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Game Notes Stars @ Oilers: Double Hatties

I have a question regarding the Oilers’ offensive outburst against the Los Angeles Kings.

If you were there, what was your reasoning to not throw your hat after Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored a first-period Hatty, but then when Leon Draisaitl scored his in the third frame you decided to let it fly?

Did you get caught up in the moment? Were you saving your hat because you felt another trick was possible? I’m curious what goes through the mind on a rare occasion like Tuesday night.

There is a good chance most of you might never witness another double hat trick live again. It is rare.

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1. I hope you enjoyed the moment. Sports are supposed to be fun, and when rare moments like Tuesday evening unfold you have to enjoy them.

I wasn’t at the game. I was in Red Deer watching my nephew and his Prince Albert Raiders teammates take a 3-0 series lead over the Rebels. I PVR’d the Oilers game and watched it yesterday morning. I knew the outcome, so it was a tad anti-climatic, but during my career I’ve learned to enjoy special moments in sports, because they might never happen again.

2. I still recall Sam Gagner’s eight-point night. Especially the third period where everything he and his linemates, Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle, touched went in the net. They scored on four consecutive shifts. It was surreal. Despite all the losing over the past 13 seasons, Oilers fans have still witnessed some pretty cool performances. I know you’d trade them for another playoff run, and hopefully, that will occur soon, but Tuesday night was special.

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3. It was the first time two Oilers recorded a hat-trick in the same game since 1985. That game was also against the Los Angeles Kings.

On December 20th, 1985 Jari Kurri had four goals and two assists, while Paul Coffey had three goals and two assists. It was Coffey’s fourth career hat trick and it was Kurri’s 17th regular season Hatty and 22nd overall. Wayne Gretzky had six assists in the victory. Hall of Famers Mark Messier and Glenn Anderson were both injured.

4. On December 19th, 1981 Dave Lumley had 3-3-6 and Gretzky 3-4-7. Lumley still jokes about how Gretzky was named first star. “He would score like that often, but they couldn’t give me one night,” he laughed. And there were four other occasions where Oilers teammates scored potted three goals each.

January 4th, 1984: Gretzky had 4-4-8 and Kurri 3-1-4 when they defeated Minnesota 12-8.

March 11th, 1984: Messier potted 3-0-3 and Kurri had 3-2-5 in a 12-2 drubbing of the Vancouver Canucks.

February 19th, 1985: In a 9-4 victory against the Toronto Maple Leafs Glenn Anderson scored 3-1-4 and Kurri had 3-0-3.

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And on December 11th, 1985 Anderson scored 3-3-6 and Kurri had 3-0-3 in a 12-9 win over the Chicago Blackhawks.

5. On November 19th, 1983 Gretzky scored 3-5-8, Kurri had 5-1-6 and Willy Lindstrom potted 3-1-4 in a 13-4 spanking of the New Jersey Devils. That was the game that caused the infamous “Mickey Mouse organization” quote from Gretzky. It is the only Triple Hatty in Oilers history and I’d be stunned if we ever seen another.

6. Prior to Tuesday the NHL hadn’t seen a double Hatty in over a decade. Here is a list of the most recent ones:

The 2000s…

Pascal Dupuis (3-0-3) and Petr Sykora (3-1-4) on December 11th, 2008 in a Penguins 9-2 win over the Islanders.
Drew Stafford (3-2-5) and Derek Roy (3-1-4) on January 18th, 2008 in a Sabres 10-1 win over the Thrashers.
Jarome Iginla (3-1-4) and Kristian Huselius (3-2-5) on December 13th, 2007 in a Flames 9-6 win over the Lightning.
Joffrey Lupul (3-3-6) and RJ Umberger (3-2-5) on December 11th, 2007 in a Flyers 8-2 win over the Penguins.
Jochen Hecht (3-1-4) and Jason Pominville (3-1-4) on January 6th, 2006 in a Sabres 10-1 win over the Kings.
Craig Conroy (3-2-5) and Alex Frolov (3-1-4) on November 13th, 2005 in a Kings 8-2 win over the Blue Jackets.
**Daniel Alfredsson (4-2-6) and Martin Havlat (4-0-4) on November 2nd, 2005 in a Senators 10-4 win over the Sabres. Four goals each.**
Maxim Afinogenov (3-0-3) and Miroslav Satan (3-0-3) on December 31st, 2003 in a Sabres 7-1 win over the Capitals.
**John Madden (4-1-5) and Randy McKay (4-0-4) on October 28th, 2000 in a Devils 9-0 win over the Penguins. Four goals each.**
Steve Sullivan (3-2-5) and Eric Daze (3-2-5) on March 9th, 2003 in a Blackhawks 7-1 win over the Bruins.

The 1990s…

Owen Nolan (3-3-6) and Jeff Friesen (3-1-4) on October 4th, 1999 in a Sharks 7-1 win over the Blackhawks.
Brian Bellows (3-1-4) and Jason Wiemer (3-0-3) on March 1st, 1996 in a Lightning 7-3 win over the Sharks.
Vyacheslav Koslov (3-2-5) and Ray Sheppard (3-0-3) on January 6th, 1994 in a Red Wings 10-3 win over the Sharks.
Robert Reichel (3-3-6) and Ronnie Stern (3-0-3) on February 10th, 1993 in a Flames 13-1 win over the Sharks.
Alex Mogilny (3-2-5) and Yuri Khymylev (3-0-3) on December 31st, 1992 in a Sabres 11-6 win over the Rangers.
Jari Kurri (3-3-6), Luc Robitaille (3-2-5) and Mike Donnelly (3-1-4) on November 8th, 1992 in a Kings 11-4 win over the Sharks.
Mark Recchi (3-3-6) and Kevin Stevens (3-0-3) on November 18th, 1991 in a Penguins 7-3 victory over the Nordiques.
Joe Mullen (3-2-5) and Dana Murzyn (3-0-3) on February 22nd, 1990 in a Flames 12-2 win over the Maple Leafs.
Pat Lafontaine (3-3-6) and Derek King (3-2-5) on February 6th, 1990 in an Islanders 8-7 win over the Penguins.

7. With his hat trick, Draisaitl is once again within striking distance of the elusive 50-goal mark. He needs four goals in the final six games. He has 23 goals in his last 31 games so he is more than capable of reaching 50. Including this season, Alex Ovechkin is the only player who has scored 50 goals in a season over the past seven years. He has done it three times and needs one more goal over his final six games to get there again this year. For Draisaitl to become the only other player in seven years to do it would be quite the feat. John Tavares needs five goals in five games, so he also has a shot.

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8. Draisaitl needs one point to reach 100. He will do it tonight and when he does he and McDavid will be the first set of teammates since Alex Ovechkin (109) and Nicklas Backstrom (101) in 2010 to do it. Other pairs of teammates who have done it in the 2000s include Evgeni Malkin (113) and Sidney Crosby (103) in 2009, Vincent Lecavalier (108) and Marty St.Louis (102) in 2007, and Dany Heatley (103) and Daniel Alfredsson (103) in 2006. Malkin and Crosby combined for 216 points. McDavid and Draisaitl have 211 with six games remaining. Their offensive dominance as a tandem is very impressive.

9. Offence is up across the league, which is great to see. Does anyone really miss all the 2-1 games of previous years? I didn’t think so. In 2017, Draisaitl was eighth in scoring with 77 points. McDavid led the league with 100 and was the only player with more than 90 points. This season there are already eleven players with 90 points and that number should grow to at least 15 and possibly 17. Nine players had 90+ points last year and the last time the NHL had 15+ players with 90 or more points was in 1995/1996 when 22 players topped the 90-point mark.

10. Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn only has 52 points in 74 games. His previous five seasons he had 79, 87, 89, 69 and 79. By his standards, he is having a brutal offensive season when you consider offense is up across the league. Teammate Alex Radulov has 64 points in 65 games while Tyler Seguin has 74. Seguin has produced 84, 77, 73, 72 and 78 the past five years and likely will finish with his second highest point total of his career, yet Benn is struggling.


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 3/28/2019 – 7:00 am MT

  • Billy Charlebois

    Maybe people are hesitant to throw their hats on the ice because they just spent $35 at the Oiler Store buying it. Maybe that makes me cheap…I dunno.

    • Flint

      I’ve been around these parts and been critical of the Draisaitl contract (which I still believe could have been gotten cheaper) but he has turned it on this last third of the season. If he keeps putting up 45+ goal seasons and 100+ points, even with some flaws in his game you can’t say the Oilers aren’t getting value.

      I also still believe that a team is the sum of it’s parts and success is the measure of a team, so, by extension, team success is a part of a measure of a player, like it or not, but Draisaitl has exceeded his value on the offensive side of things and his struggles in other areas aren’t enough to swing it far the other way.

      He’s had a heck of a season.

      • camdog

        Cheaper on 3-4 year contract yes, there was no reason for Leon to sign long term unless he got what he/agent thought he was worth. By the time his contract is up the cap will be close to 100 million and guys like him could be getting 13-14 million per season.

      • Datsyukian

        Struggles in other areas? Has there ever been a flawless player in the game (or any sports)? McDavid has flaws. Crosby has flaws. Gretzky had flaws. Why do people feel obligated to always point out Leon’s flaws, even when they are praising him?

        • Flint

          Why do people cry so much when it’s pointed out that a player can improve? Do you believe that we are seeing Draisaitl at 100%? The best he can and will ever be? You always want to see a player pushing to be their best… and part of that is identifying areas of improvement. Any professional knows that.

          So, yes, Draisaitl has flaws, flaws that are bigger that the Crosby’s, Gretzky’s and McDavid’s of the world. He, I’m sure knows it, but in terms of dollars for offensive production this year he’s spot on.

          Doesn’t mean he can’t improve. Look at it this way: If McDavid and Draisaitl are already playing at 100% at both ends of the rink, then the Oilers aren’t going to make the playoffs in the next decade. SO you better hope they can improve.

    • ifiwasgm

      Actually, Draisaitl is worth $8mil, but he didn’t have to pay him $8mil. No other GM’s were paying their stars on speculation, but Chia did. Draisaitl could have been signed to $7mil if he was on any other team.
      But again I’m glad he’s here but $7mil would have been nice.

        • Jon123

          You might be right that Leon would have stayed firm at what he wanted which is still a great deal for us obviously….but we’ll never know one way or the other, I just really, really doubt that Chiarelli actually got the best deal on a 8 year term (because seriously when did he ever do that on any other contract?)

      • 50 Flex

        You have to remember that they might have been able to get him for less, but the term would have been shorter. Getting him for 8 years at 8.5 is looking like an excellent deal. If he had done 7 million for 5 years he could have asked for well over 10 when it expired.

  • hagar

    Since nuge was first period, maybe some people bought a new hat during the intermission then threw the second hat?

    I personally don’t throw hats, they become part of me until they get too dirty then in comes the replacement. If you like hats and wear them every day, you tend to grow attached to certain ones.

    • Kepler62c

      Ya I can’t stand all the rich folk who complain about how they’ve spent $10,000+ on seats and “deserve” a better product. We all do, not just the rich pricks who fill the lower bowl to wave around their big money.


    I’ve never been a hat guy and I’ve never understood why some people are so attached to their hats. I remember those kids in high school that made the biggest deal when the teacher asked them to remove their hat.

    I was blown away how many people didn’t throw their hats last game. The camera went to the crowd after both hat tricks and so many people were still wearing theirs. I understand if it’s special (like your grandma got it for you or something) but lets be real.. how many people can actually say that? Or maybe they are remarkably embarrassed that they’re going bald? I’m not buying the “this hat was expensive” argument. If you don’t have $35 for a new hat, how are you at an Oilers game? How often do you get the chance to toss your hat at an NHL game? It’s worth the $35…

  • The Whispererer

    I don’t often see this mentioned, but Gagner was in on all of Oilers 3 goals (2g, 1a) in the 1st period of the Oilers next game (so in on 11 consecutive goals ) and also scored in the shootout in a 5-4 win vs Detroit.
    Then the lazy bugger pulled a Draisaitl and coasted with just 1 assist in the next game. ( insert smiley face here )

  • Oiler Al

    Good on them [97-29=93] for gaining some personal goals and stats!Two 100 point players wasted on Petes folly.What a waste.Tampa as a couple 100 point players, and where are they.?On a team with a sud D-Man and strong goalie. Something the Oilers are missing.Oh yes they have three strong wingers and yes they have a coach and a GM. What a concept?

  • I bought a new hat on Sunday. Went to the game in lower bowl company seats. Nuge gets a hatty. I throw that new hat onto the ice. At intermission, my buddy was impressed so he buys me the same style hat. Then Draisaitl gets a hatty. I looked at my buddy and said, “Sorry bro, I gotta do this.” And away onto the ice it went. I had to throw it because I knew this moment for me probably wouldn’t happen again.

    After the game, I bought another hat.

    So with 3 hats, that’s literally a hat hat trick!

    Totally worth it. Whomever gets those two hats, both were barely worn and that makes me smile.

  • Oilerz4life

    Would be impressive if they weren’t playing the oldest team in the league late in the season, that looked gassed on the road.

    To be honest that looked more like a shinny game than NHL hockey. Battle of the basement.

  • The Immortal

    Didn’t throw my hat because gregor insists we trade rnh for a 3rd pairing defenceman this summer (Because ain’t nobody trading a #1-2 d man for a C )

  • Johnny Zylon

    December 11th, 1985 Anderson scored 3-3-6 and Kurri had 3-0-3 in a 12-9 win over the Chicago Blackhawks. 12-9?? 21 goals in the game. Classic 80’s Oilers win. I kick my own ass today cause I didn’t watch them as much back then as I do now. Too busy chasing skirts in Red Deer. I’ll bet Rod Philips voice was hoarse.

    • Johnny Zylon

      Was there ever a streaker on the ice for an Oiler game? I remember that guy in Calgary , I think he slipped and sprained his ankle. A tourist from somewhere if I remember right.