Weekly Rumours – Defencemen Available?

Welcome to our weekly rumour recap on Oilersnation! Every week, I’ll scour the web and Twitter pages of various beat reporters from around the NHL to bring you some rumours involving other NHL teams and how they could affect the Oilers.  One of my favourite things about an NHL offseason is trade talk and the rumour mill, so I’m excited to do this every Thursday. So let’s get going!

This week, I’m looking at some of the defenseman around the NHL that could be available.

The king of NHL rumours is Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet and he had a few interesting nuggets in his weekly “31 Thoughts” blog and podcast.

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“One of the guys I’m hearing about is Spurgeon from Minnesota,” said Friedman is his weekly show with Jeff Marek. “Minnesota is going to make some changes and he has a lot of value.”

Will Minnesota extend him or will they trade him? That’s the big question as Spurgeon has one more year on his current deal with a cap hit $5.187 million. He also has a modified no-trade clause that requires him to submit a list of 20 teams he would approve a trade to. Usually, I would say that disqualifies Edmonton from consideration but Spurgeon is a local product so he might consider waiving.

On the ice, Spurgeon would be a dream fit with the Oilers. He would give them the offensive, puck moving, right shot defenseman that they’ve been searching for. The fact he could be available should have the Oilers licking their chops.

Minnesota has made some moves that I’ve viewed as pretty questionable as of late. Sending out Mikael Granlund for Kevin Fiala was a head–scratcher and  I would imagine they’re regretting trading Nino Niederreiter to Carolina for Victor Rask.

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Given their lack of depth down the middle of the ice, the Wild are probably interested in Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, but they would need to sweeten that offer. I wouldn’t deal trade Nugent-Hopkins for a 29-year-old defenseman on an expiring deal. If GM Paul Fenton is simply looking to change the culture in Minnesota, maybe something involving Darnell Nurse would interest the Wild. If they want future assets then Jesse Puljujarvi, Ethan Bear, or Caleb Jones could be on the block, but that likely wouldn’t be enough.

There will be plenty of teams wanting a player like Spurgeon. That could ultimately drive the acquisition price up and take the Oilers out of the running. They would also have to move out salary to bring in Spurgeon.

Tyson Barrie will also hear his name in plenty of trade talks this summer due to the emergence of Sam Girard and Cale Makar. Friedman says that if the Avalanche were to move on from Barrie, it would be in a “purely hockey trade.”

As soon as I heard that, I immediately thought that there’s no way the Avalanche would consider sending the 27-year-old, right shot defenseman unless Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is going the other way. The value lines up on that deal, but I still wouldn’t do it. Keeping Nugent-Hopkins allows the Oilers to play McDavid and Draisaitl together. I wouldn’t sacrifice that luxury for a player who will be a UFA in July 2020.

One name within the Pacific Division that could be available is Ben Hutton.

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The 26-year-old has appeared in 276 games and is a pending RFA. He plays on the left side and the Oilers have plenty of options on that side of the ice including Caleb Jones, who many expect to graduate to the NHL level next season. Don’t think there would be any interest in a player like Hutton.

If the Oilers are going to add anyone to the mix, it will be a proven right-shot defender who can handle top four minutes and quarterback a powerplay. Traditionally there haven’t been very many of those available, but this summer with names like Barrie, Spurgeon, Justin Faulk, and Jacob Trouba reportedly available on the trade market as well as Erik Karlsson set to hit free agency, this summer may see some high-end defensemen moved.

One player that has been connected to the Oilers for a few years is Rasmus Ristolainen, but it sounds like the trade talk surrounding the Finnish defenseman will simmer down this summer.

I think that’s a bullet dodged for the Oilers. Despite his reputation as an offensive defenseman, Ristolainen has never topped ten goals in his six-year NHL career. He struggles at time in his own end as well. It just wouldn’t be a good match with what Edmonton currently needs.

Let me hear your take Oilersnation! What kind of deal do you think could land Spurgeon or Barrie? Is there someone out there you think the Oilers should target?

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    • Big Nuggets

      true, but a top 4 RD would be a nice addition. With these young guys on defense getting close to ready, the cavalry is coming on defense, so I would not be willing to trade Nuge for a defenseman. I also wouldn’t trade Nurse, an RFA with lots of potential to get even better, for some older defenseman who’s prime is passing them by. That being said if they could somehow manage to snag Spurgeon without giving up too much that would be huge. Of the young defensemen I would only really be willing to trade Bear. I always hate the idea of trading a prospect on the verge of the NHL because nothing is more valuable than a good player on his ETC. You never know, but I believe we have many defense prospects that will become NHLers and I don’t want to trade them away before we see what they can do. I believe Jones, Bouchard, Lagesson, and Samorukov will all be good NHLers. Bear and Persson I am less sure of.

      • Kepler62c

        I’d be happy with Spurgeon on a 1-year deal if we got him for something reasonable (picks, might not happen). Having him in the top 4 makes it easy to move Russell and Benning for forward help to make room for some of the younger D. We’d have 5 top-4 options in Klefbom, Larsson, Nurse, Spurgeon, and Sekera in case of injury and room for 2 of Jones, Persson, Bear to start the season.

      • Ken Holland

        Expansion draft is coming. We are not able to protect more than 3 dmen.

        Currently that list is Nurse, Klefbom and Larsson.

        Any top 4 upgrade will cost us Larsson, on top the assets required to make the trade.

    • jesse says yep

      I would rather see Nurse and Trouba paired up together and punishing other teams for the next decade! Winnepeg needs cap room, trading them a dman that needs a contract wont help them out. I would give up a first and a prospect to get trouba though and trade Sekera and Russell to make it fit under the cap

  • billsbills

    So you wouldn’t trade RNH for a 29 year old on an expiring contract. But you would trade a 24 year old 6’4″ 220 pound defenceman that skates like the wind and just had his first 40 point season. The guy who when injuries hit the coach was playing 30 min a night, for that guy.

    Got it. I stopped reading after that.

    • Ass Eatn Szn 69

      they guy who was playing 30 minutes a night, whose team couldnt win with 97 and 29, was scrambling in his own end, whose every break out pass is off the boards, who takes stupid penalties all the time, and when playing 30 minutes a night was clearly over his head.

      Getting points while on the ice touching the puck before 97 or 29 is not something to brag about.
      He is also going to want way to much. With Sekera Klefbom, Russel, Jones as your left D with Lagesson pretty much ready and samurokov looking 1 or 2 years away, why not sell high on an over rated player.

      • billsbills

        So let me get this straight.

        Last year’s failures were the fault of Nurse. Because he was over his head playing 30 mins a night at 23 years old.

        You want Sekera, Russel and Jones over Nurse.

        You are convinced Lagesson and Samurokov are better long term options. (Between the two of them have zero NHL games and Lagesson is only a year younger than Nurse.)

        You want to trade him because he is overrated.

        If you ever complained about PC, you need to stop right now. You have lost the intellectual authority to determine what is a good or bad trade.

        Nurse has improved every year since his second season. He hasn’t even played 300 games.

        He was playing 30 minutes a night because he was the best option on the team. Not his fault but considering he was 23 at the time, I think he did a great job. Bad penalties or not. You know he was the same age as Lagesson, the guy who has yet to crack THE OILERS lineup.

        He skates as good as or better than anyone on the team not named CMD.

        His break out passes are fine if he makes the right decision. Players become better decision makers as they get older. Did I mention he turned 24 in February?

        He is the only player on the back end with the skill to hold onto the puck and skate it out of the zone.

        Did you know he’s one tough SOB? He’s just getting man strength.

        Oh did I mention that he is very good friends with a certain player on the team? A player that has been watching the most skilled on the team and his other friends get traded away constantly.

        So to answer your question, players in their early 20’s that have had three years of linear development trending up, are not overrated. And you don’t trade those guys unless you get a ridiculous offer.

        Overrated is one word.

        • Gravis82

          does nurse contribute to winning more so than would another player or equal or lesser salary if instead that other player had played games last year instead or nurse

          • billsbills

            That’s a ridiculous question. Taking out Nurse and putting someone else in that makes the same money, has nothing to do with winning or losing. You are laying everything on one guy. Unless you put a supporting cast around the team, they aren’t going to win!!

            It’s as ridiculous as saying if the Oilers didn’t have CMD or LD, they wouldn’t have made the playoffs anyway. So trade them.

        • toprightcorner

          I don’t trade Nurse because he is overrated, I trade him because last summer he wanted well over $5 mill long term and next summer he will want close to $7 mill. I trade him because he isn’t worth anything close to that amount and because he has very high value right now and could get you a 30 goal scorer or a more offensively minded dman.

          • El Connor mcdaddy

            Yous shouldnt be trading Nurse at all. And in the same breath we signed Draisaitl to an 8.5 million dollar contract because we knew he would out grow that amount of money, and he has done that already in one season. Nurse wanted 5 million dollars, and probably still wants something on the 5-6.5 million dollar range, and we should give him that because he has only proved that he too will out grow that number. Sign good players to the best contract you can and let them out grow the salary, teams do it all the time, and it is something the Oilers should start doing. IMO Nurse is worth 5 mill. He will be this teams number 2 defensman, if not number 1 defensman this year, and number 1-2 d-man go for much more than 5 mill on the open market. Imagine if we signed Drai to a bridge deal because he wasnt worth a big contract yet, we would have to get rid of a 105 point player because he is now worth 11 mill easy. We need Nurse in order to be a successful team in the future. End of story. Do Not Trade Nurse.

          • IRONman

            Wtf you guys!!! Nurse scores 40-50 pts can get 7 to 9 million. PK subban did in 2014. That’s 6 years ago. So ya, Nurse will want at get thru arbitration 7 million for 2 40 pt seasons. I would trade him now to Toronto for winger Kap or Johnsen. Nurse in a minus player and makes too many Errors. Poor exit pass. Bouchard is better, and will run the pp

      • Jerri Kurli

        A little harsh. Nurse is a good player who’s growing into the player he is capable of. I completely agree that (at this stage in his career) is not a guy you can get a dependable 26-30 minutes per game from. He was definitely exposed. He’s learning though, I think he’ll get there.

      • Beer_League_Ringer

        @Azz Eatn…

        Did Darnell hit on your wife or something? The Kid is a beast and the archetype for strong, steady improvement. Nurse is 100% part of the solution, not the problem. Thinking like yours is why we can’t have nice stuff as Oilers fans.

    • Ever the Optimist

      trouba played last year 41% against elite competition, with a even corsi and goals %, Nurse only played 33% of his time vs elites and had a 46% corsi and goal percentage. Also keep in mind Trouba is only 25.

    • toprightcorner

      The most important skill for a dman in the new, fast NHL is puck transition and Nurse does not have that skill. He is a puck off the glass dman. He is a fast skating Staios.

      • jesse says yep

        I don’t remember Staios ever taking the puck end to end with the kind of skill that Nurse has. The improvement in Darnell’s game last season was incredible and I expect another step this season. Nurse has shown that he has the drive to work hard on his game over the summer and another season of off season skills and skating training and he just may go super nova in the next 2 years. Making him worth every penny of his new contract even at 7 mil.

      • billsbills

        That’s a load of crap. You need to watch him more. He’s getting better at hanging onto the puck in order to make good reads. He just turned 24.

        At the same age, Brent Burns had 20 pts in 47 games with a -15 and 37 penalty minutes. He actually regressed in his 23/24 year old season.

        A fast skating Staios? Staios never had more than 30 points in a season. Seriously dude, just stop and go clean your bong or something.

        • Geomessier

          Pretty sure the whole point the guy was making with the Staios comment is how Nurse plays the game EXACTLY like Staios played EXCEPT Nurse has more speed. Plan and simple.

          Pretty darn sure if Staios had the same speed and ice time with McDavid/Dri he would have got close to 30 – 40 points.

  • Ass Eatn Szn 69

    not good enough to win this year, so Hollands goal is to dump bad contracts, russel and lucic this year sekera next year, with manning, brodziak and gagner of the books the following year that is a lot of cap space.

    He also needs to use this season to bring along the young D, and Benson and Marody properly. If this can happen the team should be good and lots of options the following year. Dont give up protectable assets for today. We cant afford to lose anymore assets with a blink of a chance to get to playoffs. If they get there on there on their own than good.

    • Big Nuggets

      Yes, that’s the right way to look at it. Based on where the team is as far as roster, salary cap and prospects, next offseason is clearly the time to make the big moves. If they can somehow swing a trade for Spurgeon without giving up anything too aggregious then go for it otherwise it’s all about next offseason.

    • jesse says yep

      It doesnt have to be one or the other. If Holland wants to earn the adulation of the masses he will figure out a way to rid the bad contracts while filling in a few holes. For me, that means one top 4 RD and at least one scoring winger to play with Nuge. Then he can let the kids simmer in Bak and next season is for some precision tinkering.

      • Dallas Eakins Hair

        I think we would all like to see Holland work some magic with bad contracts, but I think we have to come to the realization is that teams right now are not wanting to eat too many bad contracts, the market has changed on that front from when we saw it happening a few years ago

  • Axe

    Is Holland starting to clean House? TSN is reporting Mctavish off to coach in the KHL!!! If MacT is gone I can see most of the other OBC guys being let go or re assigned out of hockey operations…Could there be light at the end of the tunnel??!!

  • Biomass

    A playmaking RD would be a great addition for sure — but it doesn’t need to be a long-term signing … very promising solutions from the Bake are on the way. I would not consider at all moving any valued forwards — we’re just strapped there — but left defence is a possibility. I wonder if Minnesota would look at Sekera plus a 2nd rounder for Spurgeon.

  • FanBoy

    Keep Nuge, so we can play Draisaitl and McDavid. Time for some of us to accept that maybe Draisaitl is McDavid’s winger and leave it at that. Keep Nurse because we don’t know how good Jones/Samorukov/Lagesson are gonna be at the NHL level, and even then I’d keep Nurse over Klefbom long term.

    Guys we don’t need a young top 4 RHD right now. We’ve got Bear or Bouchard grooming into that spot. We need a stop gap at that spot. We need a Mike Green or Anton Stralman or a Jason Demers or a right handed Andrej Sekera in that spot. Someone to keep it warm for Bouchard or Bear.

    • jesse says yep

      How can anyone be sure that either of these guys will progress to be a top 4 dman? They are projecting that way (at least Bouchard is) but projecting is nothing more than an educated guess. Neither will be ready for this role in the next 2-3 years so I would much rather have them force the Oilers to trade away a top 4 dman when wither of them has proven themselves rather than waiting for them to round into that player.

      • camdog

        How can you be sure that the next 30 something d-man that the Oilers acquire, that is under 6 feet in height isn’t going to regress the way Sekera and Ference did?

        • Sekera was injured, i would not describe it as regression. Ference could not regress, not possible when you have nothing to offer. Apparently anybody with a brain and a set of eyeballs knew he was done when Mac-T acquired him except Mac-T himself. I will give them credit for that, I assumed Ference would become one of the OBC.

        • jesse says yep

          Who said anything about a 30 something dman? I wouldn’t trade/sign any dman over 28. 2-3 years would be perfect, giving the up and coming players a bit of room to perfect their game and force themselves on the roster. Trade said veteran at the deadline in his 2nd or 3rd year.

  • ed from edmonton

    Given that the Oil have a plethora of D prospects and the D looks like a crowded place next year whilst the wings look barren, doing something like a 1:1 trade of a forward for a D makes no sense. Tyson Barrie would be a great fit, but any trade would need to be with multiple assets. Something like Barrie and a forward for RNH and a young Dman.

  • TKB2677

    Why would Ristolainen be a bad fit with the Oilers?

    Ristolainen is a big, right shot dman who skates very well, moves the puck very well, is only 24 yrs old, yet has over 400 games of experience, has 4 consecutive 40+ pt season, is physical, runs a power play, plays a ton of mins. On top of that, he’s signed long term to a decent number.

    What is his knock? Well he has a bad +/- and doesn’t defend that well. But is all him? Buffalo has been a brutal team for a long time and has been since he was rushed to the league. They like the Oilers have gone through different coaches and GM’s. Their defense has sucked during his whole time and since he came into the league they made him their main guy. SO basically all the sins that the Oilers did, Buffalo did.

    Is his defense a concern? Sure it is. But the system you play under, the coach you play under and the partner you have can help that a lot. Plus this could be the opportunity to take advantage of a team and trade for a guy who the team might be down on and you can get him for cheaper than normal.

    The Oilers could go after Barrie. Who’s older, only had 1 year left so you may not be able to resign him and who is coming off 2 great seasons so you will pay a premium for him.

    • FanBoy

      Risto reminds me a lot of Justin Schultz in Edmonton. Good when he’s playing his game, terrible when he’s off. Even in Pittsburgh now, they love him when he’s scoring but when he’s not (most offensive dmen go on droughts), he’s almost non playable out there. This is the very reason why I like 2 way players over 1 dimensional players because they still bring value when they’re not scoring.

      We’ve got Larsson signed for 3 more years. He’s not terrible at passing and his foot speed I’d rate at 3/5 but he gets it done on defense. We’ve got Benning who is solid for a 3rd pairing dman. We’ve got Bouchard who’s a better skater than Larsson and maybe be the most offensive dman we’ve seen since Schultz but seen as a Ryan Ellis comparable. The cost of acquiring Risto is something to consider too. If I’m the Oilers, I’d rather have:

      Nuge, Klefbom-Larsson, Nurse-Bouchard, Jones-Bear, Lagesson-Benning, Samorukov for the next couple years rather than spending assets to acquire a guy like Justin Schultz

  • ed from edmonton

    I wonder CMac’s verbose answers where he makes sure he uses lots of fancy words he learned during his executive MBA days will go over when it gets translated into Russian. I can see a lot blank stares by the Yarsolaval media guys.

  • TKB2677

    Oilers fans complain and rightly so about the Oilers trading away players when their value is low and losing deals. So then I look at the 2 guys who are listed in this article as being the ideal targets.

    Spurgeon – Small, right shot Dman who is going to be 30 in Nov, has one more year on his deal so there is no guarantees you can resign him and is coming off a career year in goals and points. So the cost to get him will be extremely high and you could lose him after 1 year.

    Barrie – A going to be 28 yr old in July right shot dman who has 1 yr left on his deal so no guarantees you can resign him who tied his career high in goals and set a career high in points last year at 57, then broke his career high this year with 59 pts. On top of that, the Avs were a very good team with Barrie being a key guy. So the cost to get him will be extremely high and you could lose him after 1 year.

    So as much as I would like Spurgeon and really like Barrie, how on earth does it make sense? The Oilers are going to have to spend a lot of asset just to get either guy then potentially lose them after 1 season.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    Oilers can not afford to take on a big money contract for D-man right now, they also have to be weary because they have to watch how many contracts they have on the books, unless the Oilers move some money out I dont see us signing a D-man, we have a boatload right now and we need wingers and they still have guys to sign. I think we will see Dman move like Benning to make room for one of the guys from the AHL but I wouldnt expect to see any big names come here just due to cap issues unless we move Russell or Larsson someone with a salary that isnt too steep

  • OriginalPouzar

    Spurgeon would be almost the perfect acquisition – would be perfect if he was signed for 2 years as opposed to one.

    He’d be a fantastic stop-gap to prospect development.

    I would have zero interest in re-signing him though. He is going to be 30 at the beginning of the coming season making him 31 a month in to the first season of his new contract – no thanks at all to that.

    Given the forgoing, he’s a one-year rental and I wouldn’t pay too much to get him – Minny wouldn’t trade him for the return I’d be willing to pay, I wouldn’t think.

  • OilCan2

    Patience lads. Turning around the Oilers will be a slow process as it may require waiting out a few contracts. To me that means getting production out of the value contracts. Perhaps Jesse P or Caleb J or Evan B or Kyler Y or Tyler B will step up and deliver. There are more on this list. The goal this year is to make the playoffs; let the fun begin.

  • Boukalz82

    Trading Nuge or Nurse makes no sense… just opens up another hole. I wonder if Minny would have interest in moving up to #8 though. I’d look at a bigger trade. Something like #12 Spurgeon and Zucker, for #8 Russell Bear and maybe next years 1st. Another move would obviously be necessary to make the cap work. I’d package Yama with Looch if you can and try and get Caufield at 12..

  • camdog

    It’s time for the Oilers to stop trying to acquire guys on the downside of the bell curve with big salary cap money. Oilers need to develop their own players, reduce their cap hit this season and be positive that their goaltending is sustainable before looking for big fish.

  • Simba99

    You want to trade Hopkins for spurgean who’s on ly score more than 11 goals once in his career and highest points production 41 this season and is making over 5 million a season and wants a raise and he’s turning 30. Time you idiots give your head a shake and pray Holland is a hell of a lot smarter than you fools for suggesting it

  • BR

    Being able to swing a trade for a proper RHD like Spurgeon would be great, and would likely still leave enough bullets in the tank to attract a winger as well. With Free agency as deep as it is, would think EDM will be sifting around a relatively good bargain bin this year for value short term contracts to fill out the rest of the wing spots as we won’t have the cap space this year.

    Benning+late pick for Connor Brown (roughly the same cap?)
    Russel for overpaid middle six winger (edm still looking to save 1.5-2m on cap space)
    Ethan Bear/Caleb Jones, 2019 Second Rounder, 2020 first rounder, for Jared SPurgeon? I honestly don’t know on that one.

    Nurse – Spurgeon
    Klefbom – Larsson
    Sekera – Perrson
    Vet 7th man
    (Bouchard, Jones/Bear, etc all percolating in minors to start off still leaves us quite deep here).

    And that gets us a couple extra wingers and a RHD with only bringing on 3m in cap or so? Gives us a touch to bargain hunt to fill out on wings.

    We’d have to shift out considerably more salary to bring in a proper top six winger.

      • IRONman

        Keep Nuge. Centers are gold. By to Nurse and Sekera. Better players in Jones and Bouchard. Who’s better Bouchard or Nurse? Pick one coz you can’t pay both $7 million. Cap crunch.

        • Ken Holland

          What if we transfer Sekeras 5.5 Million and Russells 4.0 Million to Nurse and Bouchard when the time comes. We can easily keep both.

          Russell only makes 1.5mil in real cash next seasom after his 1mil bonus is paid out July 1. His cap hit is 4mil, a cap floor team will find Russells 1.5mil salary very appealing.

          This frees up the cap space to sign Nurse. By the time Bouchards ELC is up, Sekeras 5.5 is off the books.

          Draft good players, develop in the system and than keep good players. Stability.

  • Ben918

    Spurgeon isn’t incredible. Yes there will be demand for dmen this offseason but there are also a few UFAs that will help decrease the market for them a bit. A two way center at 6 mil a year is going to be just as hard to find and Nuge’s value is not one that you can see just by looking at a score sheet. Having a two way guy like him allows them options. IF this trade was happening it would have to send salary to Min or bring back someone like Dumba. The former Red Deer Rebels star has also been shopped to the Oilers in the past and he would be a huge asset to an Oilers team that needs to find scoring.

    As for Barrie. He is WAY better than Sprugeon but he is also Avs main dman and they have about 10 mil in cap space. They have some UFAs and Ratannen needs a new contract. Their needs are many and they could be interested in trading Barrie for blue line depth. Oilers have Sekeras, Russell, Klef and Benning that are all expendable if the Oilers move in a guy like Barrie. Sek and Klef are great if they could ever stay healthy. Russell and Benning are huge salaries for what they bring and both can be replaced by two of Bouchard, Bear, Jones or Samorukov. This allows the Oilers to free up cap space. A deal like Sek, Klef, Pulj and a second round for Barrie and some average prospect might make sense for both teams. This is just me trying to make a deal as posed by the article. Oilers don’t have a ton of assets and Avs have little reason to trade Barrie unless they land someone like Karlsson.

  • TKB2677

    I think most people think the Oilers defense, even the 6 that played last year isn’t horrible. It just needs to be tweaked. It needs a little more speed and some puck moving, plus a true right shot that can play in the top 4.

    I see the suggestion that they should go after Barrie. Great. He’s a high scoring, right shot dman that can play in your top 4 and just posted career highs in pts and tied a career high in goals on a good team who he was a key guy for. He has 1 yr left on his deal. The Avs just signed Makar who seems like the logic replacement which makes Barrie available. If you are the Avs, NO CHANCE do I let Barrie go for cheap. If someone blows my socks off with an offer, I would trade him but if I was the Avs who have LOTS of cap space, I wouldn’t trade him yet. Let Makar who’s 20 and straight out of college, play on your 3rd pairing behind Barrie. Let him get some experience, then if you want too, you can trade Barrie at the deadline because he’s a UFA. Or ride him out and trade his rights in the offseason. But I wouldn’t trade him unless someone blew me away.

    Same goes for Spurgeon. He’s coming off a career year who has 1 more year on his deal. If I am the Wild, I am not trading him unless I get a hell of an offer. Play him, then trade him as a UFA.

    So both of those guys will cost the Oilers a hell of a lot and you might lose them because they are UFA’s.

    Here is a question, why isn’t anyone suggesting Colin Miller from Vegas? He’s signed for 3 more years a 3.875 mill so cheap. He’s 26 and a right shot. He had 10 goals, 41 pts last year. He saw his PP time drop and had 3 goals, 29 pts 65 games. As younger guys like emerged more, he say his usage go down. Vegas is in cap HELL and need to shed salary. Fleury’s 7 mill comes on the books. They signed Stastny, Paccioretty’s 7 mill comes on the books. Stones 9.5 mill comes on the book. They have Karlsson to sign, few UFA’s to either resign or replace and a few RFA’s. So you could probably get Miller for WAY less than the other 2 and if you dump Russell for picks or prospects which is all he is worth, your cap hit stays basically the same.