Oddsmakers say Oilers will be better in 2019-2020 season

Online oddsmakers are showing a little love for the Edmonton Oilers.

The sportsbook site Sportsbetting.ag released their NHL point futures for the upcoming season putting the over/under line for the Oilers standings points at 85.5.

While the book offers up a suggested six-point increase, they have the Oilers missing out of the playoffs by about 10 points. That’s with the Winnipeg Jets slotted at 95.5 points and sitting in the second wildcard spot.

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The Oilers offseason has so far seen a large revamp of the teams bottom six along with what should be a top-six wing addition in James Neal.

While Ken Holland has left lots to be desired in terms of big moves beyond flipping Lucic, the Oilers are hoping their bottom-six can be better than last year. The signings of players like Markus Granlund, Josh Archibald, Tomas Jurco, Joakim Nygard and Gaten Haas aren’t moves that are going to move the ticker much in terms of big names, they are all going to be expected to come in and contribute.

The Oilers had a serious lack of bottom-six scoring last season, so those — all of whom came in on one-year deals — will need to produce.

The signing of Mike Smith may have helped the Oilers odds in getting a few more standings points, but who knows.

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Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see the Oilers getting some love despite not really making any huge move. This season will be an interesting one given the Oilers ability to get out from some dead money next offseason and are projected to have $23-million in cap space with Darnell Nurse being the biggest name to resign.

What to expect from the Oscar Klefbom this summer

What do you think about the oddsmakers projections? Would you take the over, or the under on the Oilers at 85.5 points?

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Check out the full list below which was put into respective divisions by DailyHive.

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

1. Tampa Bay Lightning (108.5)
2. Toronto Maple Leafs (101.5)
3. Boston Bruins (100.5)
WC2. New York Islanders (93.5)

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Metropolitan Division

1. Washington Capitals(96.5)
2. Carolina Hurricanes(95.5)
3. Pittsburgh Penguins(94.5)
WC1. Florida Panthers(96.5)

Non-playoff teams

9. Philadelphia Flyers(90.5)
10. New Jersey Devils(88.5)
11. Montreal Canadiens(88.5)
12. New York Rangers(87.5)
13. Columbus Blue Jackets(84.5)
14. Buffalo Sabres(83.5)
15. Detroit Red Wings(75.5)
16. Ottawa Senators(68.5)

Western Conference

Pacific Division

1. Vegas Golden Knights (100.5)
2. Calgary Flames (96.5)
3. San Jose Sharks (93.5)
WC2. Winnipeg Jets (95.5)

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Central Division

1. Colorado Avalanche (98.5)
2. Nashville Predators (97.5)
3. St. Louis Blues (96.5)
WC1. Dallas Stars (96.5)

Non-playoff teams

9. Vancouver Canucks (90.5)
10. Arizona Coyotes (90.5)
11. Chicago Blackhawks (90.5)
12. Edmonton Oilers (85.5)
13. Minnesota Wild (84.5)
14. Anaheim Ducks (79.5)
15. Los Angeles Kings (73.5)

  • Spydyr

    If Larsson bounces back to a top four defenceman, they still need one more top four defenceman . They need one more top six winger and they need a goalie to grab the starters job.

    The team still needs lots of work but the team is finally moving in the right direction.

    • Kneedroptalbot

      I agree with you Spyder, the team is moving in the right direction. 2021 will be a very good year, more cap space as Brodziak and Kassian will be off the books.

    • The Iggy complex

      They have McDavid, nuge and dria for top 6 so they will need 3 more. Then nurse and Larsson for top 4 d. Still need 2 of those. Lots of work to do

        • Dallas Eakins Hair

          yes advice from the Value Village fans, who dont even know who is on our team, but yet cant wait to give line up advice…well gotta take their minds off that rebuild somehow I guess

      • OilerFaithful.Always

        Neil is going to have a bounce back year making flames gm look like a moron trading him for Lucic. Kassian has shown he can be a great complementary player in the top 6. Whith all the addition we’ve made I am confident one of Granlund, Nygard, Haas, Gagner, Khaira, Yamamoto could breakout this season and slide into a top 6 role. So I think our top 6 will be just fine. Our top 4 Klefbom, nurse, Larsson will be just fine and with all the guys we have coming up are defence seems to be looking just fine. With some tighter Defense in front of Koskinen and Smith I would be willing to put money on one of them having a stellar year if not both with games being split close to even and fatigue or pressure on just one to perform overwhelming the guys. Holland has done a great job and I think the oilers squad is going to surprise a lot of people this season.

        • The Iggy complex

          Lol flames in rebuild? 2nd best team in the league . Rebuild is done. Unlike the Oilers who are on year 15 of the rebuild. I get the dreaming too about Neal actually being a top 6 forward. Oilers fans have disappointment all season long so this is your one time to dream. But unfortunately when the season gets going you will see how terrible he is. He wouldn’t when be top 6 in the AHL.

  • Señor Frijoles

    I feel like the revamp of the bottom six could actually make more difference than people think. Yes, another top 6 winger and/or 3rd line centre would be great and probably more helpful, but Holland has been hamstrung by the idiocy of the previous mgmt regime and has done pretty well. I think you just have to look at the first season of the VGK to see that it is often the lack of very weak spots on your team that makes your team more competitive. If the 3rd and 4th lines can contribute even a little bit (unlike last season), other teams will have to spread out their coverage a bit and that helps free up the top two lines. A couple of top notch players cannot make a team competitive enough – last years Oilers say hello.

    • FISTO Siltanen

      Not sure why this comment doesn’t have more Cheers.

      I’ll go a bit further. With all the holes this team has had last two seasons I still don’t think they should have been anything worse than a wild card team. The right system and players playing for one another and this team should have at least been squeezing in one of those spots.

  • Oil_in_the_Desert

    Geez – not a lot of thought or research into these predictions (and this article) – either than Florida and Columbus switching places, it’s the same as last year. How about researching the accuracy of mid-summer odds from years past? Two years ago, the Oilers were predicted to be Stanley Cup contenders. Come on Zach…you’re better than this.

  • Arfguy

    I definitely think Florida will be challenging Tampa, Boston and Toronto in the Atlantic. I think Florida takes the second spot in the Atlantic, with Montreal taking the 3rd spot in the Atlantic. Yes, I predict Montreal makes the playoffs this year.

  • Bob Lawblaw

    Vegas odds makers had the Oilers favoured to win the cup in ’17 too. That being said, I really believe the Oilers will be trending upwards real soon.

    Go Oilers Go !!!

    • hagar

      Teams in their first year of a full rebuild are usually ahead of the Oilers, having Vancouver ahead of the Oilers isnt horrible odds. It will be nice if things have changed, but odds say they wont.

    • macinmillwoods

      Not sure why you can’t. Compare the rosters. McDavid better than Pettersson; absolutely. Drai better than Boeser; certainly. Thats where it ends. Vancouver forwards from 3 to 14 are superior and its not even that close. Defence is closer but I would put their top 4 slightly ahead. Goaltending…Markstrom .912 save % last 2 years, Demco .913 last year. Koskinen .906 last year, Smith .898.

  • KootenayDan

    I like the fact that Holland has calmed down things making smart meticulous albeit smaller moves. I liked Looch sad to see him go but it was the right decision for the club at this time and will be huge in a few years. Could you imagine protecting Milan who in two years will be even slower. Depth and the bottom six looks much better but we still need a good 3rd line centerman, either way I would wager over 85.5.

  • rnj

    Bottom 6 guys *will* move the needle though. Gregor just wrote a piece about how the Oilers bottom 6 last season was one of the worst EVER. Their scoring was so bad that the same group wouldn’t be able to repeat it, and no group will come close to them for decades.

    Rieder set an NHL record for most shots without a goal that will stand for all time. If the top 6 didn’t change at all and the bottom 6 produced at a near average level last year Edmonton would have been in the playoffs, full stop.

    I’ll take the over, Edmonton finishes with 98 points and they make it to the second round.

  • Kneedroptalbot

    Of course the Oiler’s will be better this season.
    1. They have more team speed.
    2. They won’t be scored on “the 1st shot” anymore.
    3. The unmovable contract….Got Moved!! (thank you, Ken Holland).
    If we find some secondary scoring, thing could get interesting??

    • MrBung

      Find secondary scoring? Like last season? What? Look in the rafters and closets of Rogers Place? Holland is not a magician. Chia badly damaged this team and a lot of lateral moves have been made. At least he didn’t further mess with this team and make it worse.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    I dont expect the Oilers to make the Playoffs this upcoming season, with the mess Chia has us in and that Holland is digging the team out of, I think it will be tough with that said I think we should be vastly improved if the guy in the bottom six can create some offence which was missing last year. The top 6 did pretty well with some exceptions, but there are a lot of offensive guys that are in the bottom six that should help make a differance

    The tings that will change things I think is coaching and a different defensive system ought to help, because I have no idea what defensive system we used last year but it was horrible, the big question mark will be goaltending which we have really heard what has gone on with Koskinen during the off season. Smith I still think is the wrong guy to have as a back up, but we are stuck with him for now. Could the Oilers do worse, yeah but I think they wioll vastly improve from last year… the goaltending well…

  • CityofWhat

    I wonder why Paajarvi is still on the market, great speed, great penalty killer and would’ve worked perfect in the bottom 6 on the Oilers but no spots left now.

  • percy

    The one thing I have learned over the years watching and playing sports is the so called experts don’t know their a$$ from their elbows. But every now and then someone shows up that has a pretty good idea and restores your faith. i think we are at that point. I think that person might be here. We will see.

  • GRC

    Interesting…it took 90 points to get a wildcard spot last season. Now apparently its going to take over 95 points to get into a wild card spot this season.
    How does that work?

    • Kneedroptalbot

      I think the west as a whole is getting a bit better, Colorado, Vancouver, Edmonton are all on the upswing.
      The Central division really doesn’t have a weak team either.

    • macinmillwoods

      Goaltending will have to be significantly better than average for this team to make playoffs. The team still lacks depth. Signing a bunch of 4th line players and a couple of guys from Europe to move the needle is mostly wishful thinking. Getting rid of Lucic contract was huge but it’ll really pay dividends in a couple of years. This year too many ifs and maybes for them to finish ahead of 7 other teams.

      • CMG30

        Respectfully I have to disagree. This team is better than the one that made the post season in 2016. The biggest problem that had plagued this team is league worst goal tending. The season we got goaltending we were in. When our puck stopping reverted to inconsistent, this team regressed. The next weak link was special teams. If Holland has improved even just our PK with all those 3rd and 4th line signings then that will be huge again.

  • slats-west

    Some thoughts. I will take the over here on the Oilers for the following:

    – Tippett discipline to D will keep the puck out of the net both 5on5 and PK (5-8 wins)
    – this teams 2ndary scoring was abysmal no way it stays the same if we get 2-3 guys with 10 goals could win 5-6 games alone vs O for a duo like Rieder and Spooner
    – ‘tending is better but unsure of how we start but having Smith to move the puck to dman will be HUGE

    Also I will take the Over on Jersey that seems to be a miss as well with the additions to date and future Rookie of the Year and a healthy Hall …..bet, bet bet !!!

  • Fireball

    #1. If the bottom 6 can win face offs so they are not always defending / trying to get the puck back and the PK improves to league average or above. #2. If The bottom 6 can score like actual average or above bottom 6 NHL players. #3. If Big Koss and Smith can stop the puck at or above the NHL average ( plus steal a few games ) #4. If the PP can produce like they should be able to with Connor, Leon N RNH. #5. Everyone stays healthy and at least one kid D breaks through this year. # 6. Holland ships in the water from Detroit 😂 the Oilers have a very good chance at being a playoff team. I will point out that at one point last year Koss was the best goalie at home in the league and when the team was on they looked like they couldn’t be beat. If they could play somewhere between their best and worst hockey last year on a consistent basis they would be a playoff team.

  • inverno76

    I’d take the over. Still lots of holes in the lineup, but some depth signings that can’t be as bad as last year and a potential 20 plus goal guy on 1/2 wing.

    It will come down goaltending and health. Could easily push for a WC spot. Some top 6 injuries, same could be said for a Lottery ball.

  • Nellzo

    If the following happens I can see a wild card spot…
    1) 20-25 more goals from the bottom six vs last year. 1 extra goal every 3-4 games is not too much to ask from six NHL players.
    2) League average goaltending. Fingers crossed.
    3) The 2nd PP unit contributes another 10 goals. Is Neal part of the solution?
    4) The PK plays around league average %. Did Hollands signings fill enough holes in this department?
    5) McDavid and Draisaitl continue to have success. 115-125 points for McDavid and 85-95 for Draisaitl would be great.

  • Supa Fly

    Honestly I think it looks about right with my Oilers expectations. My only gripe with re remainder of the projections is with Buffalo, I think they will finish higher than projected from this list. I also think the isles may miss out this year.

  • Last year, the Oilers missed the last wild card spot by 11 points. Yes, some of the same teams will be in the chase, and some (Arizona) will actually be more of a threat. But I also feel like San Jose is trending down, and wonder how long Vegas can keep the magic happening. Bottom line: last year six more wins gets us into the playoffs. I gotta think we’ll win at least six more games this season. Will that be enough, with Dallas loading up, Chicago maybe better than predicted, and the other usual suspects? I still think it might.

    How do we get those six more wins? More scoring. More time in the offensive zone. More speed throughout the lineup. I like the look of this team right now. Not perfect by a long shot, but at least six wins better than last year.