Inside the Nation: Taylor Hall rumours, Oilers rookies, and the #SummerOfLineys

Welcome, citizens, to another live episode of Inside the Nation with Dusty Nielson, the Facebook Live show that breaks down all things Edmonton Oilers.

To kick off today’s episode, Dusty jumped in with a look at the Taylor Hall rumours that hit Twitter today which suggested that the former winger wants to come back to Edmonton. Would it make sense for #4 to make a return? Could the Oilers even make it work under the salary cap? Next up, he looked at the Oilers rookies going up against the NAIT/MacEwan All-Stars and wonders whether or not there’s a chance to repair that relationship. With training camp just around the corner, there are still plenty of NHL rumours circulating so Dusty looked at whether or not it would make sense to go fishing for a guy like Mike Hoffman out of Florida? Getting back to the Oilers, it seems like many folks have Caleb Jones slotted in for the Oilers’ third pairing now that Andrej Sekera has been moved out, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Dave Tippett will see things the same way. Should Jones be pencilled in with a job to lose? Could someone else beat him for the job? Lastly, Dusty looked at free agency acquisition, Tomas Jurco, and wondered where he’ll fit in the lineup. Would he have a better chance to crack the squad over someone like Gaetan Haas? That’s what the #SummerOfLineys is all about, friends.

Watch today’s episode below:

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  • Fireball

    Ok I’m going to say ( Again ) is why Taylor won’t be back and why we shouldn’t want him back.., Panarin never won a heart., he’s 11.6 mill on a State tax free team. Hall arguably could get that kinda money with term big term . It does not make sense for the Oilers to seek a player making that kinda money.. you think we got holes now ? Take 11 mill off the team we have and replace it with Taylor Hall.. We’d be short several players and still not fill all the real holes.. bottom 6 .. 3c .. tending.. D. At that point we wouldn’t even be able to bring kids up because we’d be capped right out.. no signing Nurse.. and likely have to let several young players walk away after ELC because Hall got paid.

    Something that just baffles me most of all.. He has the Injury bug., has since he come in the league.. don’t get me wrong he’s played through a lot but for those who don’t remember he was wearing knee braces in Etown years ago.. he had shoulder issues.. his Heart year he had knee issues.. missed a bunch of games .. I know someone will be thinking yeah and still won the heart.. yup he might win the heart.. but he might not play from December on just like last year !!!! Because of knee injurys., Think Cam Neely think Pavel Bure ., think Bobby Orr and many more.. yes them guys had mega careers mainly in their early 20s and their careers were cut short by knee injurys.. the years Taylor are selling are the years where that stuff takes you out for long periods of time just like last year !! He only ever played one almost full season since he’s been in the league and that was his last with the Oilers. I’ve had People argue in the media that it’s not true., it is.. look at games per year.. most of those years he missed games were with Reoccurring nagging injurys like knees and shoulders .

    we have Benson’s Maximovs And others all coming cheap in the near future. And when they ain’t cheap you need to sign them., even with cap opening up next year and after your taking from something else.. Calm down.. this is the exact type of Oilers move that could screw us for years..

    I will say if we were on a run mid season and could give up a pick for him at the trade deadline as a pure rental ( if healthy ) id support the idea.. but let there be no doubt he very well could come play 10-15 games and be out the rest of the year.