Nation Real Life Episode 137: Sports, Life, and Radio with Dustin Nielson

As always, a new week means a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast! This week, the boys welcomed Dustin Nielson to the show to talk about all kinds of hockey, his journey in radio, and a little bit about business, which was exactly the listeners have always wanted.

To start off this week’s episode, the boys got into Dusty Nielson’s journey in radio, including his start in High Prairie to battles with squatters in Fort McMurray and living at the radio station for weeks. But as you’d expect, the conversation got sidetracked with some sweet sweet produce talk from his time at Save On Foods. Would you have expected that Nielson’s fallback career would be managing the produce department at the local grocery store? Probably not.  With the food facts out of the way, Dusty spoke about moving back to Edmonton to kick off his big city radio career with a brand new morning show with former co-host Kyle Chase.

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After establishing himself in the market over the past decade, Dusty has seen his star grow to the point where his radio show is now ranked #1 in the morning. With his career dissected up and down, the boys couldn’t make it through the podcast without throwing a few Edmonton Oilers questions at the man. Will the Oilers make the playoffs? Will Jesse Puljujarvi stay in Finland? Where has the team gone wrong since the 2006 Cup run? Lastly, the guys end off this week’s podcast with a rebuttal for last week’s Chumgate shenanigans which turned into an argument to remember and a Big Brother breakdown.

Listen to today’s podcast below:

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