One Minute Men – Oilers vs Maple Leafs (February 27, 2019)

The last time the Leafs won a cup was in 1967. We travelled back in time to see what life was like then, but Cam screwed up the space-time continuum by messing around at Woodstock. See if Cooom and I can get back to the present in under a minute, and read Jason Gregor’s Game Day Notes!

Let me tell you, 1967 wasn’t a very interesting point in time. Not only did the Leafs win the Stanley Cup, but everything was in black and white, and dusty. Thank god Cam and I are back in the present, but we had quite the adventure going back in time to read these notes. If you haven’t read the Game Day Notes from Jason Gregor yet, you can find the full list here.

In case you didn’t know, today is the first game for Connor McDavid after serving his two-game suspension for a check to the head. Wouldn’t you know it, his first game back is against his childhood favourite team and in his home province. You know Connor is going to be fired up and full of energy tonight with likely a ton of family and friends in the crowd. I wouldn’t be surprised if Connor put up an easy three points, and we see one of the best games this season from him. It’s safe to say the Oilers need a performance like that from him right now with the playoffs around the corners.

Watch the video below!

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