The Capilano Rehab Injury report – Caggiulaless

Another week, another Injury Report. The Oilers are five games into the season and things are looking up. In case you’re wondering, I’m completely over worrying about the Injury Report jinxing this team. If something bad happens, it happens, and we can’t do anything about it. Right? *knocks on wood*

There hasn’t been a lot of action this past week until last night. As discussed in last weeks report, Adam Larsson and Kris Russell were in and out of the lineup during the preseason to some nagging injuries, but they weren’t anything to be concerned about, and they didn’t miss any regular season games thankfully. This past week we obviously have Andrej Sekera still on the LTIR, but Drake Caggiula is also making his first appearance in the report this season. Ty Rattie and Matt Benning also left the game injured last night, but right now we’re in need of further information.

Ty “The Answer” Rattie

Alright, bad news. Ty Rattie, our beloved answer, took an awkward looking hit in last nights game against the Bruins in the second period. It was tough to see what exactly injured Rattie but I think while getting hit he may have taken a stick in the hands? Either way, he dumped the puck in and went straight to the dressing room. Rattie returned to the bench a few minutes later but didn’t come back after the second intermission. After the game, Todd McLellan said Ty Rattie is doubtful for Saturday’s game. Of course he never really gave any more info, but this is all we have to go with for not.

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Matt Benning

Matt Benning ALSO left the game in the second period last night and didn’t return. This situation was a little odd because no one even knew he was gone, and nobody said a word about his absence. I mean, no one realizing you’re gone is always a possibility for a 5/6 defenceman, but we were still all very curious online. Thankfully Jason Gregor saved the day and provided us all with a much-needed update.

So a potential head injury? Unfortunately, we have no video evidence of this hit right now so it’s tough to say how bad it could be. Again like Rattie, Todd McLellan didn’t say much about Benning’s injury. All that was said was both Rattie and Benning are doubtful for the game on Saturday. Hopefully we have some more details before then but for now, we’re going with an upper-body injury.

Drake Caggiula

Drake Caggiula suffered a lower-body injury during the game against the Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday. Early in the third period, Andrew Copp took down Drake Caggiula in an arguably dirty play. Take a look below for yourself! Copp got two minutes for holding on the play and Drake Caggilua finished the game. Drake missed practice on Wednesday and it was then announced that he has a lower-body injury from the Copp hit. It’s important to note that he skated on Thursday, but was still out of the lineup for last nights game.

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This is pretty disappointing for Caggilua. The guy had a pretty rough preseason as he struggled with an illness, but he’s been looking really solid as a depth forward the last couple of games. He missed last nights game against the Boston Bruins, and there’s no timeline for his return. I’m hoping this is just a stinger and he’ll be back soon. With his absence, Zack Kassian now has an opportunity to take his spot in the lineup.

Andrej Sekera

You’re probably going to get sick of me talking about Andrej Sekera, but get used to it. He’s going to be on the Injury Reserve long-term; some may even call it the Long Term Injury Reserve. Therefore he will be in this report every week. If you missed my in-depth breakdown of his Achilles tear, you can find it in last weeks report. We are one week closer to seeing Sekera back on the ice!

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