GDB 28.0 Wrap Up: It wasn’t pretty but we’ll take it, Oilers win 3-2 in the shootout

That’s a big comeback win, boys. It may not have been pretty but I like it. Final Score: 3-2 Oilers in the shootout

The Hitchcock homecoming tour continued in St. Louis tonight as the Edmonton Oilers were looking to get themselves back in the win column after dropping a tough game in Dallas on Monday. From where I blog, this was a must-have game for the Oilers as the Blues have really struggled this season, tail spinning their way to the bottom of the Western Conference standings. This was another one of those games where the Oilers needed to handle their business and get two points from a team that is really spinning their wheels, and anything less than that would be a complete disappointment. The problem, of course, is that we’ve seen the Oilers fail to step up in games like this before so as much as a win seemed likely, there are certainly no guarantees in life. Not with this team.

Fitting nicely into the ‘of course they did’ universe we’re living in, the Oilers dropped a fresh turd on the ice in the first period and they let the Blues build a two-goal lead and look like a team that hasn’t been playing terrible hockey all season. If I’m being honest, the Oilers looked like an AHL team at the start of this hockey game and they deserved to be in the hole they dug for themselves. And frankly, they were lucky they did allow more than the two goals. Even with  Connor McDavid back in the lineup, the Oilers looked overmatched early and it was tough to watch. The good news is that they settled things down in the periods that followed and ended up battling their way to a win that looked almost impossible after 20 minutes. It was a comeback win that I certainly didn’t see coming after the way they started but I, along with every Oilers fan, will happily take it.

It may not have been the prettiest ‘W’ they’ll ever get, but we’ll gladly take the two points and roll out. Sometimes you just need to take the money and run.

The wrap.


  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins got the Oilers on the board and back to within one after he put his hard hat on and got to work in the St. Louis slot. RNH parked himself in front of the net and took a couple of hacks at Nurse’s centring pass before finally getting it past Jake Allen for his seventh goal of the year. To me, Nuge was the best Oiler and it wasn’t really close.
  • Oscar Klefbom has decided that he only wants to score big goals this year. Last week, he had back-to-back game winners and tonight, he smashed the tying goal past Allen when the Oilers had the empty net. That doesn’t normally work for our boys, so seeing them tie it up late was a welcomed surprise.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited to see Connor McDavid in my life. Frankly, with him out of the lineup on Monday, the Oilers lacked the sense of spontaneity and flash so I was thrilled to see the McFlow back out there. McDavid finished his night with another assist on the pile and a shootout goal. Here’s to infinite health for you, sir!
  • Cam Talbot was making his first start in a while and he needed to be a good one. Not only was he still looking for his 100th win with the Oilers, but he’s also looking to get himself back in the rotation to play in net. Mikko Koskinen has straight up stolen Dadbot’s job and I was looking forward to seeing how he’d respond with tonight’s start. Talbot responded with a fantastic effort that not only kept his team in the mix when they needed him but kept things locked down at two goals. Dadbot finished the night with his 100th win with the Oilers, 28 saves, and a .933 save%.
  • I liked the way Nuge’s line looked and I thought they were the best trio by far. I also liked bumping Jujhar Khaira up there and giving him a chance in the top six.
  • I take a shot at Nurse and Russell’s first period in the ‘Face Palmers’ but I’ll also give them credit for calming things down in the following 40 minutes. I liked Nurse’s rush into the zone and assist on Nuge’s goal.
  • I can’t believe I forgot to mention the disallowed goal call. The Oilers got lucky on that one and obviously they needed it. Praise be to the ref? Still feels weird.
  • Pat Maroon and David Perron didn’t score! Small victories, friends.
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  • That first period was as bad as I’ve seen the Oilers play in a while. Brutal start that probably cost them the game.
  • Ivan Barbashev opened the scoring for the Blues after he found himself WIDE OPEN in the slot after both Oilers defenders (Nurse and Russell) decided that covering that area was not all that important. Barbashev couldn’t have had any more space on the play and it wasn’t overly surprising that he was able to score. Brutal coverage.
  • Brayden Schenn put the Blues up by two goals after he corralled a hard rebound off the backboards and put it into the empty net behind Talbot.
  • The first period of this hockey game was a disaster for the Nurse/Russell pairing. They were on for both of the Blues’ first-period goals and they completely spaced on their coverage both times. Fortunately, the duo got better as the game went on, but the start was almost detrimental.
  • The powerplay was horrible tonight. I know the Blues were running a pretty aggressive PK, but the Oilers couldn’t get anything done tonight when they needed it the most. Disappointing 0/5 night with the man advantage, including the 4-on-3 opportunity to end things in overtime. This game could have been over long before OT if the PP had gotten anything done.
  • Only 40% in the faceoff circle tonight which is not near good enough. Yeah, yeah I complain about this a lot and I know fancy stats guys don’t care about faceoffs all that much, but I’m of the opinion that it’s a good thing to start with the puck as often as you can.



06:05 St. Louis Ivan Barbashev (3) ASST: Oskar Sundqvist (2), Jordan Nolan (1) 0-1
13:32 St. Louis Brayden Schenn (6) ASST: Chris Butler (1), Vince Dunn (7) 0-2


04:04 Edmonton Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (7) ASST: Darnell Nurse (5), Kris Russell (6) 1-2


19:04 Edmonton Oscar Klefbom (3) ASST: Connor McDavid (22), Jujhar Khaira (7) 2-2


No Scoring


St. Louis Goal – Tyler Bozak
Edmonton Goal – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
St. Louis Missed – Vladimir Tarasenko
Edmonton Goal – Connor McDavid
St. Louis Missed – Brayden Schenn


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 12/05/2018 – 9:30 pm MST

      • Gary

        Well I live here and had season tickets for a very, very long time. I have grown tired of all the ankle breakers worshipping every win and dumping on the team after every loss. The OBC drove me into not renewing my seats. A friend of mine recently won two tickets to the Minnesota game and cant find anyone that wants to go, could be the team, could be the cost of beer, dunno. The Oilers are not a hot ticket anymore. No one wants to go to the games. The OBC must be gone.

        • oilfan4ever

          Gary, maybe it’s like Yogi Berra said,”Nobody goes to the games anymore,it’s too crowded”. If I had a dollar for every guy who claims he cancelled his tickets, I would have enuff to buy 4 season tickets first row center ice.

  • YFC Prez

    Is would be t!ts if they would just play a 3 on 2 power play when there’s a call in OT. OT is already super gimicky with the 3 on 3 stuff why not take it another step further with the pp?

    Good comeback though. My oilers usually cave after that disastrous first period. Glad to see a comeback and they actually scored with a empty net, when the hell does that ever happen? GG’s.

    * insert generic Draisaitl lazy useless comment here since he didn’t score tonight*

    *ignore the fact that that the big German is tied for 21st in the NHL for scoring at over a point per game*

    This is why we can’t keep nice things on this team……

    • GK1980

      I find it odd they set up the PP in overtime like a regular PP. If I’m Gulutzan I would push to have all 4 players rush in and try to score on the rushes. Lots of open ice. Seems foolish to allow the blues to set up their defensive tribkgneand just pass it around.

      Go in with speed and try to finish on the rush.

          • Dapper Dan 3099

            Im actually with Rufio on this one, its amazing how many people forget Eberles lazy play his last year with the Oil and how it was obvious he gave up on the team…. Oil nation had their pitchforks out and were ready to drive him out of town (just like Shultz/Dubnyk, etc) and the minute these guys have a half decent season elsewhere (which they were NEVER going to have here again), all the hindsight GM’s come out and start the “should have never traded so and so, should have got a superstart for so and so”

          • Dapper Dan 3099

            Oh I get it, and this was not directed at you specifically. What bothered me with the Eberle trade wasn’t the return, it was the cap space Chia “needed” only to do f* all with it. The other thing too is that sometimes the true value of a player ends up being what other GM’s are willing to give up. When a player checks out on a team/or asks for a trade, all the other GM’s known that and im sure lowballed Chia. Same goes for Hall (even though I think we can all agree there should have been more of a return), everyone knew Edmonton was consistently in the basement and BADLY needed a right shot dman, so Shero took advantage of that and squeezed Chia’s nuts. At the end of the day, winning fixes everything, everyone will have higher value on the market, fans are happy, and your GM will tend to trade from a position of strength…

          • Big Nuggets

            I’m not saying Eberle was great, but to think no GM would trade for him is a bit excessive. At the time I figured a Russel level replacement defenseman for Eberle and sign a center like Filpulla, and keep Oesterle and Davidson around for depth.