Inside the Nation: We talking socks…?

It’s Wednesday because Dusty is heading to Calgary *spits* and so we’re live instead of Thursday.

Here’s a little teaser menu of what to expect from el Doostay:

  • Tippett mustache content
  • Some Calgary Stampeders content
  • Are the arrows trending up?
  • The Oilers allowing media availabilities more already?
  • Cool stories from after the coach presser
  • Socks talk
  • The assistants?
  • Paul Coffey out
  • Tippett’s contract shock
  • The beard is in for two more years
  • What does the roster look like for next year?
  • Playoffs over already?

    Check out his last two pieces to catch up for the video:

The Wish List

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Nielson’s Ten Tidbits on the Tippett Press Conference

Has this all whet your appetite? Want to comment on a video and look like a boss in the comments with hindsight? Check it all out here:

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Previous Episodes:

  • Consultant

    What if Lucic’s new summer training regime (more on ice, less in gym supposedly) works and he has a back bounce year? He will be 31, not likely but also not totally crazy… Watching these finals you can see how a improved Lucic maybe could be on the second line… Would be a nice way to reduce your list of must have’s down to 2…