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Yamamoto, Spooner to AHL Bakersfield

It’s been a whirlwind of a day and it isn’t even noon yet. In the wake of Peter Chiarelli’s firing, everything else has been pushed out of the limelight. With the team set to have the next week-and-a-half off, the Oilers have sent Kailer Yamamoto and Ryan Spooner to the Bakersfield Condors of the AHL.

Yamamoto, being on his entry-level deal, can slide up and down from the NHL to the AHL at any time, so there’s no surprise he’s getting an opportunity to play while the team goes on its break. Yamamoto has had a rough month, getting injured in his first game after being recalled back in December. He hasn’t played much in the past few weeks and badly needs some reps.

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Since Spooner cleared waivers, he can come up and down so long as he doesn’t remain at the NHL level for 10 games or 30 days. There’s no doubt Spooner’s time in Edmonton has been a disaster but this will give him a chance to find some confidence against lesser competition. There’s no word yet on Ty Rattie, who, like Spooner, remained with the club the day after clearing waivers. He’s in the same boat as Spooner and can come up and down so long as he doesn’t play 10 games in the NHL or remain on the roster for 30 days.

Then there’s Jesse Puljujarvi. The way the Oilers have handled the fourth-overall pick from the 2016 draft has been nothing short of bewildering. They rushed him to North America and have failed to give him an extended look at the AHL level all while feeding him little ice time at the NHL level. It would make a lot of sense to send him to the AHL during the break, and perhaps beyond the break, but this is the Oilers, little they do makes sense.

  • Finnaggled

    i was a big puljujarvi fan in the beginning, like most. But lately I’ve been concerned about the so called “hockey sense” he possesses. Basically because i was thinking, this fella has been on his own in canada for 3 plus years, and still can barely speak a lick of english. THREE YEARS. The guy even has a full time english tutor. I just assumed that if a reasonably intelligent person was dropped in say, egypt. That person could have a conversation in egyptian inside of a year.
    Anybody else find this troubling?
    I say trade him if you can find equal, more intelligent, value elsewhere. You cant train stupid.

  • TKB2677

    At least they FINALLY did something right.

    The Spooner trade was a disaster. The guy is useless. He doesn’t try, does nothing on the ice, he’s a waste of a roster spot. Maybe you get lucky and he refuses to report and agrees to terminate his deal. It doesn’t change how brutal of a trade it was but at this point, you can’t undo what happened so getting rid of the money is the important thing.

    Yamo. There might be a player there but he’s flat out not ready. He shouldn’t have played a single game this season.

  • toprightcorner

    Spooner is likely one if the players with “character issues” that McDavid and Bob N mentioned. Plus saves cap for the 10 day break.

    If anything, maybe Spooner can get hot at out up 15 pts in 10 games and gets some confidence back.

    • TKB2677

      I would completely agree with you on Spooner. The guy had 41 pts, 39 pts, 49 points in his last 3 seasons. He’s got the talent to provide you with some offense. I don’t think you put up those numbers 3 years in a row by accident. He’s not old and can skate. There is no excuse for him to be doing NOTHING. So what’s left? The guy isn’t trying and doesn’t give a damn. So get him out.

    • Big Jacks Meat

      Hitch is not the answer on his own. Scotty Bowman , Hitch and Babcock all behind the bench could not fix this. We have 3-5 top end core players , and not one of them is a defenceman or a goalie. Larrson and Bear and the 1st , to the leafs for Nylander and Gardiner.

    • You really expect to work his magic on this team? A team with 4 good forwards and 1 consistant defensemen who can stay healthy? Hitch did a good job hiding our flawed roster at the start but there’s something called “gametape” that teams eventually catch on. The only reason he “lost” the locker room is because somebody gets traded, injured, or sent down every week.

      • Beer_League_Ringer

        He lost the room when PC put Manning in it. Of all the dumb moves, bringing in a guy that hurt your star (then taunted Connor the next year)… I mean, it’s hard to believe it really happened, yet it did.

        • Odanada

          PC is a “special kind of stupid”, and since we know he was not alone in making this deal, my guess is we have a front office filled with a “special kind of stupid”

  • OriginalPouzar

    Russell/Malone/Joe G.
    Vesel/Polei/Callahan (Gust/Espossito)

    That is fantastic – don’t worry about Yamamoto on the “3rd line” – Jay W. will role the lines as he generally does and neither of the other two top lines can be broken up (the kid line is on absolute fire the last 7 games or so).