Santa Letters: Part One

This is my first Christmas writing for the Nation and after getting my hands on a couple of Nation hoodies I’m really feeling like part of the family!

I sat down with my own family and wrote letters to Santa last week, this week I’m going to sit down and write some letters to Santa for the Nation.



I’ve been a very good boy this year. My peers have the utmost respect for me and actually voted for me as the most outstanding player in the entire National Hockey League. I’ve recently decided to grow my hair out and, not to sound too conceited, it looks really good. For Christmas this year I would like a Conair Even Cut Ultra-Sharp Hair Cut Kit. Also, if it’s not too much to ask I’d like Leon to move his feet just a little bit more.

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Your Friend, Connor


Lieber Weihnachtsman,

I’ll be honest; all I want for Christmas this year is a little bit of rest. I’ve been overplayed for the majority of the season and because of that people seem to think I’m lazy. I’m not lazy; I’m just tired.

Danke, Leon.

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Dear Santa,

I’m good.

Enjoy the holidays, Alex.



It’s me, Ryan! My friends and admirers call me Nuge, they want me to stay here in Edmonton forever. For Christmas this season I’d love to have some help organizing all of my fan mail. I think a person who could play the role of president of the Nuge Fan Club would be ideal. Having some help would allow me to remain focused on the task at hand. Leading the Oilers to a Stanley Cup.

Thank you very much, Ryan.

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Rakas Joulupukki!

I like Christmas, yup!. It’s good here, yup! I’d like to spend Christmas Day on outdoor rink, yup! New coach is good, yup!

Jesse, Yup!


Hi Santa

I know if you have been watching recently you’ll think I’ve been a naughty boy lately but that’s really not the case. I was actually just responding to something that Dunn guy did to me. So for Christmas this year I’d like to be reimbursed for the amount of $7,258.

Thanks, Jujhar

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Hello Santa!

I won’t waste your time; I know how this works. I’d like a few wingers who could finish and maybe a younger, fresh set of legs for myself.

Thanks, Kyle.


Hello Again Santa,

I know I’ve written you close to a dozen times this past year so you probably know what’s coming. I’m still just asking for a goal, not five goals, not ten goals, just one goal. I’ve done everything else that is asked of me. The coach has asked me to crash and bang so I’ve crashed and I’ve banged. I’m desperate at this point, if you want extra cookies left out I can make it happen. If you would prefer a tall glass of rum and eggnog instead of milk consider it done. Please help.

Much appreciated, Milan.


Hi Santa,

I’d like some new socks, a little chocolate and a Nintendo Switch.

You the man, Zach


Hey man,

I know this is asking a lot but I think I’d like to have Todd McLellan come back for Christmas. Todd really believed in me and gave me much more opportunity then I’ve been getting since Hitch took over.

Everybody loves me, The Drake…LOL


Lieber Weihnachtsman,

I know Looch also asked you for a goal but at this point he’s just getting greedy. I haven’t scored a single goal since I moved to Edmonton. So if you wouldn’t mind taking the goal that you have in your sack and give it to me instead of Looch that would be great.

Thanks, Toby


Hey Santa,

I don’t know if this is possible but is there any way you could make the regular season as easy as the pre-season, that’d be great.

Here’s Hoping, Ty


Hey Big Guy,

I’d like a trade back to New York in exchange for Ryan Strome. I can’t lie, the trade never really made any sense and I think it would be best if Ryan comes back to Edmonton and I get to go back to New York.

Thanks, Ryan



I’d just like a chance. I’ve only played three games since joining this new club and have only played more than ten minutes one time. Also, I’d like people to pronounce my name correctly.

Спасибо, Valentin


What would you like to see some of these guys get for Christmas?

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