Baggedmilk on #theLOCKERROOM: Playoffs, Leafs hate, and Canadian conspiracies

As I do every Wednesday, I jumped on the 95.7 Cruz FM airwaves to talk all things NHL. This week, we looked at the first round of the NHL playoffs, Canadian hockey fans cheering against the Leafs, and whether or not there’s an NHL conspiracy going on north of the border.

To kick off this week’s segment, we got into the bizarreness of the first round of the NHL playoffs. Conference champs got bumped early, all three Canadian teams are out, and it seems like one of the stranger playoff years we’ve had in recent memory. For the boys at The Locker Room, they wanted to know where I stood on Canada having a team and whether or not it even makes sense to cheer for someone just because their home games are played in another Canadian city. To answer the question, I spent the next few minutes making fun of the Leafs for failing to make it through the first round for the third straight year. From there, Lochlin wanted to know my thoughts on this strange idea that some folks have on social media that there is a conspiracy which prevents a Canadian team from winning it all. Does it make any sense for the NHL to want the Stanley Cup to stay in the US?

Check out this week’s appearance:

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