Report: Oilers first-round draft pick Philip Broberg to play in Sweden

The Edmonton Oilers 8th overall draft pick will play next season in the Swedish Hockey League, according to Swedish outlet Hockey Sverige.

The article, published on July 5, quoted Skellefteå GM Erik Forssell who said he would be playing next season there.

“We just got that message. That Philip plays with us. It feels good that it is clear. And we are happy that he plays with us this winter,” Hockey Sverige reported Forssell saying.

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When the Oilers drafted Broberg, the desire was for him to be playing a lot of minutes and it’s safe to assume that’s what will happen for him.

Broberg was signed to a one-year deal with Skellefteå before the draft, so there was a clear desire from him to play there. His CHL rights were owned by Hamilton.

“I think the most important thing is that when you’re a young player is that you play,” Oilers GM Ken Holland said after the draft. “(If he’s going to be) important on the team over there, then I’ll certainly listen. If he’s going to be a five-six (defenceman) then I think he’s good but he’s best served to be over here.”

Broberg has two years of eligibility in the CHL, so I could foresee a situation where he comes to North America after this season to get a taste of hockey here.

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Personally, I would have much rather see him get two full seasons of play here in North America. It’s not to be understated how big of an adjustment it is to the smaller ice rink.

It's been five years since the Edmonton Oilers drafted Connor McDavid

The six-foot, three-inch, 203 lb. left-shot rearguard played for AIK in Swedish Allsvenskan league last season, scoring nine points in 41 games.

So now, let’s see how he continues to progress.

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  • Señor Frijoles

    So basically – he plays in Sweden this upcoming season, and then the following season either in Edmonton or Hamilton for the entire OHL season as he would not be eligible for AHL play. Most likely then, playing an entire OHL season in 2020-21 which should give him a good transition year for the N.American game and hopefully NHL ready the following season. Or is it thought that he will jump straight into the NHL in 20-21?

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    No surprise here since KH indicated a while back after they drafted him that Broberg would play in Sweden this year and head over to North America next year. I am fine with the move let him play lots of minutes and then bring him over next season and let him get used to the ice and style of play here in NA

  • Dave Marks

    Wonder why the kid doesn’t want to be under the watchful eye of the Oil’s development squad. He may be in love with the homeland along the lines of another JP.

      • toprightcorner

        His contract was signed before the draft which was just securing his European rights to that team. He had an out clause to play anywhere in North America, including the OHL.

        • Dallas Eakins Hair

          Holland stated they prefer he stay in sweden for the year and fulfill his contract, there was no way they were going to have him play in Hamilton this upcoming season because they hold his rights, Holland wants him to play against together competition, and they are looking at the AHL for him next year unless there is some setback. For Broberg that will mean playing against some pretty good competition and the Oilers will be able to keep an eye on his development.

  • OilCan2

    Cool. He’s playing against Viking Men. It’s his second year with that club so he should get an uptick in ice time / responsibility. As far as development goes he is on track. After he aced the rookie camp skating drill with the best time he said he did that same drill LOTS with his skating coaches back home. Next year will be make or break for several young D; Jones, Bear & Lagesson are now on their last year waiver exempt.

  • Spydyr

    I don’t have all the information but on the surface I would much prefer he played over here. He will have more time to adjust to the rink size, the North American game, the culture, the food and the language.

    • What the Puck

      Swedes use English alot. The language barrier is minimal. There will be no ” I told you so ” from naysayers on this guy. Holland will have him on the long track to Nhl. This is fine given our current prospects needing Nhl evaluation. 2.5 to 3 yrs until we see Bro at Rogers. I like this move.

      • Thomas

        Keep him in Skellefteå until he is ready to play pro in NA. Don’t rush the kid in the same way that they did with Justin Shultz, Jeff Petry, Poolparty and Yak. In Sweden he is going up against men every night.

  • toprightcorner

    I would have preferred Brobergplayed in the OHL to get used to the smaller rink, especially considering he is such a great skater and he will have less room her. He will definitely be playing against a lot tougher competition in Sweden, so that should really help his skill development playing against pro men.

    I am sure Holland confirmed that Broberg will be playing at least 18 min a night in Sweden.

    After a year in Sweden, no chance he playes in the OHL the following year, the talent level will be such a downgrade. He will play a full year in the AHL to adjust to the rink size and likely 40 games in his second AHL season.

    There is no rush for him to get into the NHL, Jones this year, Bouchard and maybe Legasson or Bear the following year. It would be good to spread out the ELC’s

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Good to know Kenny is planning for the future. A future that doesn’t include Connor or Leon, but a future nonetheless. Maybe we’ll get the 1st overall pick again

  • Steve26

    Another thing that is being overlooked is the fact he is a Swede who has yet to play in their top league. As a kid growing up I am sure he had many dreams of playing in the SHL. So it is pretty great that he gets the chance now to do it!