Inside the Nation: Bouchard on the power play, Gravel vs. Garrison, and Cooper Marody

We’re back with another episode of Inside the Nation with Dustin Nielson! What’s Inside the Nation you ask? It’s where our good pal and writer, Dustin Nielson goes on Facebook Live every Monday and Thursday at 2:30 pm MST to talk all things Oilers and hockey. 

With the Oilers coming off a disappointing loss this weekend by the Predators, there were a lot of things to chat about today for Dusty, including how the power play has looked so far this year. Todd McLellan was giving the power play a lot of praise this morning in a media scrum, however, Dusty had some different opinions about it. He also discussed how Evan Bouchard looked on the power play this past weekend and whether or not he should get more looks on special teams.

It was recently announced that Ty Rattie has been placed on the IR and Cooper Marody was called up from Bakersfield. Dusty breaks down what we should expect to see from Marody, and where he’ll fit in on the current Oilers depth chart. Dusty also gave us some insight on the fancy shirt he was wearing during the episode and the special secrets that the shirt holds.

Another big Oilers debate going on right now is Gravel vs. Garrison. Who should the Oilers go with for the third defensive pairing? Dustin Nielson gives his opinion, as well as his early playoff prediction! That’s right, we’re six games in and someone asked Dusty if we’ll be making the playoffs. You’re going to want to listen to his answer as it might make you smile.

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The Edmonton Oilers didn't get Kasperi Kapanen, but could another deal be made with the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Finally, Nielson answers the most important question of the day: Does Evan Bouchard stay past his nine games? Bouchard has shown a lot of positives so far during his tenure with the Oilers. He adds a lot of good skill to our team but is it worth it to keep him up in the NHL vs. sending him back down to junior?

Watch the full video below!

Check out the live edition of Inside the Nation on the Oilersnation Facebook page every Monday and Thursday at 2:30 pm MT.


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  • Natejax97

    Unless you are 100 percent certain that Russell and sekera will waive their non movement clauses prior to the Seattle expansion you have to send Bouchard back to junior.

    • OilerForLife

      100% – Unless we sustain only minor injuries and not many, and not to any core players it’s going to be hard, but not impossible to make the playoffs. No point in handing Bouchard to Seattle, if we miss the playoffs as well. Double whammy !

    • Die Hard Oiler Fan

      Shouldn’t the Oilers be sending Bouchard back regardless of Russell and Sekera situation ? If Bouchard stays with the club (and Sekera and Russell both agreed to waive their NMCs), the Oilers could protect 4 defensemen (if it was up to me that would be Klefbom, Nurse, Larsson, and Bouchard – assuming Bouchard develops as expected). The problem here is that having to proteft 4 d-men means we can then only protect 4 forwards – McDavid, Draisatl, Nuge and unless he waives his NMC, Lucic. That leaves some promising young prospects unprotected (Puljujarvi, Yamamoto, Benson), doesn’t it ?

      If we send Bouchard back to London, he would not need to be protected in the event of a 2020 Seattle expansion draft (and again assume that Sekera and Russell are willing to waive their NMCs), the Oil could then protect 3 d-men (Nurse, Klefbom and Larsson – Bear would probably be exposed), and 7 forwards. Per the first paragraph we would need to protect McDavid, Nuge, Drasaitl and Lucic for sure, that’s 4. I’ll leave it to you the reader to review the forwards currently with the Oilers and Bakersfield, and assess who you might not want to lose. While we can’t easily predict where some of these prospects’ games will be at in 2 years, I would hope we will be wanting to and able to protect s many of Puljujarvi, Yamamoto, Marody ??, Benson ?? as possible.

      • OriginalPouzar

        Bouchard will be exempt from a 2020 expansion draft even if he stays all year this year.

        The issue is only if expansion is delayed a year until the 2021 off-season – if he vests “a year of pro” this year, he won’t be exempt for a 2021 draft.

    • OriginalPouzar

      Actually, the Sekera and Russell contracts, vis-a-vis expansion are non-issues as it comes to Bouchard.

      Sekera’s NMC is gone after this season so it doesn’t matter.

      If the expansion draft is after the 2019/20 seaason, as planned, Bouchard will be exempt even if he stays all year this year.

      If expansion gets delayed until after the 2020/21 season, Russell’s contract is expiring that July 1 and you don’t have to protect contracts with NMC’s that are about to expire.


      With that said, they must not vest a year of pro for Bouchard this year. We won’t know until December at the earliest if expansion is delayed until after the 2020/21 season and, if it is, Bouchard will need to be protected if he vests a year of pro this year (he will be exempt if expansion goes as currently scheduled).

      It is way too big a risk in a season where he isn’t going to move the needle and its not even clear the NHL is the best place for him.

  • OilerForLife

    At this point, I think Gravel is the better option. Garrison can be sent down to rest up help the rookies and called up if he excels. We may need both bodies throughout the season.