then we would have pulled out the glitter cannons. More of that, please.
  • I really liked the Klefbom/Larsson pairing tonight. They played a lot of minutes, were mostly effective in their own zone, and they moved the puck up to the forwards well. Case and point was the bomb pass by Larsson to Yamamoto on his goal. Solid night for both guys.
  • Big night for the special teams tonight as the Oilers won both the PK and PP battles. The PP came up with a big goal in the third period and the PK was able to shut things down all night long. Obviously, a massive difference on the night.
  • Another solid night in the faceoff circle as the Oilers finished the night at 52%.


  • The Bruins had the Oilers running around in their own zone to the point of actually getting tangled up with each other, leaving David Krejci alone with a wide open net.
  • David Pastrnak tied the game up at two apiece after he found himself wide open in the high slot, using that space to pick the top shelf on Talbot. It was a hell of a shot but there’s no way he should have had that much time and space.
  • The Oilers struggled mightily with their breakouts early on in this hockey game. Their passes were all over the place, their positioning was off, and they were lucky that those giveaways didn’t come back to burn them. Though, Talbot played a big part in that.
  • Matt Benning didn’t finish the game after he got banged up early and never found his way back He took a hit and got twisted up but there wasn’t much of an update about what the injury is. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how long he’s out for.
  • This game was not kind on the Oilers in general, now that I’m thinking of it.
  • These two teams were feisty tonight and it’s a real shame that they won’t play against each other anymore this year unless they meet up in the Cup Finals.
  • What did you guys think of the boys skating out through the Walterdale Bridge? Holy shit, did I laugh. I can’t wait to find out of they’re doing it all season.



No Scoring


11:17 Boston David Krejci (1) ASST: Matt Grzelcyk (3), Danton Heinen (1) 1-0
13:24 Edmonton Kailer Yamamoto (1) ASST: Adam Larsson (1), Kris Russell (1) 1-1


07:33 Edmonton PPG – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (2) ASST: Connor McDavid (6), Oscar Klefbom (2) 1-2
11:26 Boston David Pastrnak (8) ASST: Brad Marchand (10), Charlie McAvoy (5) 2-2


00:37 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (2) ASST: Connor McDavid (7) 2-3


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Photoshop: @isuckatpicking

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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 10/18/2018 – 10:30 pm MST

  • Hemmercules

    Missed most of the game but caught the end. That was some tense final minutes. Talbot is getting his confidence back, he didn’t get rattled from that tying goal and got them to overtime. Is there any more dangerous duo in over time than Leon and Connor? Throw nurse in there and they are killers. Keep it going boys! This week has been refreshing sleeping on wins every other night.

  • Canoe Ride 27

    3 on 3 OT is almost not fair when you have the best player on earth. Love how Connor roped Marchand into a bad pass and then dangled him for further insult.
    How about Yamo’s quickness? That was some acceleration!

  • ed from edmonton

    Its good to see most of the things happening that are needed for the Oil to have a chance at a playoff.
    1. Talbot has been excellent since game 1.
    2. The leftorium pp clicking at over 30%
    3. Penalty kill 3 for 3 last night.
    4. Each of the new RW JP, Rattie and Yamo have found the net.

    Now if PC can just find another Dman …..

    • Canoe Ride 27

      What to do with Bouchard? A solid game again but we all hate to rush this kid. Now with Benning out we may have to keep him up? I guess we have a few more games to make a tough decision.

      • The Dave

        A solid game? Dude was on for both goals against and made mistakes in both of them. I’m not trying to rip the kid – there’s no shame in a rookie D-man getting burned by the Bergeron line, and he’s great in the offensive zone, but he absolutely blew his coverage both times. On the first goal against he didn’t identify the opposing forwards crossed over and he was supposed to stick with his guy rather than flip back to his normal side. We had Nurse tying up a forward, Bouchard skating over to… watch… and David Krejci all alone. He had bumped into a fellow Oiler about five seconds earlier.

        I love his upside, I love the player, but let’s not kid ourselves: this is not what an NHL-ready defenseman looks like. This all happened in 13 minutes of ice time in a game where a D-man got hurt in the first, so we basically played the game with 4 D (who all had good really good games). He is going to be so valuable to this team very soon, but it would be stupid to burn up a year of his contract keeping him beyond the 9 games. I hope he plays a couple more, watches a couple more with a coach upstairs, and then goes back to Junior and rips it up.

        • ed from edmonton

          I agree that he had a level of culpability, on both goals. But also agree his s the 5th best Dman on the team at this point. God the Oil need some D help.

        • Canoe Ride 27

          And this is why I posed the question. Valid arguments on both sides. This whole Sekera thing didn’t help either, but even with him our D options are less than desired.

        • Redbird62

          On the first goal, Bouchard bumping with Kassian is unfortunate, but it is on both players not just Bouchard since the chip pass was intended for him and not Kassian. Maybe he shouldn’t have switched back to the right side after that, but Brodziak was the second guy chasing the puck carrier instead of turning to the slot to pick up another player as well. On the second goal, Bouchard was forechecked by 2 Bruins in the corner. Maybe he should have jumped on it a little quicker, but he got little help from Draisaitl and Nurse chose to follow the play into the corner as well (he has still has a habit of sometimes over committing in the defensive zone, but has cut down on this considerably with each passing season). This left Nuge to cover the front of the net, leaving Pastrnak open in the high right slot. The Oilers defensive zone coverage still needs some work, but it is not all on Bouchard. Players make individual mistakes all the time, but it often takes 2 or 3 mistakes occurring to result in a goal against. I am not saying Bouchard does not need to be sent back down after his 9 game stint, and agree he still has a lot to learn, but he has been okay. BTW, the only reason he was on the ice against that Bruins unit, was Larsson had to get off after a 60 second shift, and Russell still wasn’t ready to go after a 90 second shift prior to that.

        • CTP66

          Bouchard wasn’t the lone culprit on the two goals. Krejci is a centre, and was Brodziak’s guy to pick up. Brodziak, the vet, is floating in the middle of nowhere to Talbot’s right. Khaira also did not react fast enough to Krecji in behind him.

          On the Pastrnak goal, that was a group eff up. Four Oilers in the corner against a couple Bruins, including Nurse who still has a tendency to run around out of position in his own end. Marchand gets away from four guys, leaving one Oiler defending him coming from behind the net with Pastrnak wide open in front.

          Bouchard is going to make errors, but he has played better overall than Benning, and moves the puck up ice better than any other defenceman on this team. He looks to be improving each game, as he learns, even with some positional errors. He does need to be put on the#1 PP unit to see what he brings there, before any decisions are made. Whether it is him going back after nine games, staying longer and going back before the World Juniors, or staying all year.

          • CTP66

            It was 3 Oilers on 2 Bruins in the corner on the Pastrnak goal, not 4, as I had said. Nurse came over in the corner, where Bouchard already was, nobody picked up Marchand, and left Nuge defending Marchand coming from behind the net, with Pastrnak open.

          • Glencontrolurstik

            Yeah, I always said that Matt Benning (drafted by Chia in Boston) was a bet that Chia lost with Jim (Matt’s uncle) who worked with Chia in Boston as his scout…
            Other than the odd open ice hit in the neutral zone, Benning is not very effective as a D-man, at the NHL level anyway. You have to wonder what the powers that be see in him, if not for a lost bet?

  • _Bubba

    Great game, damn glad I watched passed the first period. Nuge isn’t a “Baby” anymore and the McDavid Draisatl Line still looks all powerful. But the Walterdale Bridge???? WTF???

    • ed from edmonton

      Maybe the Oil are getting artsy and see the bridge as a metaphor for the team. The bridge took longer to build than planned but now that its finished it looks quite impressive.

  • The Dave

    Can we have a special shout-out for McDavid’s defensive play in that OT? Right before we scored the Bruins had the puck and one of them slammed on the gas for a breakaway pass while all three Oilers were deep in the offensive zone. McDavid identified it, went hard on the backcheck and ended up picking off the pass. Five seconds later we won the game.

    It was a sweet pass by McDavid, but the real play was that backcheck. One of a few good ones he had on the night.

  • gordo

    will take oilers winning 1-0, 2-1.3-2, 4-3 5-4 etc in ot every day ending in a y. just wondering when some of the 3rd and 4th line passengers will start producing