GDB Game Notes: Oilers @ Hurricanes

Sometimes we make sports more serious than they are. I understand why we do, because sports stimulate our emotions. When things are going well for your team you have an extra bounce in your step. While things are tough in Oilersnation right now, in Carolina their fans are having the most fun they’ve had in years.

The Hurricanes became the first NHL team to have a unique post-game celebration. They have ridden a canoe, played duck-duck-goose, had human bowling and more. The fans love it, and the players are having a lot of fun, especially lately as in 2019 the Hurricanes have the second most points in the NHL behind the St.Louis Blues.

1. The Canes are 13-5-1 since January 1st, but they’ve only played six games on home ice. They’ve been outstanding on the road going 9-3-1. Their hot streak has them back in the playoff race sitting three points behind Pittsburgh for the final wildcard spot, and three back of Columbus for third in the Metro Division.

2. The Canes’ success has come at even strength. Their PP has been excellent in this run at 22.4% (13 goals), but their PK has struggled at 78.7% (allowed 13 goals). They have outscored teams 60-42 at even strength. Compare that to the Oilers at even strength and they’ve been outscored 46-36.

3. Sebastian Aho continues to emerge as one of the more exciting young players in the league. He has 25 points during this streak and leads the Canes with 64 points. Teuvo Teravainen has 22 points, and with them on separate lines it gives the Canes two scoring lines.

4. Nino Niederreiter has been a great addition for Carolina with 6-4-10 in eleven games. He is playing left wing with Aho and Justin Williams. Teravainen and Micheal Ferland are producing well on the second line. Lucas Wallmark is holding down the second line centre spot with Jordan Staal still out. Staal skated for the first time with his teammates in over two months earlier this week. He was in a non-contact jersey, so he is still a ways away from returning, but if he returns in a month that would be like a trade deadline acquisition for the Canes. Wallmark has been doing his best in the second line centre spot, but he’s playing above his position chart. I could see the Canes adding a centre at the deadline. Owner Tom Dundon desperately wants to make the playoffs.

5. Dougie Hamilton has also found his game in 2019. He has 7-6-13 since January 1st and is a main reason the Canes are playing so well recently. While Elias Lindholm fit in right away in Calgary, it took Hamilton some time to find his stride. The Hurricanes top-four defenders — Hamilton, Jacob Slavin, Justin Faulk and Brett Pesce — have combined for 40 points in the past 19 games. Hamilton and Slavin have become a dominant top pair for the Canes and they will face Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl a lot tonight.

6. McDavid is riding an eight-game point streak, the second longest streak of his career. He finished the 2016/2017 season with 7-18-25 in 14 games. This is his second 8-game point-streak of the season. He had 6-5-11 from October 23rd to November 3rd and currently has 2-8-10 on this streak. McDavid has always finished the season strong. In his career during February-April he has produced 140 points in 101 games for a 1.38 points/game pace. Between October-January he has produced 1.21 points/game with 198 points in 163 games.

7. The Bakersfield Condors won their 13th consecutive game on Wednesday and will go for #14 tonight against the Ontario Reign. I spoke with Jay Woodcroft about his team and discussed both their offensive and defensive approach. First we touched on their offensive attack.

“I would say we adjusted some things, going back to the summer time that led to a little bit more of an aggressive forechecking team. I would identify our group down here as a forechecking team. Do we want to cross the blueline with possession and have four-man entries, and have a middle drive? We want to do all that. We have some skill and when we get the opportunity to enter with possession and clean entries, that’s how we do look, but I would characterize our group down here as one that is willing to lay pucks into work areas, which I believe is a skill.

We get in hard on the forecheck and disrupt the other teams rehearsed retrievals. That’s a huge thing for us down here, the ability to disrupt breakout plans for other teams, and the only way you do that in this level is having an F1 (first forward) that gets in hard and has an active stick, a second man that is right on top of him, a third man who is reading where the puck is going, and our two defencemen working up into the play, establishing an offensive gap, and really we would call this a five-man forecheck. It’s led to an increase in our pace of play, and leads us to hemming lots of teams in their defensive end, and eventually when we gain possession it allows us to grind teams down on the cycle.”

8. Woodcroft also discussed their defensive plan.

“We talk down here about playing a connected brand of hockey, and we want to be an entry team who attacks. If it’s not there we are prepared to lay it in and forecheck teams into the ground. But for us, if our forecheck ever breaks down or the other team makes a great breakout, we need a plan coming back to our end. And what we practise a lot is our sort out on our track.

“I would say that for us our track begins with our forwards’ commitment to work back and hunt pucks down, to try and catch teams before the red line so that we deny clean possession entries for the opposition. So that mindset is not optional, it’s a mandatory mindset.

“I think if you would talk to any defensemen who has ever played professional hockey, when forwards are committing to back-checking hard, that encourages D-men to maintain tight gaps which allows us to defend lines and contest lines much better. We want to deny possession entries coming into our end. We want to test team’s ability to lay pucks in, and we believe our breakout plan is good enough to beat most team’s forechecks, and as a result we’ve done a really good job of contesting our blue line. It has forced teams to lay pucks in and we’ve done a really good job breaking out as a five-man unit, but I’m going to back to the beginning of the question, and we’re trying to play a connected brand of hockey that starts with entries. It goes to forecheck, it goes back to your track, and eventually leads to your break plan as well.”

When the Oilers forwards back pressure is good the overall team defence is better, but when it isn’t, it allows teams easier zone entries and Edmonton ends up spending too much time in the D zone.

9. Woodcroft also spoke about Andrej Sekera. He will play his fourth and fifth AHL games this weekend.

“The one thing he does exceptionally Jason, is he talks out there. You can hear him on the ice, and I believe that talk equals speed, but a lot of these young guys forget they have a voice. And so this guy, who has played 700 games in the NHL, comes in and he is talking to everybody. He lets everyone know where he is on the ice. He has the ability to make poised plays with the puck, little pops in the defensive zone, by passes off the glass that you don’t see at this level. I think he has helped settle us down defensively and he’s been excellent.

“I think he is much more confident coming off of this injury than he was when he returned last year. He has been able to come down here and gain some confidence with the puck, but also know he can move around the ice better.”

10. Sekera will travel back to Edmonton on Sunday and likely see the doctor on Monday. Based on conversations I’ve had it sounds like as long as the Oilers are cap compliant before Tuesday’s game, so likely around 3 p.m that afternoon, the NHL won’t have much of an issue. They won’t rush them into being cap compliant by Monday.

11. I mentioned on Wednesday I would use Jesse Puljujarvi as one of the four AHL recalls. I wanted to outline how that would need to occur. In order to be sent down to the AHL at the conclusion of the NHL season, a player has to be on the AHL roster on February 25th. So the Oilers could make a paper transaction. They could send Puljujarvi down, and then recall him later that day. He could count as one of the four recalls post-trade deadline, but he would be eligible for the AHL playoffs. I expect the Oilers to do this with Brad Malone for sure. Malone has been excellent for Bakersfield this season and they will want him in the playoffs. So don’t be surprised if you see the Oilers send Puljujarvi down on the 25th, and then recall him later that day.

12. It is Positive Friday and I love positive stories. I received an email a few weeks ago from a listener to my show and reader of the Nation. He sent me the following note.

“Jason, I had a good 2018 and all that you do for charity has inspired me to want to do something. I was hoping you could help. I’d like to challenge your listeners or readers to raise $5,000 and I will match it and we can raise $10,000. I thought maybe we could entice people who haven’t donated often to chip in $25 or $50 and they’d feel part of something good….And please honour my request for anonymity.  I have nothing to gain from your listeners or from getting my name out there — and I really don’t want that little “fight of vanity in my head” that might crop up if I were to have my name on your show. Call me Rufus McPlaid from OilersNation. I rarely ever comment, so I doubt you’d remember me, but I love reading the site. In our family, Rufus is a man of all ages — the world’s first engineer — but he vehemently avoids the spotlight, preferring instead to give credit to Archimedes, Einstein, Edison, and General Electric.  Just a quiet hermit who loves watching hockey when he is not curing disease and building 2 x 4’s out of renewables.”

So I reached out to the Alzheimers society and they made a webpage for this. You can go to www.gregor10kchallenge.ca and donate. I want to ensure we make Rufus donate the full $5,000. So if you can today, please donate. Essentially if you make a $50 donation it is really $100 because Rufus will match it. When you donate you will receive a tax receipt. Thank you and let’s rack up Rufus’ credit card today.


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 2/15/2019 – 7:00 am MT

  • Serious Gord

    Raleigh – and the Carolinas in general look like really nice places – need to get down there some time…

    And yes, the oil get beat. The race to the bottom of the west has now been engaged.

  • The future never comes

    Another L and another boring game in which we only have one line that can score. The other lines just go out to waste the clock and take up physical space. So fun being an Oilers fan!

  • winteriscoming

    As of last night the Oilers are one point out of last place in the West, three points out of second last place in the league, be proud burger Bob be very proud ?

    • Kool-Aid Man

      I’m sure he is beaming, it’s all going well according to “the plan”. ?‍♂️

      I cannot wait for the end-of-season presser. Bobby Nick- *smirks* “If you understand “the plan” you will be more than happy to pay Katz another 8-10K for next years season tickets.

      • TruthHurts98

        Next year they’ll be adding the Bobby Nick burger combo for only $49.99! GMO veggie burger, Koolaid and a side of week old Mickey D’s fries. If fans are that starved for entertainment that they feel inclined to waste money on Oiler tickets, they should be willing to blow some more money on the Bobby Nick combo! Might as well give them something to be distracted with since the on ice product is even worse.

  • OriginalPouzar

    Thanks for the updates Jason.

    I’m sure the team is looking to trade out a contract (such as Petrovic, Manning or Talbot) as opposed to the other option of two guys down to the Bake (and potentially bribing up a Joe G. or P. Russell depending on which forward goes down and their cap hit – Malone/Rattie vs. Puljujarvi/Brodziak) but, if they can’t consummate a trade before Tuesday, cap compliance won’t be a big issue – there are various ways, none of them egregious.

    • TruthHurts98

      How delusional are you to think any team in the league would want Petrovic or Manning on their roster? Let alone make a trade for them??? The Oilers are looking to trade anyone not named Connor, Leon, Nuge, Nurse, Klefbom and Larsson. Maybe Chiasson gets a mid round pick. The other players on the roster are absolutely worthless. With the exception of JP who might garner a 3rd round pick: #becauseOilers.

  • OriginalPouzar

    Jason, quick question. Does the “on the roster on the 25th” requirement for AHL playoff eligibility apply to CHL players as well? When guys like Bouchard, Maksimov, Samorukov join the Condors when their OHL season’s are complete, it will obviously be after the trade deadline – will they be eligible for the playoffs?

    • Jason Gregor

      Any amateur player can be added to the roster at the conclusion of their season, similar to previous seasons. The Oilers will likely have a few CHL players heading to Bakersfield once their junior season wraps up.

  • Viperx

    Thanks Rufus, nice email and well done for charity. Hopefully Oilers come out better than last time against the Canes. Not a big fan of there post game celebrations, but if there fans like it it. So be it

  • Heschultzhescores

    I never thought we could have virtually no secondary scoring for an entire year, but it seems that will be the case. I think the biggest problem I have seen all year our forecheck is weak, we often just dump the puck to the opposition like…here you take it. That puck should never be just given to the opponent. Then there is the extra passing and endless ineffective cycling of the puck. We need to get the puck and our players to the net. Garbage goals should be our goal. Just think of how many goals we have given up off our own guys. Why does that happen? Because every other team knows throwing the puck at the net with traffic makes good things happen. A pretty goal is nice, but it probably costs us 2 ugly goal a game. This us an ugly team, they need to get ugly and start garbage picking. A gross goal counts the same as a pretty one, just ask the Flamers, that’s their bread and butter. I see too often we opt to dump the puck into the corner rather than putting it to the net…and not to the jet with nobody there. Puck at the net, players at the net, our guys are way over thinking how to score NHL goals. Leave the pretty goals to McD and Drai, the rest need to whack away like the hacks they are.

  • Alberta Ice

    The Hurricanes desperately fighting for their playoff lives three points back of a wildcard. The Oilers desperately fighting for their playoff lives six points back of a wildcard. This game should have a lot of high level, no holds barred intensity tonight. (Key words – “should have”). Did some one say there is a curling game on tonight?

  • Heschultzhescores

    Is the TV my enemy, or are the Oilers on my TV the enemy. Or, maybe I am my own worst enemy for turning on the TV. Maybe its the cable company for not blacking the game out like every other damn game. Life’s ponderings.

  • HelpMeBabyJesus

    Trade Draisaitl for draft picks and Lucic’s bloated contract. Nuge can be the number 2 Center again. It will take 2 years of pain and suffering but by then we may have enough talent in the system to actually play respectable hockey again. Oh yeah, if a deal can be worked out to get rid of Nurse then do it also for draft picks. Nurse is terrible!

    • Heschultzhescores

      Why trade 100 pt guy for draft picks? 100 point guy is not the problem. I get the Looch thing, but even he is not the reason we are losing. Lets not panic. Smart moves at the right time are better than panic plays…just ask Kass last game

  • Soccer Steve

    Oilers go against logic and our expectations and get the win tonight AND against the Isle. They troll us into thinking there’s an outside shot at playoffs somehow, and we bite because we’re Oiler fans, then they lose the next 4 in a row.

  • Odanada

    I’m counting on lucky bounces, missed calls, fluke plays, unforced opponent errors and plain ol’ puck luck to propel us to victory.
    You just gotta believe, people