Inside the Nation: Pairing the Boys

It’s been almost a week since we have seen Dusty, too long in fact. But he’s back, today at Noon over on the Oilersnation facebook page. If you weren’t able to check-in at that time, fear not! we have a breakdown of what was discussed here.

What you missed:

  • Golf tourney build up
  • Jesse Puljujarvi doubling down on staying in Finland
  • The deals that *could* be had for him
  • Rasmus Ristolainen maybe?
  • #SummerofLineys Pairing the Boys
  • Jack Michaels coming in with his lineup ideas:

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  • Dusty comes out with the first D pairing combos of the year. Evan Bouchard
  • Pete Chiarelli as a GM again?

That and much much more for you to check out down below and be sure to follow us on twitter for the announcement of when Dusty will go live next (likely Thursday afternoon)

Watch today’s episode below:


After having such a blast over the past two years, we absolutely knew that we were going to organize another golf tourney for the summer and, after a few months of planning, we’re psyched to finally be able to launch our third annual golf tournament.

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  • When – August 29th, 2019 (Thursday)
  • Where – Cougar Creek Golf Resort
  • How much – $1000/team or get in on the $900 Early Bird price until July 10th
  • Teams – Groups of Four (4)
  • How – Book your team here

As always, a portion of all proceeds from your ticket purchase will be donated directly to a local charity. This time we’ve partnered up with the Gregor Foundation to make sure that our kids are at their most handsome.

Previous Episodes:

  • Fireball

    I get a kick how most including Tippett sees Kassian getting a shot on McWing .. yet the alternative a lot of local media have put out there is forth line.. which absolutely amazes me. Guys like Archibald barely have a full season broken up over several years. Do they forget Kass was drafted 13th over all and was projected to be exactly what he was in the second half of last season ?? Big, Fast, hits, fights, shoots and scores ., on pace for 28 goals over 82 games in the second half eating mostly top 6 mins., don’t get me wrong.. do I 110% bet my paycheck that Zacks going to do that for 82 games ?? I’d rather bet your money.. but I’d bet on Kass before a lot of guys. The one thing I do think is Kass earned the right to have the first shot there.. if not what he done in the Playoffs with McD 3 years ago, then absolutely for what he done in the second half of last season.. the answer was right there since the end of the playoffs and it took Hitchcock to recognize it “Again”.. Maybe he watched video of the playoffs 3 years ago ?? 😂 or just looked at the skill set Kass possess. He can do everything Pat Maroon can do only faster.,too many local media guys still drinking the Todd Mclellen Cool aid still !