GDB -1.0 Wrap Up: Sometimes you just have to laugh, Oilers lose 3-2 because of Rieder and Lucic

Rieder AND Lucic. Lol. Final Score: 3-2 Flames

Anybody else pumped to finally make it through the preseason? These two weeks always seem like a haul, ya know? Before getting to tonight’s game, I first think we should all take a minute to congratulate ourselves for battling the stream over the past two weeks. Having to fire the Facebook stream up onto my TV works fine, but won’t it be nice to just throw on the TV as we always have? It can’t be just me, right? Spoiled blogger problems, I know. Then again, I did agree to do the stupid #BeetCast thing again this year so maybe I should shut my mouth and hope to hang on to this fortnight of beet-less bliss forever? Bah.


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Looking at the game itself, the only goals I really had for the night was to be entertained and for Mikko Koskinen to put in a strong performance in net. I didn’t really care about the final score but rather I wanted to walk away with positive vibes about some of the question mark players that the team will need to excel if they’re going to make it back to the playoffs. For the first chunk of the night, I wasn’t sure if either team was going to find a way to shine as both teams struggled to get much of anything going outside of clogging up the neutral zone. The good news was that things opened up as the game went along, but the bad news is that someone in Calgary clearly made a pact with Satan which spawned two goals from Tobias Rieder and another from Milan Lucic. If getting goals from both of those guys in the same game isn’t the dark work of Satan himself then I don’t know what is.

Normally, this kind of darkness would cause me to head to my panic room, but since we’re still in the preseason and these goals don’t matter, I’ll be able to find a way to sleep tonight. Not to mention, the Oilers didn’t have McDavid, Nuge, Neal, or Klefbom dressed tonight and still managed to keep close. Not bad for the B-squad.

The wrap.


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  • Gaetan Haas cut the Flames’ lead in half after he checked in with his first goal of the pre-season.
  • Zack Kassian had a great game tonight and had it not been for Dave Rittich’s stellar play, he could have had more than the single goal. From start to finish, he was easily one of the Oilers’ most dangerous forwards and it would be great if he could hit the ground running this season.
  • Leon Draisaitl has torn through these warm-up rounds like he hasn’t had a break between seasons, and my body is ready for him to be the warlord he was born to be.
  • Mikko Koskinen got the full game tonight and I was looking for him to stand on his head as a means of giving us all a little bit of confidence heading into the season. To his credit, Koskinen played reasonably well outside of the first glove-side goal to Rieder that he’d definitely like back. The obvious problem is that David Rittich was able to make most of the saves he was supposed to and some he wasn’t, and that kept the Flames on top in the end. Koskinen finished the night with 19 saves and a .864 save%.
  • Ethan Bear continued to impress as his pre-season wrapped with another assist and I’m really looking forward to seeing what he’ll do on the Oilers’ blueline starting next Wednesday. It’s fun to watch how calmly he plays the puck under pressure and I’m excited to see if he can keep that rolling into the regular season.
  • Two assists for Joakim Nygard tonight as he pushes towards his first NHL season.
  • RIP, stream. See you next preseason.


  • We all knew that Tobias Rieder was going to score tonight, right? Of course we did. Did you expect Rieder to score TWO goals tonight? You’re lying if you said you did. I will never believe you.
  • As if Tobias Rieder scoring wasn’t funny in itself, Milan Lucic followed up with the Flames’ second goal of the night. I was honestly dying laughing. Having those two guys go back-to-back is absolutely hilarious.
  • Matthew Tkachuk is easily the most annoying player in the Pacific Division now that Ryan Kesler is done playing, right? Has to be him.
  • David Rittich was all kinds of annoying tonight as he came up with some huge saves that gave the Flames the backing they needed to pull out the win. Without him, this would have been an Oilers W.
  • I’m sure he’s a really nice guy and everything, but I don’t understand why Brandon Manning is still here. Am I wrong? With the Oilers’ limited cap space and top-six seemingly locked in, I don’t see where he fits on the roster and I’m actually surprised that he’s been able to hang around this long.
  • I’m bummed I didn’t go see Elton John.



No Scoring


06:26 Calgary Tobias Rieder (1) ASST: Mark Jankowski (1), Austin Czarnik (2) 0-1
09:12 Calgary PPG – Milan Lucic (1) ASST: Rasmus Andersson (1), T.J. Brodie (2) 0-2


10:46 Edmonton PPG – Gaetan Haas (1) ASST: Joakim Nygard (1), Ethan Bear (3) 1-2
11:17 Edmonton Zack Kassian (2) ASST: Joakim Nygard (2) 2-2
14:21 Calgary Tobias Rieder (2) ASST: T.J. Brodie (3) 2-3


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 9/28/2019 – 9:40 pm MT