Real Life Podcast Episode 98: Coach Q

With Baggedmilk out, Wanye and The Squire welcome Chalmers back from his recent vacation to talk about the Oilers four-game losing streak, toots on a plane, road trips, and what options the Oil have going forward.

They talked about Chalmers not having the podcast studio done yet, his recent travels with his family. (Realizing his son’s passport was expired, within 20 hours of leaving), his son tooting on the plane beside a lady, and her thinking its Chalmers. The old days of Blue Chicago, and the fights. 

Jay and Chalmers Mens league hockey, and their substitute goalie bringing his seven-year-old and nine-year-old sons to the locker room, and letting in like eight goals on 12 shots. They also talk about the last four-game losing streak (Caps – Avs). Jay eventually gets to Coach Q in the last seconds of the podcast.

Check out this week’s episode below:

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