Oilersnation Radio Episode 51 – Toronto is Obsessed with Connor McDavid

Welcome, friendly Nation Citizens, to a brand new episode of Oilersnation Radio that’s hot and fresh out the kitchen and ready to lead you into the rest of your week. With the Oilersnation Open teeing off tomorrow at Cougar Creek, we recorded this week’s episode a day early to make sure that your favourite podcast was locked in and ready to probe your earholes.

To start off this week’s show, we had to breakdown the latest news in the never-ending Jesse Puljujarvi saga. That’s not to say we wanted to talk about this again, but with news breaking that he signed a one-year deal in Finland, how could we not? Next up was a look at Connor McDavid’s interview from BioSteel camp where it was revealed that he would not be participating at the camp, but is targeting a return in time for training camp. With Connor in mind, we also looked at the bizarre article from the Globe and Mail which was calling for the military to swoop in and save McDavid from life in Edmonton. Why are Toronto sportswriters so obsessed with Connor McDavid? Seeing as these kinds of articles come out every six months or so, you have to wonder how long this is going to continue. Lastly, we wrapped things up with a look at some of the exciting prospects that the Oilers have in their system right now.

Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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  • Schmidt Head

    Toronto sports writers are obsessed with Connor McDavid because Toronto is obsessed with itself! They really do all think they’re better than everyone else and they can’t stand the fact that a sports superstar; especially one from that region, is playing somewhere else.

    I have family there and visit often so I know how they operate. It was the same with Lindros and the same even with Gretzky.

    Listen to, watch or read any Toronto media long enough and every athlete marginally above journeyman status anywhere, in any sport, is on the verge of heading to Toronto or as those insufferable loons call it; “coming home” even though most of them have never set foot in the city!

    All they are doing is generating buzz and playing to a base but they call it journalism.

  • Don’t people know that every player in the NHL dreamed of playing for the Leafs growing up. Toronto is so full of themselves and it’s a pleasure to know the they are in year 53 and counting since their last cup.