GDB 63.0 Wrap Up: Oilers leave fans disappointed again and lose 6-2 in Toronto

*remembers when we were winning 1-0* Final score: 6-2 Leafs.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little anxious watching this first period. Leafs fans are one of my least favourite to play against and losing to them makes my skin crawl. The second whistle of the game finally came with twelve minutes left in the first period so having the play go so long made me EXTRA anxious. Both teams seemed pretty cautious initially with a lot of neutral zone play in the first half of the period. The Oilers faired very well and maintained some good offensive pressure against the Leafs. The Leafs didn’t get their first shot on net until there was 11:40 remaining in the period. Granted, it was a breakaway off of a bad neutral zone giveaway, but still, good defence!

The Leafs took the first penalty of the game halfway through the first period, and Leon Draisaitl made them pay. Skating the puck in from the red line, Draisaitl undressed the entire Leafs defence and put the Oilers up on the board with McDavid assisting him. The Oilers continued the offensive pressure for the rest of the period until the Leafs capitalized on a powerplay after an Alex Chiasson slashing penalty. The Oilers bounced back with a strong shift and went into the dressing room leading in shots 16-8.

The second period didn’t start the way we wanted to and the Leafs came out buzzing. Mitch Marner scored early to give the Leafs a one-goal lead and no more than two minutes later, the Leafs danced right into our zone and Andreas Johnsson finished off a nice passing play to make the game 3-1. Just a couple minutes after that (does it sound like I’m repeating myself?), William Nylander sniped one above Koskinen’s shoulder to make it a 4-1 game. Koskinen was quickly pulled and replaced by Anthony Stolarz. It didn’t take long after that for Stolarz to give up his first goal as an Oiler, as the Leafs capitalized on a penalty taken by Cave to make the game 5-1 halfway through the game.

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It’s killing me to have to type all this nonsense out. The only good thing about the remaining of the second period was that we didn’t give up any more goals. We levelled out our game a little bit but still didn’t create any decent scoring chances. The Leafs had a couple of their own, but at the end of the period, it remained a 5-1 game with the Leafs leading in shots: 24-23.

I’d love to tell you that the Oilers got an ass-kicking in the dressing room after that atrocious period and came out flying the third, but that’s not what happened. I mean, they might have got an ass-kicking, but they didn’t come out flying. Instead, they came out giving up another shorthanded goal in the first minute of the period. I wish I could tell you things got better, but they didn’t. Honestly, I was pretty much just looking at my watch for the entire third period. It was incredibly boring and depressing that we were five goals back and needed a miracle comeback for anything good to happen. Nuge ended up potting a goal at the end of the game which gave me a half smile, but any chance of a comeback was far behind us.

Game Notes: Oilers @ Stars: Draisaitl Dominating

The Oilers are back on the ice tomorrow night in Ottawa, and I can only dream that they will put up a better performance then they did tonight.

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  • The Oilers started the game very strong. They didn’t come out flying with a lot of scoring chances or anything like that, but they played very well defensively and didn’t give up a shot until 11:40 left of the period. It was a breakaway, so Mikko Koskinen had to be strong.
  • Leon Draisaitl has been playing out of his mind lately. He scored the first goal of the game tonight after making some beautiful toe drags through the Leafs defence. It was his 39th goal of the season and he is well on his way to 50. Absolutely nuts! Draisaitl is now leading the league in goals during the month of February and has 15 goals in his last 15 games.
  • Nuge scored! In a broken play with four minutes remaining in the game, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins refused to give up on the play and tucked the puck home around the post. The play was challenged for goalie interference as Zack Kassian knocked down Andersen a little earlier, but the NHL let it stand. *blows kisses at NHL* This was Nuge’s 20th goal of the season and he has now tied his career high in points.
  • Anthony Stolarz saw his first half game as an Oiler tonight and stopped 19 of 21 shots. Obviously, these aren’t the circumstances he wanted to have when playing in his first game but he played fairly solid throughout it. I’m curious who will get the start now tomorrow in Ottawa.
  • Even though the top line was quiet tonight (all lines were quiet), seeing Gagner, Nuge, and McDavid together intrigued me. We never really got to see them play a normal offensive game, so hopefully, they’re back together tomorrow to see if they can piece together any further offense.


  • The Oilers first period was almost flawless, but with only a few minutes left in the period, Alex Chiasson took an unnecessary slashing penalty, and it didn’t take long for the Leafs to capitalize on the power play opportunity. An unlucky bounce in the slot made Mikko Koskinen lose sight of the rebound, and Patrick Marleau buried it.
  • The Leafs began the second period with a hop in their step and the Oilers didn’t. It took them just over a minute for Mitch Marner to deflect a pass passed Koskinen giving them a one-goal lead.
  • Just a 1:17 after Marner’s goal, the Leafs executed another beautiful passing play finished off by Andreas Johnsson to give the Leafs a 3-1 lead. I’m not sure what was said in the intermission, but it wasn’t enough, and we needed to come out MUCH stronger on the road than that. I sort of expected Hitchcock to call a timeout after the third goal to slow things down but we never got one.
  • Just minutes after the Leafs third goal, Nylander sniped one up above Mikko Koskinen to give the Leafs a three-goal lead. This was an extremely sharp angle shot that Koskinen should have saved (especially being such a giant man). Sure enough, Koskinen was quickly pulled and replaced by Anthony Stolarz, who saw his first game action in an Oilers jersey.
  • Brad Malone left the game in the second period after sliding hard into the boards. I’m not exactly sure what was injured but it was definitely a lower-body injury. Maybe an ankle or a knee? Thankfully he ended up returning to the game in the third.
  • Halfway through the second period, Colby Cave took an accidental interference penalty in the neutral zone. I want to call it a soft call, but either way, a penalty was the last thing we needed after giving up four unanswered goals. As you probably can assume, the Leafs scored on that powerplay to make the game 5-1. As usual, we went from standing on top of a mountain to being buried alive in under ten minutes of gameplay.
  • Aaaaaaaand surprise surprise, the Leafs score in the first minute of the third period. After running into penalty trouble at the end of the second, the Leafs began the third with a 5-on-3 where John Tavares slapped home a shot past Stolarz to make it a 6-1 game. *sighhhhh*
  • Besides the first period, Connor McDavid was extremely quiet tonight and the Leafs did one hell of a job shadowing him and shutting him down. He was also a -3 on the ice which I’m sure McDavid won’t be happy about. Toronto has always done a good job of this and I only wish the rest of our team could have had a little more success for Connor.
  • As always, the Oilers penalty kill was awful tonight and played a big part in the loss. They went 2 for 5 and took far penalties too many tonight.
Game Notes Oilers @ Blackhawks: Chasing Special Teams History



11:06 Edmonton PPG – Leon Draisaitl (39) ASST: Connor McDavid (54), Darnell Nurse (23) 1-0
18:02 Toronto Patrick Marleau (14) ASST: Jake Muzzin (23), Connor Brown (17) 1-1


01:09 Toronto Mitchell Marner (22) ASST: Zach Hyman (15), Ron Hainsey (13) 1-2
02:26 Toronto Andreas Johnsson (18) ASST: Kasperi Kapanen (22), Auston Matthews (29) 1-3
04:50 Toronto PPG – William Nylander (5) ASST: Tyler Ennis (5), Patrick Marleau (19) 1-4
08:09 Toronto PPG – Andreas Johnsson (19) ASST: John Tavares (32), Mitchell Marner (51) 1-5


00:25 Toronto PPG – John Tavares (36) ASST: Mitchell Marner (52), William Nylander (11) 1-6
16:06 Edmonton Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (20) ASST: Darnell Nurse (24) 2-6


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 2/27/2019 – 7:30 pm MT

  • VK63

    I enjoyed the early collapse. Fail fast, fail forward….. well not forward in the Oilers case, well maybe, I guess face plants are technically falling forward. Are they forgetting to add them up? They should be moving forward; no?

    So confusing.

  • What the

    I was at the game tonight in TO. The leafs didn’t show up in the first period. I missed the first three goals in the second while buying a beer. The better team won tonight without a doubt. We left with 10 minutes left in the third.

    It is great to be able to go to an away rink, yet have love of hockey in common with the home fans. I had fun with the Leaf fans surrounding me. I could never cheer for the Leafs, but the fans around me tonight were great.

    • rnj

      I’m impressed you can afford tickets. For lower bowl my wife and I would be paying around 1200. Can fly from here to Arizona etc get better tickets, stay overnight, and fly back for about the same amount. Most overpriced tickets in sports

      • Kinda like going to game in edmonton. But the leafs are exciting and can win at home. Oh and they can skate and pass. They have a third pairing dman who can make a pass.
        Remember when we had dman who could pass.

    • OilersBro

      Same here – four goons wearing Oilers jerseys and the only places we got chirped was on the walk back from the arena but overall people there were really nice
      My favourite was when someone made a comment about Matthews being better than McDavid and all of his boys just shut him down?
      The only downside was being in the corporate seats had a very apathetic vibe. I barely saw any kids/families enjoying the game in the lower bowl and jerseys were more frequent in the higher sections. The place cleared out with 10 minutes left in the third despite the Leafs playing a brilliant game. It sucks that a lot of the passionate fans have been priced out of the arena and Scotiabank Centre for seats that often get left empty- i’ve seen Oilers games in a few arenas this year and this was the first I’ve see that

  • Elgando

    You guys need to clean up your website… In so tired of the gambling, lotto, and other crappy popups that plague your website. C’mon guys, enough is enough. This is the only site I frequent that does this.

  • Derkus the circus

    Theres nothing like another huge embarrassing failure on a national telecast just to remind all of canada how many deficiencies they have. Just another kick in the junk for good measure. Terrible

  • Clayton

    Well, at least we are only 30 points out of first in the Western Conference and 10 points away from last in the league. There must be a bright side in that…

        • Lazarus

          And that is a long list. I don’t know of another franchise in the league that has as long a laundry list of ex players that will openly talk about their negative experiences in the past team.
          Oh the 80s seem more like 800 years ago don’t they?

    • Four years into connors career and this organization has given him zero support. This organization is failing him. This coach is failing him. Hiw does ty rattie go from first line to the press box. Kassian to the fourth line. Hitch might be part of the problem

    • KPUZ

      What an absolutely asinine comment. You should be ashamed of yourself if you think McDavid is the problem. How easy for the opposition coach to eliminate one player when the rest of the team is useless (minus Draisaitl). It would not matter if we had Gretzky, Messier, Lemieux, Orr or Howe in place of McDavid. This is a horrific team assembled by incompetent management. Good idea though Daksyukian to run the best player in hockey out of town.

  • Oilerproud

    I love how after a loss more ppl comment on the gdb and wrap up than the last 4 games combined. It’s comical because it’s the same people with the same pouty comments. But only after a loss lol. Looking at you baby bung

  • slats-west

    Travelling on business and got to see this hot mess live. Some comments:

    – Not just McDavid invisible but the whole team. No hits. No d pressure in ozone just a whole lot of guys skating trying not to touch each other. Felt like i was as at ice dancing comp rather than a hockey game.
    – Mikko rebound control is awful and the short side goal for 4-1 was back breaker and total AHL GOALIE. HATE YOU Chia for that contract! Hate you!
    – can we have a rule of if Lucic does not throw 2 hits in the first period bench him. He’s checked out of these games.
    – Toby Rieder is cursed. Good luck in Europe you skate nice but you’re useless.
    – we saw the Gagner that the Canucks has issues with did not ply with the puck, stayed on outside, not engaged bad back check and cheated way too often.
    – Benning is awful. Out of position and most often puts his partner in bad spots too many times
    – I counted 6 Oilers who most likely will not be in the NHL next year! 7!
    – the Leafs 3rd line is Marleau-Nylander-Brown and one guy has 400 goals. Wow.

    Bob Nicholson – the water is fine, the stench from your assembled management team is the problem.

    • Lazarus

      Will forever love that Chiarelli sig ing of Koskinen 2 days before the axe.
      “Oh you wanna fire me? How much you want Kosk? That’s all..ah hell, let’s make it an extra 1.5mil a year. You deserve it”

    • camdog

      I missed last night’s game, but that’s pretty much what I see when I watch the games. The problem with your assessment is it’s going to take more than a year to clear out the 7 non NHL forwards on the roster. Some will leave, but likely no cap to replace them with guys we’d consider NHL quality.

    • jslamkeys

      Not sure if this needs to be said, but the Mikko signing wasn’t all on Chia (not defending him, he’s Dud #1 in GM history); a few others involved in OK’ing that decision. Agreed on all other points. Sorry you had to watch live.

      • BobbyCanuck

        Burger Bob said it was a management group decision for Mikko, when I heard that, all I could think of was a line from Lord of the Rings movie

        ‘Abandon all hope, ye who enter here’ or something like that

  • Deported to Ottawa

    I can’t even watch the Oilers anymore. There’s nothing to say that hasn’t been said everyday for months on end.

    I think the worst part is what Katz, his cronies, and the never ending list of coaches and GM’s have done to an organization that was once proud.

    This has gone on long enough it’s rather 9bvioys the incompetence starts at the top.

    • BobbyCanuck

      NO, Connor stays wins 4 more Art Ross trophies, gets hacked and slashed all the time, no sniff of the Cup, and instead of UFA he gives a news conference saying he is going to the KHL, because he is tired of all the abuse he takes. Why not? He should be financially set for life by the time his contract is over

    • BobbyCanuck

      So 15 years? I think that’s how long it took for the Devils to go from Mickey Mouse to Stanley Cup champs, patience my friends if Jersey can do it, so can we!

  • Darcy yaceyko

    Can we fast forward the season please?!?!? Between the water and death by a thousand paper cuts and all the other BS we’ve been fed. I’ve had enough of the team. Let’s get ready for the Eskimos and hopefully Trevor Harris can make us forget mike Reilly.

  • ---schadenfreude—

    Don’t forget that the city of Edmonton is subsidizing this organization millions per year while services decline and taxes go up.

    Toronto city council let the billionaire investors pay for their own damn arena.

  • You just got LITT up!

    “Well, that escalated quickley … I mean, that really got out of hand fast” Ron Burgundy. Playing in Connor’s home town and the Oilers leave a steamy loaf on the ice. Classic Oil.
    Anyone else concerned McDavid asks for a trade at the draft?