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Leon Draisaitl gets voted into All-Star game

We did it! Oilers fans pulled together and voted Leon Draisaitl into the All-Star game via the #LastManIn challenge.

In case you missed it, the NHL opened up four additional spots to the game (one for each division), and fans got to vote who they wanted to see in the All-Star game. Leon Draisaitl has 23 goals and 54 points so far this season and is one of the top 10 NHL scoring leaders. Of course I’m extremely biased in this situation, but I truly believe Leon deserves to be there. He’s having a career year and has never been to the game before, so I couldn’t be more excited for the guy.

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I should also add that I’ve never been TOO invested into who attends these kinds of events because I’m fully aware that it’s a big marketing scheme. However, having another Oiler into the group is pretty exciting to us and I will definitely be paying more attention to the game then I usually do. Call me hypocritical, but I don’t care. Anyways, I’m very proud of all of us for voting in Leon and I’m absolutely pumped he gets to travel with Connor to the event. Good work team!

Nation HQ reaction to the news

With the breaking news coming out as soon as everyone was walking into the office, I decided to take some first reaction quotes from office staff.

“It’s just the right move.” – Rick

“Hopefully that’s a nice confidence booster for him and he can transfer that into the second half of the season.” – Cooom

“Of course.” – Baggedmilk

“I kind of wanted to see Logan Couture there.” – The Nation Dan