GDB 32.0 Wrap Up: Close but no cigar, Oilers fall to the Jets 5-4 in OT

DAMN YOU POST! Final Score: 5-4 Jets in OT

The last time the Oilers were in Winnipeg, they pulled off one of the greatest comebacks I’ve seen from them in a very long time. The start of that game was absolutely brutal for heroes and I remember a lot of us were raging because it looked like they were going to drop their third game in the opening four. At that point in the season, we were all a fragile group and it was the kind of the start that left you questioning what you’re doing with your life. Some people even went so far as to shut their TVs off and missed the magic that happened in the third period that led to Darnell Nurse’s OT winner. For tonight’s contest, the Oilers were rolling in the MTS Centre with some key injuries on the back end and they were going to need some magic and a lot of guys to step their games up if they were going to extend the winning streak to five games.

The good news was that Ryan Spooner opened the scoring for the Oilers early, giving them the strong start and lead they desperately wanted. The bad news was they blew the advantage almost instantly. When you’re going up against a team like the Jets, even the smallest mistake can end up in the back of your net and the Oilers made two of them in quick succession. Moving into the second period, the Oilers quickly found themselves down by a pair of goals after they had a tentative start to the frame and stuttered their way into another goal against. Fortunately, the goal that seemed to kickstart the engines as the boys turned the tides with three straight markers of their own. Heading into the third period up by one, I was hoping to see the Hitchcockian trap lock things down until the final buzzer went but the Jets weren’t having any of that plan. Winnipeg poured on shots and pressure in the third period while the Oilers struggled to stay afloat, and it wasn’t exactly surprising to see them tie things up.

While we should be happy to go into Winnipeg and steal a point with a depleted defence, it’s tough that the OT loss came only moments after ringing one off the post at the other end. That said, it’s hard to get too upset about going up against a top team like Winnipeg and stealing a point in their barn. I’m choosing to be positive about this one.

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The wrap.


  • Ryan Spooner opened the scoring for the Oilers as he found himself some open ice and smashed home a one-timer off of a perfect feed by Leon Draisaitl. Spooner’s second goal with the Oilers was a big one as it put the Jets back on their heels a little bit after opening the first period with all kinds of pressure.
  • Darnell Nurse got his fifth goal of the season by charging towards the front of the net in search of a rebound. Fortunately, the puck bounced in off his foot and even upon review, it was shown to be a good goal and the Oilers were back to within one. As it turns out, Darryl loves scoring in Winnipeg!
  • Jujhar Khaira got his second goal of the year in a similar fashion to Nurse’s goal in that he drove to the net and had the puck bounce in off of him. Jesse Puljujarvi threw the puck into the slot and got a friendly bounce in off JJ to tie the game up at three goals apiece. Gotta love those greasy goals.
  • Alex Chia’s son gave the Oilers their first lead of the night after he parked himself in front of the net on the powerplay and kept his stick on the ice, creating the perfect target for McDavid. The thing I like about Chiasson is that he plays a simple game and is finding ways to contribute with greasy goal after greasy goal.
  • What a night for the captain, huh? Connor McDavid’s first assist on Darnell Nurse’s second period goal gave him 300 points on his career. That point made him the second fastest Oiler behind Gretzky and the 18th fastest player in NHL history to get to 300 points. McDavid wasn’t done with a lone apple, though, as he added another on Chiasson’s powerplay goal and likely should have had more if he had some luck go his way.
  • After getting blanked on the scoresheet with the man advantage for nearly 20 straight times, the Oilers have scored powerplay goals in back-to-back games and I am a big, big fan. The boys finished the night at 1/2 on the PP.


  • The Oilers were up by a goal but ended up taking a tough penalty, giving the Jets a chance on the powerplay that they would make good on. Mathieu Perreault grabbed the puck in the corner and walked it past Nurse and was able to feed the backhander past Cam Talbot.
  • Moments after Perreault tied the game at one apiece, Matt Benning couldn’t clear the Oilers zone and the puck ended up on Dustin Byfuglien’s stick. From there, he got a lucky bounce after his shot from the boards bounced in off Kevin Gravel’s skate. Bad luck goal for sure.
  • The Oilers only let Patrick Laine score because they’re trying to help inflate his upcoming contract to put the Winnipeg Jets in cap trouble. I get it.
  • Mark Scheifele tied the game up at four after he wandered into the slot with waaaaay too much space and ripped a one-time shot past Talbot. Wheeler was posted up behind the net and fed the puck out front to an open Scheifele and that’s a bad combination if you’re trying to hang onto a lead.
  • Josh Morrissey won the game for the Jets in OT immediately after McDavid hit the post at the other end because that’s the way these things seem to work in sports. Frankly, I think Talbot should have had that shot and I’d expect him to say the same thing.
  • That third period was UGGGGGGGGLY. Wow.
  • Unfortunately, the Oilers needed perfection from their PK tonight and they didn’t get it. I’m not saying that allowing a single goal against is the worst outing you’ll ever see — it’s not — it’s just that they needed to be perfect. Edmonton finished the night at 1/3 on the PK.
  • The Oilers were HEAVILY outshot tonight (40/26) and a lot of that came in the third period.
  • Cam Talbot looked really good in his last two starts so I was very interested to see how he’d follow that up after getting the last couple of games off. From where I blog, I saw an up and down night for the goaltender, meaning that he made some huge saves that kept the game close but also allowed a couple of goals that he definitely should have stopped. At the end of the day, the Jets got a lot of shots on net (17 in the third period) and Talbot should get some credit for getting the Oilers a point, but he should also take his part of the blame for losing the second. Talbot finished his night 35 save and a .875 save%. At the other end, Hellebuyck finished with 22 saves and a .846 save%.
  • Jason Garrison only played 8:59 tonight and I wonder that means we’ll see Caleb Jones soon? Tomorrow? Too soon?
  • The Oilers were not good in the faceoff circle again tonight, winning only 47% of the draws they took.
  • I was having so much fun making myself cocktails after wins lately, but that got RUINED tonight. RUINED! #BeetCast coming up in a few minutes and you can join in the conversation over on my Twitter account.



10:12 Edmonton Ryan Spooner (3) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (22) 1-0
15:43 Winnipeg PPG – Mathieu Perreault (5) ASST: Bryan Little (11), Josh Morrissey (13) 1-1
16:51 Winnipeg Nikolaj Ehlers (10) ASST: Mark Scheifele (21), Dustin Byfuglien (19) 1-2


01:42 Winnipeg Patrik Laine (22) ASST: Dustin Byfuglien (20), Bryan Little (12) 1-3
06:04 Edmonton Darnell Nurse (5) ASST: Alex Chiasson (4), Connor McDavid (27) 2-3
17:18 Edmonton Jujhar Khaira (2) ASST: Jesse Puljujarvi (1), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (20) 3-3
18:55 Edmonton PPG – Alex Chiasson (13) ASST: Connor McDavid (28), Leon Draisaitl (23) 4-3


09:58 Winnipeg Mark Scheifele (18) ASST: Blake Wheeler (34), Tyler Myers (6) 4-4


00:41 Winnipeg Josh Morrissey (4) ASST: Mark Scheifele (22), Blake Wheeler (35) 4-5


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Welcome, friends, to another episode of the Real Life Podcast! It’s the podcast where a show outline gets made but rarely matters as the boys often find themselves wandering the forests of their own minds rather than sticking to the plan at hand. This week, the guys jump right in by talking about the Oilers big win last night against the Calgary Flames and how the team really seems to be embracing the Hitchcock style of play.

Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 12/13/2018 – 9:30 pm MST

  • Harry2

    The boys fought back to take the lead on the road against one of the best in the entire NHL down 2 top 4 dmen and starting their back up goalie only to lose in OT.
    That was a ballsy performance albiet not ideal by the Oil. Take the points and move on. This is a playoff team this year they’ve proved that over the last 10.

  • What the Puck

    Jujar looking beast. Love it. Nuge solid as a rock. Talbot trade. Young goalie opportunity to get exp. Jp coming along nicely under Hitches tutelage. 2nd line performing as one should. 3rd line invisible tonight. 4th line average at best. Nurse stepped up admirably. Larson steady nothing special. Benning not growing slightly regressing. Garrison filler. All in all im ok with it all except Talbot. Surely we can get a guy to do a better job just about anywhere. Surely Chia can trade him for Crosbys old Dryer. 8 2 2 in last 12 is impressive. Let’s go boys!

  • Don't mind me

    Talbot upset me last night, he made some solid saves but that last one in overtime was weak!!! It pissed me off because it was just typical Talbot. He did that too in 2016/2017 too… He lets in weak goals… He has no Glover…. Awh I just wanted to wake up this morning to us ahead in the standings but I guess we did get one point out of it. #Loyaltotheoil #wehavetherighttojudge

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Yeah, I don’t disagree with your disappointment with Cam. But I drilled down my thoughts and realized that they were down two top defensemen, battled back in the second period and Talbot was outshot 17 – 2 in the 3rd… I think all things considered he was pretty solid & I’m more than happy with one point. If you think back to this time yesterday, we all were saying “well, ya can’t win em all”… We’ll lose this but get Philly & Vancouver, all’s good. I think Cam played admirably all things considered. After we beat Philly tonight we are in a playoff spot and out of the wildcard, at least I hope so.

  • Abagofpucks

    When you calm down and think about it all yes 1 pt is better than nothing. It really show us just how much we need Klef and Russel to be healthy. I guess after a dozen years of really nothing good it gets ppl to over react a little. But our current injuries and when is Sekra coming back questions, and will he be able to play right and help us going into the tank worries a lot of us. There’s nothing we can do as fans, all we can hope is the team can find a way to win enough till help heals up and gets back.

  • Abagofpucks

    Seeing how the Oil have called Jones up, i sure hope he can make the best of his big opportunity and run with it, and never look back. Its time we had a draft pick that comes up and sticks, fingers crossed.

  • Big Jacks Meat

    There is no way Caleb Jones is worse than Jason Garrison , rookie or not. Garrisons days are long gone. Hope Jones is in tonight , maybe he can convince his brother to sign with Edmonton at some point !! lol can only wish. Connor hates Philly. 4 POINT Night coming.

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Hey BM, you say: Talbot “allowed a couple of goals that he definitely should have stopped.” Which goals did you have in mind?
    1. Perreault (5th) shoots unmolested, point blank from the edge of the blue paint.
    2. Ehler’s (10th) clapper deflects off Gravel’s skate
    3. Laine (22nd) has all the time in the world to shoot from 15 ft out, dead centre.
    4. Scheifele (18th) snaps a 7ft one-time feed from behind the net, and
    5. Morrissey (4th) fires from the dot, skating full tilt with zero D coverage.
    If Talbot should’ve been able to stop two of these goals, I don’t know which ones they are.
    What’s your thinking here? Cheers.

      • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        Yeah, thanks for the positional description. But what goals definitely should be stopped? Just take a shot at answering that. You can credit the goalie when they stop grade A chances but you can’t blame a goalie when all goals are all grade A chances (and they all were), particularly when he stops seven other grade A chance in the third period. For context, the Jets had forty-one shot attempts and 17 shots in the 3rd period while the Oilers had five attempts (and only 2 shots). In overtime the Oilers didn’t get a shot on net.
        Blaming Talbot for that outcome is to really misunderstand what Hitchcock means when he says they’ve got to play for each other. The team didn’t show up for the third period. Talbot did.

        As for the goals, check out Nurse on the first and last goal. Perreault looks like he’s walking up to an ATM to make a deposit, he has so much time and Nurse just stands on the far edge of the crease like he’s going to prevent a pass to the far wall even though Perreault is right at the edge of the crease. On the OT goal, Nurse plays the shooter like he’s on a 2-on-1 and he looking to pass–when there’s no pass to be made. Morrissey ends up with a clear lane to the net because Nurse misplays him.

        If we want to talk about what “definitely” shouldn’t happen, it’s Nurse’s response on both those goals, and the other “definite” is that you definitely shouldn’t expect to win a 17-2 SOG period when you’re the 2.

        But, sure, blame Talbot because it’s easier to blame one guy than to see the larger systemic breakdown that will happen when you’ve got a 3rd D man playing superman minutes (Nurse played over 31 mins and had 38 shifts–38 is unheard of) or 6-7 D men playing 3-4 D man minutes. It ain’t too smart, but it sure as hell makes it easy to pick your villains.
        To be clear, I thought Nurse played a solid game but he could’ve been better in his response to those plays.

        • Harry2

          He should of had at least one of goals 3, 4 or 5. An above average goalie doesnt let in 5 a game and have a below .900 save % on the season.

          Talbot is struggling and shouldnt be playing strong teams right now

      • Glencontrolurstik

        He was outshot 17 – 2 in the third… wow, what more do you want?
        It was more like a tired D couldn’t be effective all night & that’s understandable I think.
        I am more than happy with the point, as we were due for a loss & the Jets were a team that I thought would give it to us. Take it easy on Talbot. The Oilers goalie situation is golden, whoever is the starter.

        • Boba The Fett

          D were tired and over matched in the 3rd and the forwards provided very little help. If you watch how deep the WPG forwards came back to receive an outlet pass on the wall compared to ours it is laughable. Our guys like to cheat and try to receive passes at or near the blue line yet most of the time the other team knows this and just cuts it off resulting in extended pressure in our zone. Connor and Leon are both guilty of this and Hitch needs to get it to stop. Once we learn that cheating in our own end is not the correct way to play, periods like the 3rd will be less and less common. Forwards need to learn to help the D, especially when we have a lead and our D are clearly overmatched.

          • Glencontrolurstik

            You are right 100%. Your points on cheating were only evident in the latter half of the game though.
            As much as it was a broken record with McLellan “we’re cheating, cheating on the half boards, we have to stop that”… Nothing ever came of it & I was tired of him saying it every interview. Hitchcock has dealt with this immediately & the forwards ARE more defensively minded, led by Nuge…
            Were it reverts back is when they get tired & to be fair to the Oil as a team, the Jets are an offensive powerhouse… I guess I’m saying that I loved our effort last night…

    • Reinman

      Perrealt’s goal, the one of Gravel’s skate, and the OT winner. Perrealt goal, Talbot did not challenge the shooter at all. That is his man. He takes the shooter, it is the defensemen’s job to stop the pass. Talbot stays super deep in his net hugging the post on his knees. The one of Gravel’s skate. Look hos small Talbot is in the net, he did not even cover 50% of the bottom of the net. He was late getting set. Look where his legs are as the puck goes in. Last one, the shot was taken from a fair way out, and beat Talbot clean. Not great.

      • Serious Gord

        100% agree that a goalie really on his game stops at least one of those.

        That noted – this is a team sport and Talbot is not the sole reason why they lost.

        BUT the goalie is the most critical/important player on a team. His shortfallings are therefore far more impactful.

        • Glencontrolurstik

          He was outshot 17 – 2 in the third… wow, what more do you want?
          It was more like a tired D couldn’t be effective all night & that’s understandable I think.
          I am more than happy with the point, as we were due for a loss & the Jets were a team that I thought would give it to us. Take it easy on Talbot. The Oilers goalie situation is golden, whoever is the starter.

      • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        Good to know what you’re thinking. Thanks. A couple of questions:
        What pass is Nurse supposed to be stopping when Perreault walks out to the front of the net completely unchecked?
        Do you really expect a goalie to defend against a slapshot deflected off the D man’s skate 12 ft in front of the net?
        How do you feel about the high danger zone being the triangle between the face-off dots and the net, because that’s where the OT goal comes from, by a player moving at full speed and facing no defensive coverage?

        • Oiler Al

          Is there defensive coverage in a shoot out? No. I think the OT goal was stoppable. It seems its been a long time since Talbot made that “wow” game winner stop.PS He wasn’t all bad, but in this game he had to be lights out.

          • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

            Well, there’s a defensemen in OT so I expect there’s coverage, too. More seriously, there’s typically man-on-man coverage, with the additional wrinkle that the deepest man in is the last man back and the high man is the first man back. More often than not, the high man is the D man–that was Nurse last night.
            Both Nurse and Drai seemed to get fixated on the right wing on the goal, leaving two-thirds of the lanes open. As Nurse was a) the first man back, b) the D man and b) closer to the middle of the ice he should’ve been on those threats and he completely misplayed his man-on-man responsibilities until approximately the Oiler blue line–and was no where near providing help for Talbot on the play that resulted in the goal. Nurse isn’t totally to blame of course, as you point out, there’s not great or much coverage in OT, but then to say that in a coverage-free environment the goalie should stop a 25 ft shot with from a skater going 25 km/hr is hard to understand from my view.

            I think the “Talbot sucks” post simply miss the larger story from last night: the Jets are a team that has faith in their approach to the game, stuck with it through all sixty minutes (especially the 3rd) and things paid off. They were patient and they are a mature team in that sense. The Oilers have faith as well, but didn’t have the horses to go the full sixty, and things didn’t pay off. They’re learning that maturity and last night was a great lesson.
            Let’s hope they apply it tonight against Philthy.

        • btrain

          I agree. Only reason Talbot is picked apart last night, is because he has found himself this years whipping boy and he has lost the benefit of the doubt in all matters. Nobody is picking apart Koskinen who let in 3 goals in one period the other night (one longer range shot that beat him clean), nor should they. If not for Koskinen’s heroics in the first period, the Oil are done before they begin. Seems to me, without Talbot standing on his head in the 3rd last night, while the team was hanging on for their lives, they don’t salvage a point in the first place. A similar 3rd period collapse, I might add, that Koskinen couldn’t fight off very well the game before.

          It is inevitable, that Koskinen will have a tough stretch of hockey at some point, so lets do ourselves a favour and be thankful we currently have a “backup” who grabbed 5 out of 6 points over his last three starts.

      • Redbird62

        You are right, “not great”, but not horrible either. On the Perreault goal, he is having to hug the post, since that is the direction Perreault is coming from and he should be able to reasonably assume that Perreault was not going to get a free pass out into the middle of the slot. On the Gravel skate, his job was come across and square up to the shooter Ehlers, which he was in good position for if Elhers had shot the one timer, that was instead a quick reversal and a flukey bounce. On the overtime goal lots of very good NHL goalies don’t make that save everytime, as it was very well placed. Overall facing 32 scoring chances and 17 high danger scoring chances (per Naturalstattrick) Talbot was not the reason the Oilers lost, nor is it a given the Oilers would have won with Koskinen. Right now, Koskinen is definitely playing better, and until and if that changes, should get more of the starts, but solely based on last nights performance, I don’t think Hitchcock will be afraid to put Talbot in.

    • Spydyr

      The only goal I give Talbot no chance on is:

      2. Ehler’s (10th) clapper deflects off Gravel’s skate

      If Talbot stops even half of the others the Oil in regulation.

      • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        “no chance” is a far way from saying he should’ve saved them. I wouldn’t give him much chance on Scheifele’s or Laine’s, given the timing on both of them. I think the Perreault play was stoppable, but that was still a grade A chance to score from the lip of the crease and thus hard to fault one guy. I think we’d have had a better chance if that were Russell not Benning on the boards, but c’est la vie.

      • Boba The Fett

        Yeah and if Helleybuck stops half the ones he should have they beat us by a bunch. You can’t live off could’ve and would’ve because it can easily go both ways.

  • Abagofpucks

    In all fairness to Cam he faced 40 shots and half of those shots were high quality. With little support on most of the goals that went in, i can’t complain when we know he made big saves and gave us a chance to win. I think we all need to lighten up on Bot, we played a high end team with a lot of weapons and we stole a point. Nobody seriously thought we were going to win that one if your honest with yourself.

  • DarkLinkCosplay

    Us Oilers fans never learn… Always have to have a scapegoat. This year it’s Talbot. I’m not defending his play, but the toxicity directed towards him is just not helpful. And before you say it shouldn’t matter, unfortunately it does, as it has already been recorded by multiple players that have been traded out of Edmonton. And look at EVERY OTHER scapegoat Edmonton has chased out… They are still in the NHL and many of them are thriving.

    • Reinman

      Yes, but unfortunately this is a pretty competitive sport, and those that excel are rewarded handsomely. I like Talbot, but he has definitely lost his game. He just doesn’t seem to be as good as he was. He is not challenging enough in lots of situations ( he is getting beat over his shoulders, which is a sign of being to far back in his net), and he seems to be reacting late.

      • DarkLinkCosplay

        I completely agree. I do think though that casting Talbot aside for a late pick (which is probably what he would fetch given his recent play) would be the wrong move, especially since koskinens play is over such a small sample size. I would not want to risk another scrivens situation. Additionally, I do think that Talbot can improve. If even dubnyk was able to pull it together after a couple disastrous seasons, so too can Talbot. And at the very least Talbot would serve as a great backup if koskinen takes over.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      This 100% Dark Link. It’s why a lot of players “No move to Lists” have Edmonton on them… It’s a known fact among the players & is seen and talked about often. Players generally are human beings & it’d be crazy as fans to think that constant negative vibes wouldn’t affect you in a bad way… I wouldn’t want to be an Oiler with this fan-base, would you?
      Cam was outshot last night 17 – 2, with a damaged D in front of him in the 3rd. He brought us to OT, and we are ragging on him? I don’t get it?

  • madjam

    Koskinen second in shutout wins and fourth best in save % this year . Seems he is taking over the number 1 goalie spot here . Talbot still showing signs of new equipment effecting his game negatively .

      • Boba The Fett

        No he is not but it has been very well reported that some goalies are struggling more with the new equipment regulations instituted this year then others.

          • Boba The Fett

            Last years D zone coverage under McClellan was hot garbage. Yes Talbot let in some bad goals but he was hung out to dry A LOT. I would suggest his stats are skewed due to this. By no means am I defending Talbot’s play but I tend to look at all sides of a situation instead of putting horse blinders on like the majority of people that continuously rag on players if they play poorly but are in full support if that player has a couple rebound games. The team as a whole has to play better defense and if they do you will see our goalies gain confidence and post better numbers

    • hagar

      Talbot is showing signs of the equipment changes affecting his game because he is a goalie that drops down and gets in position before the shot is taken.
      He doesnt have very good reflexes, so he drops down in what he thinks is the most likely position for the puck to hit him, then kinda tries to turn himself into a box of sorts to create as much surface area as possible for thepuck to hopefully hit him.
      With the rules changes for goalie equipment it takes away some of his techinques effectiveness, not unlike shaving some thickness off one of those rubber plastic practice goalies you hang in the net to shoot around.

        • hagar

          I thought the same thing last night actually, but then i remembered he needs to be able to leave the net to play the puck sometimes.
          If not for that, i dont see any reason why he couldnt just stay on his knees the entire time.
          Its not some Talbot hating, manufactured thing to say he drops to his knees before even seeing a shot. He drops down, freezes in position, then players shoot the puck over his shoulders. His head moves to watch the puck go over his shoulders, but the rest of his body doesnt.

          • ed from edmonton

            This all day. Anyone who complains about a goalie being on his knees hasn’t really looked at goaltending in the last 20 years. The days of Ken Dryden kicking shots back out to the blue line are long gone.

        • Glencontrolurstik

          Cam was outshot last night 17 – 2, with a damaged D in front of him in the 3rd. He brought us to OT, and we are ragging on him? I don’t get it?

          • ed from edmonton

            Cam got the Oil a point last night, but maybe cost them 2. Kind of the story of his season. Not exactly bad and really good at times, but maybe one save away from a win.

  • Abagofpucks

    I think going forward our biggest issues lay in our special teams getting better, and all tho i don’t put extreme importance on it, but having a better faceoff % would be a big help. And i’m not complaining but we could sure use more Mcgoals, burying a little more often than not would go a long way in tight games.

  • TKB2677

    I am not pinning the loss on Talbot because he helped get them to OT in the 3rd but like bagged said, he was up and down again. I personally did not like the Laine goal. Yes, it’s Laine who got a good shot from a good spot but he didn’t pick a corner, it went right through Talbot. If you get that much of a shot, shouldn’t you stop it? I think so. The winner was a stinker. An unscreened wrist shot from a dman who has a career high 7 goals. The shot came from a non high danger scoring area. It wasn’t an Ovie onetime here. Morrissey had the puck from the blueline in. Talbot saw the puck, he knew the shot was coming, you have to stop that. Talbot while OK last night, ended up with .875%. You won’t win much with goaltending like that.

      • hagar

        I think Kosk would have let between 0 and 2 goals in last night. He would have made some of the goals allowed that looked acceptable, look like normal every day nhl goalie saves.

      • TKB2677

        I am not pinning the loss all on Talbot because he helped them get to OT with a really depleted lineup especially on defense. But when your goalie ends up with an .875% you probably aren’t winning that game.

        • jcapss

          I mean hellebuyck had a worst save % yesterday haha. I think people are being too critical. I agree talbs wasn’t the greatest but he kept us in. Hitch also mentioned koski looked tired after the avs game and needed rest that’s why he didn’t play yesterday. With the cards we were dealt, being an an inch from a non post in OT away from a win, I’ll take the 1 point against conference final team from last year

    • Hemmercules

      I don’t get why they went with Talbot in this game anyway? Koskinen is clearly your better guy and Winnipeg is better than Philly. Why not play your lesser goalie against the lesser team on back to backs? Maybe they didn’t think Talbot could handle playing in front of a tired team with a depleted defence?

      I missed the game but I gotta fleury of “Talbot!” texts after that OT loss. Looked like a very saveable save. Hitch isn’t about to give up on him though so Im sure we see more Talbot than we would like to in the coming games. Just feels like a no brainer to play Koskinen as much as possible, they keep playing Talbot like they owe him the games for some reason.

  • ed from edmonton

    Easy to see why players rate the Oil fans amongst the worst in the league. The team is on a 8-2-2 run and got a point with a depleted lineup vs one of the best team in the league. If one just returned from Elbonia and read this blog one would think the team is in the tank.

    • Hemmercules

      I don’t know about anyone else but I have invested a huge amount of time and money on the oilers the last 15 years. The return on my investment is wins and playoffs so obviously the returns have not been good. At this point, I refuse to except any sort of losing. The team has a better chance to win with Talbot on the bench. Simple as that.

  • ed from edmonton

    Hey BM how about a mailbag question asking your group to rate how critical Oiler fans are vs other fans? I have never lived in another North American so I don’t have a frame of reference but I wonder how many other places would be so critical of a team on a 8-2-2 run. There can be no questions of Oiler fan’s loyalty or passion, but IMO they are hyper-critical. As well the criticism if often tinged with something beyond so and so isn’t player well, it is often more personal than that.