Inside the Nation: The Draft, Dallas Eakins and Broberg?

It has been a little while since we last heard from the one they call Dustin Nielson. It’s been a quiet news cycle but Dusty will be bringing you all kinds of draft outlook this week from Edmonton and then in Vancouver.

The draft week Dusty is suited up and is in the mix.

Here’s a little teaser menu of what to expect from el Doostay:

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  • Recognizing the hero who ask Tippett in person if he is growing back the stache
  • Draft draft draft talk
  • Salary cap hell around the league: Winnipeg, Tampa, Vegas
  • What can be done to get Nik Ehlers?
  • Dallas Eakins talk
  • Broberg?

Has this all whet your appetite? Want to comment on a video and look like a boss in the comments with hindsight? Check it all out here:

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  • The Perceptor

    I couldn’t agree more on your confusion with all of the Broberg love. I’ve looked at dozens of mock drafts, and in all of them, a very talented forward is available for the Oilers. It’s really confusing to me.

  • Fireball

    I’ve been saying for the last week that it’s absolutely insane that the Oilers would take Broberg at 8. There’s zero argument for it. If your saying take the best player available then your not taking Broberg.. He has been rated outside the Top 10 in the majority of the lists I’ve followed all year. He has only moved up in a few guys lists and the very same people had him lower a few weeks back.. None of those players have played in that time. In the Euro player pool he was 5th most of the year with 2 other Dmen ahead of him. So the other draft approach is to take a position that you need. ( I get not all of the Oilers D prospects will work out.. I get that we will want to move on from our vets at some point ) Either way we are Rich in D prospects and baron in forward / Wingers in comparison. So a forward it is.. because the best player available at 8 will be a forward and we are in greater need for forwards than D. Problem solved. If they want Broberg they could likely trade down and still get him. Otherwise Northern / Alberta players such as Dach ( mainly cousins ) is expected to slip after spending 99% of the last year higher than 8 in most lists. You get a kid like Cousins slip and not take him would be crazy. The same guys in the media that told me I was crazy to think he’d be there just a few weeks ago are saying their taking Broberg there even if Cousins is there. I’d like to point out not one of these players played a game in that time ! Then people say they think he’s a winger not a centre ?? We gee good thing we need wingers and if there’s a question as to which one he is, then he’s obviously a pretty good 200 foot player either way.. even if he’s not there to take Broberg will be a mistake at 8.

    • Fireball

      But obviously where there’s smoke there’s fire. Someone in the Oilers leaky ship has leaked to the Oilers Media guys that they are very high on Broberg and plan on taking him at 8. I’ll have you know I believe this to be true 🤫 Where there’s smoke there’s fire !

    • What the Puck

      Perhaps if you think of what a potential 1st line D can net you for a forward in the future. You would see. Not quite the Larson for Hall debacle. Could be a way if turning 8 into a 3?

  • OilTastic

    Though we really need a forward bad, and this draft has some potential great forward talent at the top of it where we’re drafting, I suppose I’m ok with taking Broberg if he has the potential to become a top pairing d-man? It’s somewhat easier to trade for/sign a scoring forward than it is to try and acquire a top d-man. After all Holland had a “plan”, right?