Inside the Nation: The Joakim Nygard Show

Is Dustin Nielson the funniest man on the earth? Does Dustin Nielson have the answers to all of life’s problems? You can ask him, every Monday and Thursday (unless it’s another day which you should make sure you follow us on Twitter to find out exactly when he will be live).

Here is all you missed in today’s show:

  • also he didn’t
  • Why choose Edmonton?
  • Speedy McSpeedison
  • The shift in mentality to small skilled forwards
  • Peek into the world championships
  • Who is the Oilers goalie of the future?
  • Holland Meets Tippett
  • Other options at coaching?
  • Who are the Oilers want list for players this offseason
  • Playoff storylines

Has this all whet your appetite? Want to comment on a video and look like a boss in the comments with hindsight? Check it all out here:

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  • Dan 1919

    Man this Nielsen guy likes his own face a lot, posting it on every article… it’s enough to make me scroll by every time, can’t see myself liking the content produced by someone who’s that obsessed with themselves. Not to mention the 2006 outdated glasses? I don’t understand if. Come on Dustin, step into adulthood and give the face shots a rest so I can start reading your articles. Please?