Alex Chiasson gets his Stanley Cup ring

The Capitals have come to town. The memory of the team’s dismantling of the Vegas Golden Knights last year is still fresh for most. Most of all the former Caps that ended up signing deals with other teams as free agents. That’s where this story and Alex Chiasson come in. This offseason the Stanley Cup Champion Chiasson signed a PTO with the Oil and turned that PTO into a fresh new one-year deal. Today he was invited into the Capitals locker room to meet up with some of his old teammates and be given his championship ring.

With a hug from his former captain, Ovie, Alex was handed the fancy box that held one of the most important rings he will ever put on.

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Here is a close up picture of the ring that broadcaster Alan May was given by owner Ted Leonsis (who by the way has given pretty much anyone who has done anything for the team for the last year a ring out of his own pocket money).

Honestly, it’s a great moment for a guy who just had the best goal of his life and probably his best game as an Oiler so far. He now gets to put winning with his old team behind him and replace that with winning against his old team tonight. Congrats Alex.