Inside the Nation: The GM search is on, Nicholson’s presser, and #BlameTheWater

It’s been an eventful week in Oilersnation with the firing of Peter Chiarelli, and Dusty Nielson went live on our Facebook page to do his best to try and make sense of it all. This week, Nielson looks at the Oilers’ GM search and potential candidates, Bob Nicholson’s press conference, and what’s going on with the water.

To start off today’s episode of Inside the Nation, Nielson starts thing off with a salute to H20. After Bob Nicholson’s dropped that beauty quote in yesterday’s press conference, it was hard not to have a laugh about what’s going on with the water. Sure, he didn’t mean it in the sense that there is a problem with the literal water but that didn’t stop us from launching a brand new shirt! Back to the task at hand, the quest is on for a new General Manager but will that be enough? Will this new GM have the authority to bring in the staff he wants and make the changes he wants throughout the organization? Needless to say, this could be the most important decision the Oilers have made in a long, long time and they had better get it right.

Check out the full video below:

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  • CMG30

    Absolutely, it’s a talent thing not a ‘character’ thing. The fact that Nicholson seems to think that ‘character’ is the problem show how clueless the this organization really is. Right now you have McDavid (+ a few others) trying to drag a pile of dead weight up the standings.

    • CityofWhat

      I agree it’s a talent thing but make no mistake it’s also a character thing as well, when your best player gets crossed-checked from behind against Anaheim and gets high sticked and roughed up over and over again and no one comes to his aid that’s a character thing. We don’t enough talent but we sure have the guys Lucic, Kassian, Nurse, Khaira and on but no one is sticking up for your captain which is a shame. This happened to Hall as well but everyone said he whines and moons but why do I know. McDavid is not a whiner neither was Hall, both have passion and some mistake passion for whining. Most media people are saying McDavid should start whining more and I agree to the refs but some people will start calling him a whiner. Get my drift!

    • Leichs

      Ugh, so Bob appears to have no idea what hes talking about. He must have missed Ronnicks comments about the Oilers having the lowest hockey IQ he has ever seen and are unable to make 5 foot passes. Yup sure Bob, character should fix all that. Not skill or talent.

  • Alfonso

    Does anybody remember how terrible Sekera was when he came back from his last major injury … truly, he was a fraction of the guy that we saw pre-injury … it’s very unlikely he returns to form this season. The guy has missed most of two seasons after all & he’s 32 … could be another buyout candidate or better yet Robidas Island candidate …

    • OriginalPouzar

      Massive difference between coming back from major knee ligament surgery and coming back from an achillies tear (note tear, not rupture, which is much worse).

      Also, LTIR relief is a HIGHLY ineffective way to manage the cap and, if you are suggesting we would be better off with Sekera on LTIR for the remainder of the contact, I would suggest you are incorrect and encourage you to do some research on how it works. If would vastly decrease the team’s ability to make improvements both in the off-season and in-season.

      Happy to provide some more detail if you wish.

  • nijames

    So many problems in the Oilers organization it is impossible to fix them all. This will get trashed but Hitchcock was not the right choice for a coach. I think he is or should I say was an excellent coach but his success came in the clutch and grab heavy slow NHL period. That time has gone, he did not have success in St.Louis with an awesome team. He is an old school coach that should have remained retired.

  • Alfonso

    Does anybody remember how terrible Sekera was when he came back from his last major injury … truly, he was a fraction of the guy that we saw pre-injury … it’s very unlikely he returns to form this season. The guy has missed most of two seasons after all & he’s 32 … could be another buyout candidate or better yet Robidas Island candidate …

  • Mc.Rib

    CityofWhats comment about Kirk Muller possibly coming here as a coach and later possible GM is not on any site, Please give a “source’ when you make a comment like that. Thanks.

  • Odanada

    Just heard Nicks on Sportsnet saying “Connor is the best player in the world. He is the best player on our team” – which strongly implies that , as a team, the Oilers are out of this world
    Must be something in the water.

    • camdog

      There generally is a thing where the media don’t vote for somebody to win the Hart if the team doesn’t make the playoffs. The Edmonton MSM might not vote Connor for Hart, but the rest of the hockey media might. It’s more to shame Oilers brass more than anything. There is a belief in hockey circles that this team would be the worst team in the last 30 years without Connor in the line up.

  • Mc.Rib

    RDS is saying the Flames and Habs are discussing Kirk Muller coming here to coach and next year be promoted as GM of the Oilers..That would be a great hire here.!!

  • camdog

    McDavid forced to defend the culture in the room now. Every time Oilers management mentions culture problem it’s the captain always takes the brunt of the conversation. It’s a shame we’ve come down this path.

  • Oilswellthatendswell

    I know this will get trashed a lot because no one wants to see this happen, but what if some of these “all stars” start telling Conner how much better playing under a winning culture is and start to entice him to other teams. Given the history we have here with 8 coaches in 11 years and now 4 G.M’s in 10 years, even teams like Islanders, Sabers and Bluejackets have a better culture than here. Please Conner, do not drink the water.

    • TKO

      Did you notice how sour he looked when introduced at the all star festivities? Looked seriously listed, then in his interviews… you could feel his frustrations and sense the undercurrent. He isnt going to put up with the current lackluster mess forever. Even as a flames fN I feel for him. That’s not meant as an insult to anyone, just appreciate how hard it is to bring it every might when those around you mail it in, but he does

      • CityofWhat

        Yeh yeh we heard that when he was drafted too I call BS. How long did it take for Yzerman to win a cup, he didn’t leave Detroit, Bourque didn’t leave Boston until his 19th season.
        I know different era but I bet McDavid will honour his contract and maybe then he thinks about it but it’s not in his DNA to turn his back on a city. Sometimes fans think they know it all when in fact they don’t know much. I won’t deny McDavid is frustrated but that’s because he wants to win and I don’t blame him he wants change and rightly so but that doesn’t mean he is just gonna cry and leave. Again NOT in his DNA. Lots of fans state that fact he might leave, well he has a higher character than the fans that have that thought.

        • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

          Took Ovi 14 years to win his first cup. So yeah, champions aren’t built overnight and in this league, winning the cup is harder than ever

          • Serious Gord

            And many blamed ovi for a lot of the failures in those years.

            Yzerman was not nearly as effective a player in his early year too.

            Mcdavid is different- no one is saying he’s not doing the max for the team.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    Once … just once … it’d be nice if there was a press conference with an Oilers official that didn’t result in a quote printed on a T-shirt for sale for 25 bucks on the Nation Gear website.