GDB 57.0 Wrap Up: The Corsi failed us, Oilers lose 3-1 in Carolina

Decent effort, unfortunate result. Final Score: 3-1 Hurricanes

Before tonight’s game started, I made the mistake of heading over to Hockey Reference to have a look at the numbers from the last time these two teams met up. What I had forgotten is that the Hurricanes, not generally known for being offensive world beaters, were able to put up a touchdown against our boys and that refresher started flooding my brain with horrible memories that were like little daggers stabbing at what’s left of my Oilers-related happiness. That said, today was a new day so I approached this game with the same open mind and hopefulness that I always do. Unfortunately, I’m convinced that I must be doing something wrong with my thoughts and prayers because the Oilers, once again, allowed a goal less than a minute into the game and had two go in on the first three shots against.

With the game settling down after a wild opening couple of minutes, I actually thought the Oilers did a nice good job of cranking up their intensity and pushing the pace of play rather than sitting back and waiting for the Hurricanes to do their thing. I thought the boys put out the kind of effort that we ask for on a nightly basis and it’s unfortunate that they weren’t able to have their hard work translate into goals on the board. That’s not to suggest that the Hurricanes were playing an airtight defensive game, they weren’t at all, but the Oilers just couldn’t figure how to open the floodgates and solve the puzzle. Despite the many moments when it looked like they were going to get something going offensively, the Oilers couldn’t buy more than a single goal which has basically been the sad story of the season.

The wrap.


  • Only moments after the Hurricanes opened the scoring, Leon Draisaitl responded by cashing in on a perfectly executed 2-on-1 with Zack Kassian. Kassian sent a perfect pass across the crease to Draisaitl and he made no mistake of draining his shot into the empty net that was waiting for him.
  • Connor McDavid was his usual ‘destroyer of worlds’ self tonight and it will always be fun to watch him do his thing on the ice. The speed, the hands, the explosiveness… His range of skills are like a cocktail full of awesome and I will never, ever tire of spending time watching him. On so many nights, Connor McDavid is one of the only enjoyable things about watching the Oilers play and I will never take that for granted.
  • After playing very well outside of a single bad goal against the Penguins, it wasn’t overly surprising to see Mikko Koskinen back between the pipes tonight. Outside of the opening moments when he allowed a pair of goals on the first three shots of the game, I thought Koskinen settled things down quite well and made the saves needed to keep his team in the hockey game. That said, Koskinen was outduelled by McElhinney and that’s a tough pill to swallow considering the team in front of him probably deserved better. Koskinen finished the night with 24 saves and a .889 save%.
  • I liked the way Zack Kassian played with Connor and Leon tonight. From start to finish, he was contributing with some nice touches and it was almost bad luck that he didn’t finish his night with more than a single point.
  • Despite not showing up on the scoresheet, I thought Ryan Nugent-Hopkins had a really strong game between Milan Lucic and Alex Chiasson. RNH set both guys up with a few quality scoring chances and it was a shame that he wasn’t rewarded with anything for his efforts.
  • Alex Chiasson led the Oilers with eight shots on goal tonight. If only he was still rocking that 30% shooting percentage, huh?
  • The penalty kill was a perfect 2/2 on the night. Yay?


  • Nino Niederreiter opened the scoring only 37 seconds into the game after the Oilers got outworked in their own zone and the Hurricanes were able to move the puck around the zone effectively. Niederreiter added a second goal late in the third period on a 2-on-1 to seal the deal for the Hurricanes and basically end any slim hopes Oilers fans had for getting back into the Wild Card race.
  • Less than a minute after Leon Draisaitl tied the game up at one, Lucas Wallmark restored the lead after the Oilers allowed the Hurricanes an odd-man rush that they made no mistake of converting. Once again, the Hurricanes’ puck movement was on point and the Oilers got caught puck watching, leaving Mikko Koskinen high and dry for another grade-A chance against.
  • Oilers finished the night at 0/3 on the power play in a game when they really, really needed to get something done on the man advantage.
  • Speaking of power plays, I’m pretty sure the Niederreiter hit from behind on Klefbom should have been more than two minutes. That was brutal.
  • Tough night for Adam Larsson as he won the green jacket for the Oilers with a -3 rating. I know +/- isn’t the best stat to cite at all, but it is worth noting that he was on for all three goals against.
  • Curtis McElhinney is very annoying and I didn’t appreciate the way he got in the way of so many shots.
  • The Oilers got roasted in the faceoff circle again, winning only 41% of the draws they took.
  • Tobias Rieder may never score again and I never would have seen this coming.
  • The Oilers really needed to win that hockey game. Gross. As always, you can join in on the #BeetCast conversation over on my Twitter account.



00:37 Carolina Nino Niederreiter (16) ASST: Sebastian Aho (41), Justin Williams (22) 0-1
01:32 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (34) ASST: Zack Kassian (7) 1-1
02:16 Carolina Lucas Wallmark (7) ASST: Teuvo Teravainen (35), Micheal Ferland (17) 1-2


No Scoring


16:23 Carolina Nino Niederreiter (17) ASST: Sebastian Aho (42) 1-3


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 2/15/2019 – 8:30 pm MT

  • Alfonso

    Alex will never be the same …The Edmonton Oilers traded goaltender Cam Talbot to the Philadelphia Flyers Friday in exchange for goaltender Anthony Stolarz.

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    Edmonton is now 1 point away from being second last in the league. You can do it, boys! And if you continue playing the way you have been, you will. Wow…just wow!

  • camdog

    Guessing JP is next. Oilers went public with on JP and his agent is in agreement. The only thing that will prevent 31st overall is if Ottawa sells everybody.

  • slats-west

    Read your “bright side” then first Bullet point is
    “Nino Niederreiter opened the scoring only 37 seconds into the game after the Oilers got outworked in their own zone and the Hurricanes were able to move the puck around the zone effectively.”

    37 SECONDS !!!! Ready to play? not. And that’s our game for 80% of last starts since 1998.


  • Shane

    Following the Oilers is a hobby. If anyone’s spending money on them and not having fun, or is it getting really upset, it’s time to try something else. Seriously if all anyone is getting out of this, is stress, and an empty wallet, it’s time for something new. At least until next season.

  • KPUZ

    What was the infamous fricking plan BN? I love how the OBC and management has nothing to say along with our disgraceful absentee owner?

    I honestly wish they had moved to Seattle when Katz blackmailed the taxpayers via his minion, Mandel.

    • XL Lebowski

      Mandel had no choice. Bettman & Katz made threats at the meeting in New York. Looks like karma is hitting Katz hard. Arena district is making him big money but his team is a laughing stock. Eskimos had upper management move out and now there’s hope for them. Too bad Oilers couldn’t follow Esks lead.

  • Axe

    Talbot to flyers for stolarz.. Thankfully it wasn’t for Elliot.. Seems like a decent return.. Time will tell.. Apparently they have to play him at least 30 mins in ten of the remaining twenty five games to avoid becoming an UFA

  • elliotsmom

    The management of this team is a disgrace. Chia ruined the roster and the cronies upstairs either helped ruin it, or sat and did nothing while we were heading off the rails. I can’t imagine who in their right mind would want to come here to be the new GM or head coach as long as the meddling bastards upstairs have any say in the roster. I hate to say it, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all, if Connor and Leon want out too. It’s definitely an infuriating time to be a fan. The decision a season ticket holder has seems to be getting easier when they think about renewing their seat for next season. The promises we get made are empty.

  • Florescent Oil Orange

    So first move by the ?new gm? In the past I have always looked at the bright side and assumed the new management were doing it right.

    It has taken far longer than needed. But I now assume that the oilers eff’d up and expect new goalie to fail out of the echl in 2 to 3 years.

    In a 32 team league (which its not) assuming parity and equally competent management league wide.

    A team should make the playoffs every other year on average. Missing 2 or 3 maybe even 4 years in a row can be explained away by small sample size.
    Making the playoffs once since 2006 well…….

  • Rossonero4ever

    Let’s all not forget that now that Talbot has been dealt, the next big problem on this team is JP……..HAHAHAHAHAHA..WHAT A JOKE THIS TEAM IS!!!!!!!!!#FREEJPNOW

  • Oilerz4life

    JP is a big strong body that can move the puck along the boards, a solid cheap, young, depth guy with potential. Why is everyone determined to hammer a square peg in a round hole. Just give him his minutes and tell him to be patient and ride it out. Yes he should be in the Bake but I can’t imagine a better big, strong, young depth guy with scoring potential than Puljujarvi. Trading away JP for magic beans would be a massive mistake.

    • Lowe enuf

      JP will not have an NHL career. He does not want to play in Bakersfield. His agent is now looking for a trade. Yeah there will be plenty of teams that are looking for a big dopey kid who is too lazy to learn English so that he can actually be coached. Please Oilers for once stop blowing smoke up a dead horses arse. Move on. The should have had the discipline to stay with the pick they were about to make. The NHL first round is where you find players ready to contribute immediately. Second, third and fourth round picks go to the minors to develop. Look at the top 10 picks from JP’s draft year. How many are not playing everyday and making meaningful contributions?

  • You just got LITT up!

    Remember when Jay Feaster said (something to the effect of) “the Oilers are just wandering in the desert” … that comment is more true today, then 10 years ago (plus or minus) when he first made it. Just terrible. What is the over / under on McDavid traded at the draft?

  • Clayton

    For $12.5Million a season I would expect…no, wait…as an Oiler Fan…I DEMAND Connor play in both ends of the ice. The man he had D-zone responsibility has scored 3 of the Oilers last 4 goals. There are 4th liners in the AHL that can play better D. Best offensive player in the world by far, but needs to play D. I know he likes to generate Offense from jumping the zone early, but in a 0-0 or 1-1 game early in the first there is no urgency to jump. Play D. The O will happen.