GDB 13.0 Wrap Up: As it was meant to be, Oilers win 4-3 in Detroit

That’s a good way to start off the road trip, boys! Final Score: 4-3 Oilers

Coming into today’s game against Detroit, my biggest concern was that the Oilers would play down to the Red Wings’ level. Over the first month of the season, we’ve watched our boys battle and hold their own against some of the best teams in the NHL and, to me, that meant that it was absolutely crucial that they not let themselves slip against lesser competition. Not only did I want to see the Oilers win this game as we all expected them to, I wanted them to make it hurt. I know it might seem a little much to want to see a total demolition of a rebuilding team, but I’ve watched more than enough rebuild-related beatdowns over the past decade to make me want to be on the other end of the equation for once. I don’t think that’s too much to ask? No, I didn’t think so either. After Drake Caggiula scored only 12 seconds after the opening faceoff, I thought my dreams of a rebuild beat down were about to be answered.

Getting a goal on the first shot of the game was the kind of start that we haven’t had go our way a whole lot, but it certainly brought a smile to faces across the Nation and made this humble blogger believe that there were to be no beets in my future. Unfortunately, Edmonton’s goal per 12-second pace didn’t last, the counterpunching began, and a bad defensive breakdown in their own zone permitted the Red Wings to get on the board and a lucky bounce off the boards got them another. Even though they were heavily outshot all night long and the Oilers were clearly the better team here, the Red Wings were incredibly resilient and it was a quality that kept them in it for all 60 minutes. The good news is that our boys didn’t let the untimely goals or youthful exuberance affect them beyond allowing this game to end up closer than it should have been. But as the game wore on, the Oilers poured on waves of offensive pressure with each line contributing something different, and it got to the point where the Red Wings were overwhelmed and making mistakes that cost them enough goals to lose.

At the end of the day, the team that was supposed to win did exactly that, and even though it wasn’t the lopsided beatdown that I was hoping for, our guys still walk away with two more points in the bank which is ultimately what matters.

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The wrap.


  • How about Drake Caggiula scoring on the first shot of the game for the Oilers? First of all, the Drake clearly doesn’t want to give Ty Rattie his spot back as he continues to produce with McNuge, and secondly, it’s way more fun to GET a first shot goal than to allow one. Fact! Science! Hell yes! How bad does Caggiula want The Answer title belt?
  • Not to be outdone, Alex ‘The Answer’ Chia’s son refused to give up his title as he added his sixth goal of the season by pumping home a perfect cross-ice pass by Connor McDavid. This battle for The Answer belt is really heating up!
  • How about Kyle Brodziak scoring his first goal of the season that came as a result of a top shelf snipe? Khaira set the two-time Oiler up with some time in the high slot and Brodziak made no mistake of scoring his first goal with the Oilers in almost a decade. Deciding that one goal just wasn’t enough, Brodziak followed up with an insurance marker midway through the third period to add another nail into the Red Wings coffin.
  • I want to give a special shout out to the fourth line for playing well all night long, and it seemed like only a matter of time before they would click and make something pop. You gotta love when you get two big goals from the fourth line that help carry the team to a win.
  • I will never tire of watching Connor do Connor things like putting up another casual two-point performance. Sometimes when I’m watching him it feels like he’s just waiting to be drafted to a league above this one that doesn’t exist yet.
  • It was another great night for Oscar Klefbom as he continues to perform like a top pairing defenceman for this hockey team. Once again, he played the most minutes on the team (24:57) and he looked damned good doing it. Both he and Larsson have really taken steps forward this season.
  • Mikko Koskinen earned a second straight start after his brilliant performance against the Blackhawks on Thursday and he followed it up with another fine effort for the Oilers, though I’m sure he’d like to have the first two goals back. Koskinen was a highly debated signing around here, I know I personally thought it was ridiculous at the time, but the Hope from Helsinki has come in and done his job in all three appearances and he’s walked away with the win every time. Koskinen finished his night with 23 saves and a .885 save%.
  • I don’t know what it’s going to take to get Tobias Rieder a goal but I can’t think of any forward that deserves one more then he does. The guy is doing everything right except for finishing, and I can’t help but think the floodgates are about to open.
  • It was another perfect night for the Oilers PK as they shut the door on both of Detroit’s opportunities. Another nice performance after the gong show against Minnesota earlier in the week.
  • Gotta like 53% in the faceoff circle! It’s always nice to start with the puck rather than chase it.
  • The boys at Nation HQ are doing Movember and are looking for donations and people to join their team. If you’re interested in either you can Click here


  • De La Rose was on a 13-game scoring drought and ended it tonight against the Oilers. Are you surprised? You’re not, are you? After a tough giveaway by Nurse in the defensive zone, the Red Wings got all kinds of undeserved zone time and they turned it into a game-tying goal.
  • Tough luck for Koskinen and the Oilers on Danny DeKeyser’s goal in the final minute of the second period. His point shot bounced off the end boards, towards the net, and in off of Mikko Koskinen’s skate to bring the home side back to within one. Shit happens, though I’m sure we’ll some complaints about Koskinen’s positioning.
  • Tyler Bertuzzi made things interesting at the end of the game as he batted the puck out of mid-air and past Koskinen to bring the Red Wings back to within one. With 90 seconds left in the game, Bertuzzi’s goal made things close but was ultimately too little too late.
  • The Oilers only got one powerplay chance on the night but they really weren’t able to make anything happen with it. I know it was a small sample size but I’m always hoping for goals when it comes to the PP.
  • I don’t want this to seem like I’m being negative or complaining after a big win, but the Oilers need to get something, ANYTHING out of their third line. Right now, the Ryan Strome line is as likely to score as I am and I don’t think I have to tell anyone how big of a problem that is.
  • I can’t imagine ownership is all that happy about the half-empty barn in Detroit. The timing of their rebuild and that of the new arena opening has gotta be frustrating on some or all levels.



00:12 Edmonton Drake Caggiula (5) ASST: Connor McDavid (11), Oscar Klefbom (6) 1-0
14:52 Detroit Jacob De La Rose (1) ASST: Gustav Nyquist (10), Michael Rasmussen (2) 1-1


01:15 Edmonton Alex Chiasson (6) ASST: Connor McDavid (12), Adam Larsson (4) 2-1
14:29 Edmonton Kyle Brodziak (1) ASST: Jujhar Khaira (3) 3-1
19:24 Detroit Danny DeKeyser (1) ASST: Luke Glendening (5), Martin Frk (1) 3-2


08:57 Edmonton Kyle Brodziak (2) ASST: Jujhar Khaira (4) 4-2
18:34 Detroit Tyler Bertuzzi (5) ASST: Dylan Larkin (9), Gustav Nyquist (11) 4-3


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It’s been another action-packed seven days for our beloved Edmonton Oilers since we last recorded, and they finished their week with a 3-1 record which gave us plenty to talk about. We start things off by recapping the week that was, specifically going through the games against Minnesota and Chicago and talking about how sometimes the stats don’t always match up to results. With that in mind, Cooom drops a hot take on us about a major player being moved out of town, and we give our thoughts on whether or not it will happen. Major player? Leaving? Say it ain’t so, Cooom.


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 11/03/2018 – 7:45 pm MT

    • Boba The Fett

      I believe the stat is that Caggiula actually has 18 goals in his last 76 games. On pace for 20 goals over a full 82 games, not to shabby I would say. Oh and he also provides speed and physicality

    • tealyn

      Drake is slowly growing on me, I think he has potential even though thats hard to admit. I would give him some slack in his leash and see how he handles it. That would be a pleasant surprise for the Oilers if he can develop consistency in his game.

  • HugePayne

    Was at the game tonight. Live in the motor city (boo). Man Looch, puck really dies on his stick. I counted 12 times. Pizzajarvi needs to go down to bakersfield. Looked overwhelmed and uncertain on what to do. McDavid was not even trying at 50%, and ending up with the assists. Broziak and Kaira have chemistry. Koskinen is a huge man, and was unlucky on a few goals. That across the net glove save was sweet. Many oilers fans in the house. I’m actually enjoying going to Oilers games after getting embarrassed for the last 12 years since the 2006 run. Go Oilers!

  • Odanada

    I noticed Jesse taking the body a bit tonight. He’s trying, but this is not the place to be learning that stuff.
    I can’t help but think he needs some time in the AHL. He’s just not bringing enough to the table to earn a spot on the roster right now.
    Work hard Jesse. Work hard.

      • Elasmus

        Agreed. As a goalie myself, all 3 of those goals were weird ones that Detroit didn’t deserve. Also, nobody seems to be mentioning that great glove save he made on Frk, that was pretty sick.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    We’re rolling 4 lines. We’re getting enough goaltending to win games. We’re getting secondary scoring. Our PK is better. If we can fix that god-awful PP, we’re golden. Oh and if anyone is keeping score, we’re 1 point behind the Leafs. 1. Freaking. Point. All we need now is the Flames to lose to Chicago and tonight will be the perfect night

    • cityofchampions

      Our third line may need some tweaking to get it going, but the other three lines should stay as they are. Maybe put Rattie on the third line and move Pool Party to the AHL for a few weeks to get his confidence back. I think Chiasson deserves a shot on PP1…he’s a bigger guy and has hands, he should take Lucic’s spot. Keep rotating goalies based on performance, and rotating Rattie/Cags on lines 1 and 3 based on performance. Gee…its nice to finally have the depth to be able to reward good performance.

      • fasteddy

        I hate to say it because I was thrilled when they signed him, but the problem with the third line is Luc….not entirely of course, but it sure seems like production halts on whatever line he plays with.

  • Johnny Stomper

    Pool party. I’m all behind this guy. Rooting for him but I finally say the reality tonight that he needs to be put down in the AHL and play huge minutes. That’s what he needs right now. He ain’t gonna learn the game properly in the nhl at this point.

    • Rufio Barcoli

      I agree.
      Sent him down for a solid stint.
      Play Rattie in his place.
      Plus you get the luxury of switching between Rattie and Caggiula with McDavid pending on the opposing defense pairing.

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    I’m the biggest Puljujarvi fan out there, but even I say now it is time for him to go down to the AHL. Get lots of playing time, get confidence, learn how to play positionally, learn to use that shot of yours effectively. I hope when he comes up next time he can be here for good, and be really good. We need this guy’s potential to pay off, and the only way I see that happening right now is for him to go down and DOMINATE at the AHL level for a long time. Good luck, Jesse – put in that serious work and it WILL pay off!

    On another note, I love having a back-up we can put in…and still win games! Can’t remember when that happened last, on a regular basis… : )

    • JonasR

      I agree that 3rd does not work. But Puljujärvi is not the weakest player in the 3rd line. He works mostly hard and defends the best. Who is responsible for creating and building situations in play? It’s Strome’s job but he can not do it. A second problem is Lucic, he has too slow hands to play a fast game.

      • cityofchampions

        Get over yourself. Teams won’t win every game 4-0 you know. Winning on the the road is a good thing, no matter where it happens. We were clearly the better team, but Detroit got some bounces and kept it close. Oilers proved their bona fides in October, and played good enough to win tonight. Oilers will get beat at some point this year by a bottom 5 team, it happens to everyone, but when it happens we all know you’ll be there to bung all over the Oilers. If you aren’t a fan of the Oilers, go comment on a team you actually cheer for.

        • MrBung

          I will be convinced when this seasons edition puts up wins against the Pacific. We have seen editions of past Oiler teams do well against the East but then fall off against the Pacific.

          • toprightcorner

            Are you an idiot? Oilers have the best record of any team the past 2 years within the Pacific Division. Based on the comments you tend to make, you seem like you have minimal hockey knowledge and just make things up off the top of your head.

            You know a guy needs a lot of attention when you have to go to a website for a team he doesn’t cheer for to get some replies to his comments. What’s a matter, nobody at Flames Nation like you either?

      • Give it a damn rest. Red Wings got 2 lucky goals that if it weren’t for it would be 4-1. These guys are still millionaire NHL-level players that are getting paid to compete at the rink every night. You’d think after getting 36 wins in a season we were supposed to hoist the cup that people would just be happy about a damn win. 8-4-1 to start a season where people had us winning half of that, after last season I’ve decided to just enjoy the win and quit nit-picking over not winning 8-1.

      • Buttonpusher

        You poor little guy…you really must have been ignored as a child…your cries for attention are sad and pathetic. Go away everyone here wants you to quit posting. Seriously. And learn something about hockey while you’re busy not posting here!

  • OilerForLife

    I’ve been saying this for a while, but we’ll also see how good the buildings will be filled in the US when the teams overall don’t do as well. The tide has turned on that and some cities will have fairweather fans and the stands will be empty when they don’t make the playoffs every year. Enough of that!

  • Ziom

    Nurse again a -2 on the night. He is becoming a big liability and took a really bad penalty. The game was closer then it appeared. I am very concerned with the Powerplay and their inability to score on empty net goals.

    If Detroit put the jets on today, they would have won. This is the best the Oilers can do when they are playing their best, is barely beat a bottom basement team. The crash is coming. Mcllelan is still suffering from Lucic love. I dont know why he is on the first line power play. Every play dies with him. As soon as the puck goes into the board on the PP Lucic takes eons to whip it around and pass it. By the time he has figured out what to do, an opposition stick is there to dump it down. He is too slow. Lucic should be benched with Nurse. Rattie should be on PP. I noticed today that the second unit PP was better able to control the puck. Single reason was because a lucic the lug nut was not on the second unit. McDavid deserves better, he needs a fast winger on the PP. No Lucic on the left hand wall.

    Look at the Cancuks, Boeser, Horvat, Petterson, wow instant starts. We have Nurse, Puljarvi, and Yamamoto, who are all busts. We cant draft, and we can develop talent. We have wasted away Yakapov and traded our best in Hall and Eberle for bag of pucks. Imagine Hall and Eberle on this team now. I would easily trade in Strome and Larson. The marginal defence price could be recouped with Ethan Bear and having kept Hall and Eberle.

    Fire Chirelli and Mcllelan

    • cityofchampions

      All this negativity AFTER an Oiler win on the road? You guys aren’t happy when the Oilers lose, and now you aren’t happy when they don’t win by enough. Every team wins some games they should lose and lose some games they should win. Red Wings were a bit fortunate today and kept the game closer than it should have been, but the Oilers overcame puck luck being on the side of the Red Wings and won the game anyway. That is what good teams do.

    • OriginalPouzar

      Do you mean the Eberle that has 7 points and is -4 on a team that has a plus 12 goal differential and the Taylor Hall that has scored as many goals this year as Kyle Brodziak did tonight?

    • Did you watch the Winnipeg game when he scored the winning goal. Did you watch the play offs when Eberle was invisible and checked out. Where is Yakupov after playing in St Louis, and Colorado. Was no brainer #1. Strome is trying not to bleed goals with Lucic on his line, Just like Nuge has been doing for years. Buddy we won and we are above 500. I agree it was nervous and we were fighting it in our end.

      Talk about our 4 th line and they were dominant tonight. How having 2 decent goalies is a good thing. Players develop better on a winning team. I am sure.

    • Axe

      Wow.. It’s true there is some people you can’t please no matter what.. Oilers of the past would have played down to the level of a rebuilding team like Detroit and lost this game.. 8-4-1 and have looked good doing it.. Lets show some positivity and optimism.

    • Chia’s son and Drake both have more goals in less games then Eberle and Rieder has as many points in as many games as him, Chiasson and Caggiula combined don’t even make half as much as Eberle does. There’s this thing called “cap space” that you need especially when you’re committing $20M to your 2 best players. Nuge is a billion times a better fit with McDavid then Hall was and he has as many assists and one more goal then Hall this year. The big-3 is surrounded with plenty of cheap but effective options(Chiasson, Rieder, Drake, Rattie, Yam, Poolparty), the top-6 is the last thing we should be complaining about.

    • MrBung

      Oil backend will be their undoing and reason they end up with way worse Pacific record. Tandem in San Jose, and Swedish Gretzky on the Canucks will eat them up.

      • OriginalPouzar

        Oilers currently 6th in the NHL in points and:

        – one point behind 5th with 2 games in hand

        – one point behind 4th with 1 game in hand

        – 3 points out of 1st in the NHL with even games played

        It may be time to start thinking this team is good.

          • Boba The Fett

            Bung, are you seriously pointing to something that hasn’t even taken place yet as your reason for negativity? You were probably one of the ones that said they wouldnt make it out of October in decent shape, then they pass with flying colors and instead of acknowledging it you ignore it and find another issue with the team. The problem is you can’t even refer to a current quantifiable stat or issue to justify your concern at the moment. Instead you refer to an issue that has been a clear strength for the Oilers over the past 2 years. Seriously quit posting your non sensical comments!

          • OilerForLife

            They haven’t played them yet, but if they continue playing the Pacific as well as the last couple of years then things are going to be a lot of fun.

          • OriginalPouzar

            Given their play against the Pacific over the last few years, one would anticipate they’d have even more success when they start playing the pacific on the 17th.

          • Go Oilers!

            I’d like to formally request to Oilersnation to block Mr Bung from posting.

            This feed is a place for debate, both positive and negative, not for for trolls who clearly aren’t fans of the team and know nothing about hockey.

            I’m on oilers nation every day, but never commented before. Just created a log in In order to post this. Under login it said “fill out info to pledge your allegiance”.

            This guys allegiance is clearly not towards to oilers because no one in their right mind would comment like this about a win and a 8-4-1 start.

            Oilers a rocking starts, this feed right now should be a place to rejoice, Not having everyone have to counter this tool bag with facts that he clearly doesn’t know.

            Please ban him. If not, Mr Bung. Please crawl back into you moms basement and shut up.

          • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

            Go Oilers!: Welcome. The other posters on ON also have a responsibility to simply ignore the trolls. It’s a fundamental rule of the interwebz: don’t feed the trolls.

        • A-co

          Team isn’t good….Mcdavid is beyond great…defense could use 2 more capable men….that 3rd line is the most expensive joke in the nhl…goaltending is OK…4th line is a 4th line…2nd line is OK…don’t kid yourself if 97 is not on this team it makes a team like Detroit look like the Harlem Gloob Trotters…and take lucic off the power play already….HA HA Todd that jokes laugh track has ended. .freezing rain today everyone be safe out there…thank you

          • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

            I gotta love that argument. “If McDavid wasn’t on the team”. Look, if ifs and buts where candy and nuts, I’d probably be in the NHL right now. But the reality is that McDavid IS on the team. The reality is that we’re 8-4-1, and currently sitting 3rd in the Pacific. Stop whining and moaning and enjoy this.

    • Gravis82

      Anyone who trashes your post is insane.

      Hall is a freakin stud of a player and we’d be better off with him over any player on the oilers not named McDavid and ‘Klefbom this year so far’.

      I will never understand why this trade gets a pass. Oh I know, fairweather fans who just started cheering for the oilers when they drafted McDavid and failed to watch hall literally drive his line to even in all
      The years he was here while the rest of the team would struggle in the AHL.

      I actually don’t like watching anymore Because of that trade, it’s disgusting. I will get over it when chiarelli is gone. We could have had a cup by now.

      • Rufio Barcoli

        Are you calling Hall a stud on the strength of his looks?

        If your calling everyone who do doesn’t much care about the Hall trade a fairweather fan than you obviously must be a Hall groupie.

        I’ve been following the Oilers for 30+ years, and Hall was one of the worst representations of the Oilers crest.
        You appear to suffer from psychosis.
        If the Oilers could have won a cup with Hall they would have.
        Hall is not the one to take you to a championship.
        He was not the Oiler I knew.
        Hall was soft, selfish, heartless, spoiled, entitled.
        Name me one Oiler of old that showcased those traits while representing and leading the Oilers.

        Hall is not what your psychosis envisions.
        If he was half the picture of the brush your painting him with-he would have at least been invited to Canada once.
        The title he was given last year was done by his agents media mates.

        I would take Nuge any day over Hall, and it appears Oilers would too.
        Eberle and Hall were never the players you and the Cactus Club Blondies seen them as.

        • Gravis82


          He won the hart

          I don’t give 2c what kind of person he is, he’s a fantastic hockey player. Why do we care about anything else but that?

          Out management team does though. On the lookput for solid characters and good ol’ boys etc etc, which is a recipe for failure

          I watched nearly every single game hall ever played and all I saw was a guy who loves to win, surrounded by incompetent players and coaches.

          I’m sorry that he said a mean thing once

      • Buttonpusher

        Haha “we could have had a cup by now” thanks for that! That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in the interwebs in a long time. Get a grip and get a clue. Hall is gone and the oilers are a better team for it. Pipe down fanboy.

        • Gravis82

          We would Have won a cup 2 years ago with hall on the roster. The margins were so close, the addition of Larson was less than the subtraction of hall.

          Playoffs happened because, oh, the best player in the world played a full season. That is it, full stop. With hall, would have been even more successful. The guy just won the hart trophy, in a season where his underlying metrics were The same as all his other seasons. Difference? Decent players and competent coach.

          I suffered through decade of darkness to just have it dragged out over another 7 years. Inexcusable.

  • FlamesFan27

    Gotta love the standings with all of the Canadian teams at the top of the Pacific! One day it’s the Oilers leading, the next day it’s the Canucks. Today, it’s the Flames.

  • CMG30

    A win is a win. Put those 2 points in the bank.

    I thought the boys were starting to get a little too fancy with some of their pass attempts. The puck didn’t settle well at all. Poor ice maybe? Koskinen was solid but not spectacular like his previous effort. Talbot will be back next game, but hopefully with a little push from the Fin.

  • Reinman

    How many more years in Lucic on our team for? He cannot even make an impact on the 3rd line, and now he is weighing down Storme and Pool Party. If Drai can’t carry him, what makes us think that Storme could. Need to buy his contract out and get on with it. Chia is an idiot. Imagine how good we would be had we been managed properly.

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      Define “making an impact”? Because when nobody on Nashville wants to deal with him, I call that making an impact. When nobody wants to take a run at McDavid for fear of retaliation from Lucic, I call that retaliation. Sure, Lucic isn’t putting up points, but he’s already better than last year.

    • cityofchampions

      I think Lucic been okay on the third line, but he definitely shouldn’t be on the power play. I agree its a huge waste of money but its better having him plugging away on the third or fourth line rather than slowing down the top two lines.

  • Oiler Al

    They played down to Wings level…… that’s OK , do enough to grab 2 pts on a 4 game road trip and get out of Detroit.Got nothing to prove to the Wings at this point.Yes there was wobble in the game..but secondary scoring prevails. Watching Nurse drag Russell down into his abyss, wasn’t pretty!

    • OilerForLife

      Detroit was 4-2 their last 6 leading up to this game and Detroit had been playing much better. It made the Oilers look much worse and it will lead to other teams underestimating them. I think is all good.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    To the fans who continue to have smart and intelligent conversations on this site after every game, thank you. You’re imput is greatly appreciated and makes me want to come back here daily.

    To the “fans” who’ve continually whined and moaned about this team, even after a win, please leave. Go away and leave us be. We don’t need you, we don’t want you, we don’t appreciate you. Oh but before you do, please watch Bruce Wayne’s party speech from Batman Begins, because that speech literally applies to you.

  • Serious Gord

    John Shannon and others have on several occasions stated that the new wings arena is THE best in the league. And recently Shannon repeated the comment that it may be too nice. The restaurants are so good that many fans – especially those in the high priced lower bowl stay in them rather than taking their seats. So drawing conclusions that attendance is terrible may be overstated if it’s based on what they be sees on television.

    • ed from edmonton

      Interesting. So is this place a hickey arena or a high end food court? Seems to me if people are going for the restaurants rather than the game they have missed the mark.

      • Serious Gord

        They still are watching the game – on huge high def screens.

        This issue actually transcends Detroit and the nhl. In the nfl tv adds so much to the viewer experience that many would rather stay home and watch. It is not surprising that THE hot development in football is mini-boxes – 4 seaters right in the crowd with big screens below the fans field of view which have all of the flexiblity of a computer-online system.

  • Bills Bills

    Nurse makes a brilliant play to take the body, break up the cycle and take control of the puck. He then immediately shoved the puck off the boards and gave it back to Detroit leading to the last goal.
    They still make these stupid plays multiple times every game. What is the point of having a 1-2-3 make a play rule if you are content to give the puck back in the last few minutes of the game?

  • HelpMeBabyJesus

    Excellent hockey game! So nice to get secondary scoring and love having Koskinen actually make key saves when the team needs him to. I hope he makes Talbot work a bit harder and they push each other for net time. Now a few negatives…Nurse sucks. Sorry Nurse lovers but this guy has all the physical attributes but no hockey sense what so ever! Makes the SAME mistake over and over. “ I know, he thinks to himself, i’ll Just throw it up the boards. Yeah, that should do it, right?” Sigh…. And Mr. Klefbom May be logging tons of minutes, not that the coach has any choice given his options on the back end, but he is not doing what he needs to do to be a top pairing dman. Hit the friggin net every once in awhile with a shot! Phew…ok, all done. Good road win for the Oilers. P.S. – please trade Nurse prior to the end of his bridge deal.