Oilersnation Radio Episode 15 – Milan Lucic goal draft, Leon Draisaitl, and Cam Talbot

The Oilersnation Christmas Party is tomorrow so we recorded our weekly podcast a day early! It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve been on an episode due to the flu and vacation and such, so it was nice to be back around the table chatting Oilers into our brand new microphones.

There are a lot of Oilers topics to cover this week. We dive right into how low-scoring the Hitchcock-era Oilers games have been. Dan had some hot takes about Leon Draisaitl’s disappointing play,, and we chatted about where Leon would best fit in our lineup with a healthy roster. Cam Talbot had a huge bounce-back game last night against the Blues, so we discuss the haters and the lovers of Dadbot, and how Hitchcock should manage his play moving forward.

In case you missed it in last weeks podcast, we held a Lucic-goal draft and split up the remaining games and chose when we think Lucic will score goals. Below is our draft results, listen to the episode to learn all of the rules!

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Listen to the episode below!

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  • KootenayDan

    Totally disrespectful to Lucic he deserves better pretty amateur journalism. If you had any nads at all you would ask him to his face what he thinks about your little goal draft.

    • I would have no problem asking him because I assume his answer would be, and rightfully so, “who are you and why would I care what a group of bloggers think.” Also, it’s clear you didn’t listen because the point of the draft is for him to have the most goals in our 11 game window. We’re literally cheering for him to score in our games so we don’t get the punishment. I guess it’s easier to just get upset without having heard it though, huh?

      • KootenayDan

        I didn’t mean any disrespect to you guys sorry for the harsh comment. I am just tiring of the constant media and fan abuse thrown Lucics way. In the old days before we knew contract details his lack of scoring would not be such a big deal because he brings other positive aspects to the game. Connors safety is everything and Lucics presence helps.