One Minute Men – Oilers vs Kings (November 29, 2018)

The Oilers are hosting Los Angeles today and the perfect place to celebrate the Kings being in Edmonton, of course, is KINGSWAY MALL. Get it???!!!

Chris is away still so Evan the Intern is in the mix again. It’s a big week for the office son, hitting up West Edmonton Mall for the first time on Tuesday and Kingsway for the first time on Thursday. We wandered around the parking lot, rode the escalators, went into Sportchek, Hot Topic, and Sunglasses Hut, and then we finally hit up the food court.

Jason Gregor was also away today so it was me reading my own notes today. If you haven’t read them or find our video incoherent, read them here. Aaaaand finally, check out the Minute Men video below to see if we can pound this thing out in under a minute!

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  • socaldave

    What kind of BS goaltending is that??? Not square to the shooter, his head isn’t tracking the puck, his stick isn’t even on the ice!!! OMG WHEN IS CHRIS BACK